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  1. CountP

    Essex 3.0 V6 Water leak

    Wow Essex that takes me back a few decades. Welsh/core plug? Easy enough to replace if you can get access.
  2. I'm in Australia so AUD $300. It had satnav so it was areally good price. I had been watching it on Ebay for a few weeks with no bids. Other wreckers over here generally want $450 and more. I'm hopeful he will still find it in amongst the mess. The problem is not so much the price but finding the right part numbers compatible with my car.
  3. Thanks. I re-read the entire thread and this time it made more sense. There was some confusion at the wreckers yard and it seems the system I was after had already been sold so the search starts again.
  4. CountP

    Finally Upgraded Head Unit to Sony

    I am about to do this upgrade as well. From my research I thought the part no. prefix should be the same as what was originally in the car eg. am5t or bm5t. It is also advisable to get a complete system from one donor car. Am I understanding it correct as I am literally going to pick up a Sony system later today?
  5. I am considering upgrading to the Sony system in my pre Sync Focus. I have located a Sony system with Satnav that has matching part numbers. The wreckers have already removed the system so I can't see what plugs in where. I know I will need the harness from the display to the radio unit and I will need to buy a gps antenna. What else will I need? With the Sony satnav system what plugs in where? Thanks
  6. CountP

    Focus Mk3 Sony DAB Radio Dash Surround

    Does anyone know from what build date Sync was introduced? I am in the same situation as the OP with a pre Sync Focus wanting to change to a Sony system. I have found a system in a wreckers yard but when I check on Etis it doesn't say 'with Sync' or 'less Sync' as it usually does. Is there any other easy way of telling if a vehicle does or doesn't have Sync?
  7. CountP

    Mk3 Instrument Cluster Swap

    This is something I am keen to do but thought it wasn't a straight swop. So you didn't have to change any settings with Focccus? How do you intend to correct the mileage?
  8. My daughter has a mk7 sedan with a boot/trunk lid that doesn't stay up which makes removing stuff from the boot down right dangerous. Has anyone got a solution to this? It doesn't have struts. Thanks Ryan
  9. CV joints will make a clicking noise when turning but I've also heard them click when driving straight when they are very bad. You say you've checked them. To check them properly they need to be removed and stripped. What mileage? Only other thing could be wheel bearings.
  10. CountP

    Ford Part Number Lookup

    I've sent you PM with the vin number. Thanks, I really appreciate this.
  11. CountP

    Ford Part Number Lookup

    Does anyone have access to Ford Microcat/Ecat that can look up three part numbers for me? I'd be eternally grateful. The local Ford dealer won't help. I have a 2011 Focus with the basic sound system that I want to upgrade to the Sony system with the colour screen. My car is pre-Sync so I need a system out of a pre-Sync car or they won't work. I have found a pre-Sync Focus in a used car lot. So if I can get the part numbers off this car, I will know what parts to search for. BTW I am in Australia but that shouldn't make a difference as the cars are both German built. Thanks
  12. CountP

    Mk3 Retrofit Add Ons & Mods

    Would you mind PMing me your VIN number so I can check what part numbers I need to look for?Thanks
  13. CountP

    Mk3 Retrofit Add Ons & Mods

    Thanks this is just the info I have been searching for. I have a 2011 pre-Sync LW Focus and was thinking of changing the radio and display to the Sony with the color screen. I have found a donor vehicle with the Sony system. Where there any pre-Sync vehicles with the Sony system? How can I tell if it has Sync? The build date of the donor vehicle is 11/2012. I had a look on etis but whereas for my vehicle is it says 'less Sync' for the donor it doesn't say anything. Thanks
  14. CountP

    Pre-sync Focus

    So apparently I have a pre-Sync Ford Focus built in German I am in Australia and bought the car new. It has the basic audio system with bluetooth and voice recognition basically the same features as my mates 2013 car. He has the text message function which I don't. I thought I could do a software update to add that feature until I discovered my car is pre-Sync. Does anyone know anything about this? How can I have the same hardware but it isn't Sync? I have been pondering ripping into the dash to see what I have where the Sync module is usually mounted. Could I change the car to Sync? Thanks Ryan