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  1. Central locking faults

    Had this problem on mine. Ended up taking the entire door card out to get to it. Not a fun job. You might be able to simply short circuit the door ajar wires from the door wire cluster. -bit of a bodge though.
  2. Muffler delete

    I've recently given my 1.6 TDCI Fusion a remap. Now up to 120PS form 90PS apparently. I'm now wondering if I can get a little more by replacing the rear muffler with a straight pipe. The car itself seems unnecessarily quite anyway. The only problem is the muffler has a bit of a bend in it so I'm not sure what I can replace it with. I was looking at the rear end pipe for a Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI. Seems that it might fit though the bend looks a bit excessive. Does anyone have any ideas? Has anyone tried this before? Cheers
  3. Radiator Fan fuse gone

    The radiator fuse has gone (40A Midi-fuse in engine bay) should I just replace it or should I do some further investigation to find out what caused it? Cheers
  4. My dad's got back to me about the car turns out it's just a slipped chain. It does run with a bit of easy start but it is very rough. Is it a big job to re-position the chain?
  5. Thanks pragmatix. The DMF problems didn't actually appear until my mother started driving it. She's a fan of slamming the clutch in with each gear change. <_<
  6. Thanks jeebowhite. I've just taken a look in my haynes manual and it doesn't say anything about it. I'll look into it with more detail before I do anything.
  7. Thanks for the replies. Yes I can accept the turbo hose and the wheel bearings as wear items. The dual-mass flywheel, injectors & timing chain tensioning system are disappointing though. Is there some service needed on the tensioner or is it maintenance free? Both engines had a intermittent horrible idle sound before they broke. The car is likely to be eBayed now, shame as it was a nice car & a second hand engine is only £200 or so.
  8. Hello all I was thinking of making a cruise control system for my ford Fusion. Not a system that would actually follow a set speed but it would set a constant pedal voltage. In theory it's simple enough, all you need is one input 0-5v and another from 0-2.5v. I was also thinking of incorporating a latching relay to turn off the system if the brake switch is activated. I was originally just going to splice into the existing cables that are there. However I think it would be much neater if it was possible to buy the male & female connectors for the accelerator & brake pedal and connect a wire that way. Does anyone know if you can buy the connectors from somewhere? Thanks
  9. Earlier this year my father purchased a 2004 MK3 Ford Mondeo Estate Ghia with the Duratorq 2.0 TDCi 115hp engine. The car had done 110,000 when he bought it and had a full Ford service history. Seemed like a good buy and I recommended it to him and even lent him some cash for it. But it's been a heap of trouble, it's had the following problems; Front wheel bearings Turbo hose leak Injector failure (the garage replaced all 4 which was quite pricy) Then at 125,000 miles the timing chain slipped so it had a replacement engine (used). Then with this new engine; starter motor gear disintegrated dual-mass flywheel and clutch on their way out too. Then at 145,000 miles the timing belt slipped again & the engine is a write off. I wanted to ask if this is just a bad engine or car? It seems very unreliable, or has my dad just been unlucky? You guys wouldn't recommend another estate by any chance? Thanks
  10. Poor Mpg 1.6 Tdci

    I ended up splitting the fuel connection on the left of the engine near to where the EGR line connects to the intake air. Then I just sucked on the male fuel line connection until I had a mouth of diesel. Reconnected and it ran first time. Not the nicest thing but very easy! As for the MPG I'm now getting 47 MPG at a 70mph cruise. Which is a 7% improvement I suppose, but I'm still a bit disappointed. But air temperature has dropped from ~10oC to ~3o​C, so I suppose the actual change is a little more. I have noticed some oil on the compressor wheel, but it could just be from the cam-cover vent?
  11. Poor Mpg 1.6 Tdci

    Right. Things didn't really go as planned, the oil filter was a pig to get out of the housing! On the plus side the EGR was relatively clean. I changed the fuel filter but now the car won't start. How can I prime the fuel system? I was thinking of getting this to bleed the fuel lines; http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/p/tools/car-service-tools/general-engine-tools/fuel-and-injection-tools/?SEAVSE055&0&t5_413
  12. Poor Mpg 1.6 Tdci

    Thanks MONDEO TXS 2.2 Looks like the last service was 18 months & 7k ago. It seems that it was done on some blokes driveway. Though all over services are Ford dealer. Considering this I'm just going to give it a full service myself; Fuel filter Oil & Oil filter Air filter Inspection & EGR clean I'll let you know if I see any improvements!
  13. Poor Mpg 1.6 Tdci

    Hello all I don't think I am getting fantastic MPG from my Fusion 1.6 TDCI 90PS EURO4 (no DPF). I get around 47 MPG in total (75% motorway 25% town) At a 70mph cruise I get an average of 44 MPG. I'm assuming that these figures are high judging from Honest John figures. Has anyone got any numbers for comparison? http://www.honestjohn.co.uk/realmpg/ford/fusion-2002/16-tdci (Current average is 59.4 MPG) I have no warning lights, the car has had regular Ford services (though I've only just bought it no paperwork apart from dealer stamps) The tyres are up to the correct pressure, maybe even 2psi more. I don't think the brakes are binding it seems to coast quite nicely. The car has done 68,000 miles. It has enough oil though it is the usual diesel black. Oh and fuel is standard Shell diesel. What should I check first? I was thinking; Check air filter Pressure check charged air circuit OBD check Turbo check Thanks
  14. Engineer Wants To Calibrate Engine.

    I think a plate with a hole would reduce EGR flow, maybe the EGR valve would open more to try to compensate but it's flow would be reduced for the same valve position. Regardless I have ordered a blanking plate with out a hole. I'll let you know the results. Maybe a tutorial?
  15. Hello all. I've just purchased an 2008 Ford Fusion 1.6 TDCI. I wouldn't mind having a go at re-calibrating the ECU to get better driveability fuel economy etc. As it happens I am an engineer and for the past 2 1/2 years I have been recalibrating the ECU of a 1.6 TCDI (DV6) engine for emissions with an adaptered manufacturer ECU. (Unfortunately I have no idea how to do a normal production ECU) Maybe I will just do an EGR blank instead! -Though I'm not sure wheather to have a hole in the plate or not on my model? Unless of course I can find an easy way just to remap it? Or borrow an ECU from work? Thoughts? Thanks