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  1. Thanks for the reply. Shouldn't the MAF signal be from 0 to 5V though?
  2. I'm trying to have a play around with the MAF sensor by modifying the signal the the ECU receives, but I can't quite figure out the pin out. There is nothing in the haynes manual about it. I think it should have a 2nd ground for the chassis and ECU. Anyone know why pin 4 is 14.4V?
  3. For quite a while I have been thinking that the shocks might need replacing. But which ones? Car has done 90k. Seems to be very bouncy on B roads. How can I individually inspect each one? And which ones usually go? Thanks
  4. It does read coolant temperature over the ECU so I assume it must be working?
  5. Took it to Ford they said it needs a new PCM. Sent it off to HDI tuning. It still doesn't work. The ground to the PCM from the starter relay isn't grounded. Maybe it's the immobiliser bit on the steering wheel. I'll order a new one.
  6. Turns out the battery voltage is very low 9.5V! But I tried startling it with a booster pack at 12.6V to no avail. I bridged a wire in the fuse box from a live to the starter and it turned. Also I checked for voltage on the ignition switch input (from the relay input in the fuse box) I reckon it may be something to do with the immobiliser. Is there anyway to check if it is working? What is the red flashing light supposed to do if the immobiliser is recognised? Currently the light just blinks red slowly regardless of if I put the key in or turn it. Thanks in advance.
  7. I just tried to start my car but nothing no click of a solenoid nothing. Had a friend put on some jump leads but still nothing. Any ideas where to go from here? Stage 2 ignition photo supplied.
  8. I ended up using a reciprocating saw and then drilled through the old studs on the cat side. Took ages. Also I mialigned my new holes slightly too. Good luck
  9. I have recently recharged the gas on the low side, it only goes up to 35psi, which is on the low side of the gauge that I bought. Air comes out the vents at 7°C on 26°C day. I think there is plenty of flow, I only ever stick the AC fan on level 2 as that's what the owners manual said is most effective. I changed the pollen filter about a year ago. Any ideas what to try next? Clean the condenser or evaporator perhaps? Failing that perhaps a water sprayer on the condenser for evaporative cooling.
  10. UPDATE: I jacked up the car via the jacking points, gave the compressor an inspection gave it a wiggle looked ok. Checked if any refrigirant was in the AC system, pushed the valve and got a facefull. So I started up the car held the AC down and it stayed on lovely cold air 🙂
  11. Could you dissconnect the bonnet release handle and pull the cable with so pliers? Not too much or the cable may snap.
  12. Any luck on this issue? EGR or lack of boost pressure or fuel pressure could cause these.
  13. I've just failed my MOT on a hole in the exhaust. I've been trying to remove the mid section from the cat section. The nuts are on the top of the exhaust and are difficult to reach so I've been trying to dremel the bolts out...I hope this will work dremel ran out of charge so I decided to jack the car down. To save time I wanted to get a mid point of the engine so I only had to jack it on one side...for some reason I thought the AC bracket would be a good idea. Now the AC turns off straight away if I turn it on. Have I broke the compressor or severed a pipe? How can I tell? Thanks Yes it was a stupid idea smh.
  14. Had this problem on mine. Ended up taking the entire door card out to get to it. Not a fun job. You might be able to simply short circuit the door ajar wires from the door wire cluster. -bit of a bodge though.
  15. I've recently given my 1.6 TDCI Fusion a remap. Now up to 120PS form 90PS apparently. I'm now wondering if I can get a little more by replacing the rear muffler with a straight pipe. The car itself seems unnecessarily quite anyway. The only problem is the muffler has a bit of a bend in it so I'm not sure what I can replace it with. I was looking at the rear end pipe for a Ford Focus 1.6 TDCI. Seems that it might fit though the bend looks a bit excessive. Does anyone have any ideas? Has anyone tried this before? Cheers