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  1. Have s max 2.0 tdci changed turbo and boost solenoids m get clean but looses boost and big malfunction light comes on no indication of injectors when aa plug in scanner anyone had same issue what did you do to cure its only got 89k
  2. thackleycars18

    S-Max 2.0 Tdci Engine Malfunction Light

    Hi guys same problem 2.0 s max tdci changed air flow sensor refurb turbo with new sensor n Westgate 2 weeks later code back on but seems car not heating up either but runs well wen light not on any elp please
  3. thackleycars18

    Parking Sensor Module Location

    hi mate in regards to s max parking sensors i have s max washed it and noticed that reverse sensors not working also when i open door no warning tone on did you have same problem