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  1. I had this issue some time ago and resorted to printing a small bush with my 3d printer. Not had any issues since and the car must have done 30,000 miles. https://photos.app.goo.gl/9xVYUVNJGACT8dBE9 https://photos.app.goo.gl/Fox5j7viQoteSxq17 https://photos.app.goo.gl/1reGHB4fMQT6guLA9
  2. One thing I learned a long time ago is that vehicle breakers always have low miles engines and no high miles ones lol. I would take the new engine route every time at the price mentioned above especially if the vehicle was a work tool.
  3. I am only having a guess but could it be one of the 2 thermostats not opening fully?
  4. I didnt have the flywheel locking tool on that engine if I did I am sure the Makita would have done it with less bother.
  5. With the engine in the car and no lift its a tough job to get the crank bolt undone. I had a test engine and a 3/4 Makita inpact gun and it really took a beating before coming undone. If you are going to do it with the engine in the car youll want a 3/4 breaker bar along with a long pole to get more leverage on the breaker bar and dont forget to lock up the flywheel first.
  6. Torque specs for crankshaft mains https://photos.app.goo.gl/t1GfwKp8w24widjd6 Link to purchase https://www.eurocarparts.com/search/300590350 Please remember the bolts will need cutting down to size which I did with an angle grinder. I did a bit at a time and cooled the bolts in water. Once they are cut to size you will want to clean them up with a sanding disk. The bolts are a one use item as they stretch when you fully torque them up so if you used them a second time you would make them weaker. At the end of the day the bolts used by Ford are just 10.9 grade which is what is have found to replace the originals with. The important part is the flange made into the head of the bolt as this spreads the load out on to the main cap. When I was looking for a replacment none of the contenders had a nice big flange so I took to buy random bolts to test and measure then for suitability. Good luck with your project.
  7. Small claims court is not like a court drama on TV its very cheap and all you are looking to do is to present the evidence to a judge who will either rule in your favour or not so the more proof you can find and present the better your chances are. If you loose you only loose the fee you have to pay to file a claim and as you represent yourself you will not rack up thousands in bills. I sugested this way as its very cost effective and you get a good and fair chance of winning.
  8. Providing that you have followed Fords service schedule and have proof I would challenge this in the small claims court. (You dont need genuine Ford service history just as long as you have fitted parts that are of oem quality.) If you do a search for 1.0 Ecoboost wet belt failure or similar you will get many forums show up all you will want to do is to print some off and present it as proof to the judge along with an engineers report stating what has gone wrong with the engine.
  9. Where did you buy the car from? Private or trader. If you bought from a trader then you have somewhere to go for a fix or money back.
  10. Oh well thats a big chunk they have added. I would ask to see the old fuel injectors as I think they broke them. PS the injector price was from Parts Doc. Did you get a call before they fitted the parts and nearly doubled your bill. Also, they do cam belts a bit I would guess. So, I would have though you would have been warned out the injectors prior to them starting the job?
  11. Start by seeing if your reverse lights come on when you select reverse gear then move on from there.
  12. That looks to high up on the gearbox to be a drain plug.
  13. I have done a bit of looking about and 3 x injectors for the 1.0 are £250 plus postage and they are Bosch units. You never said how much the garage were adding to the bill?
  14. wd40 over night and a slide hammer that is made for removing injectors.
  15. Its a single yellow/purple wire that goes to the neg terminal and as mentioned by unofix its a load sensor to do with smart charging. I am sure of this as I had to extend mine after moving my battery into the rear of my car.
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