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  1. Just back from garage. Man says that the gasket between pump and engine block needs replaced as the pump didn't come with a new one - am I right in thinking this isn't something I should pay for? They delivered me a car leaking coolant with the turbo unplugged afterall! I'll be collecting it tomorrow and I have a suspicion they'll be handing me a bill... Also, "how did you not notice the leak?" you might ask. I did when I picked the car up, but was assures Its just spilled fluid coming off the under cover...
  2. Yeah I know what you mean... but the story continues. Saturday I was doing the 1st 15minute + trip. not 2 miles onto the motorway I lose power when overtaking. Look down to see the temp gauge maxed out, so quickly pull over and investigate.... coolant reservoir bone dry!!! I put some water through to see what was up - it drops out the bottom of the engine bay just as fast as filling it up! Man at the garage will not be happy to see my face again Monday morning!
  3. well I stuck them back in as driving around without turbo sucks. After google imaging it turns out the blue cables actually go in the left connection. I then found a tool left behind in the engine bay! Took it back to garage to inform them and let them clear the engine code. They were very embarrassed and will do me an MOT for free. I think it was a fair resolution,
  4. Car back from new steering pump, check engine light on and a loss of power. Had a look under hood and as shown in the photo two connectors on front of engine are unplugged. Is there a way to tell which one goes where? I'm going to assume the blue paint mark corresponds to the blue cabled one for now... Thanks!
  5. Haha both pretty different answers! Upon googling the 'ECV' emissions control valve I do not think that this is correct, so im assuming its something to do with the brakes like iantt has suggested? What are the names of the components I'm looking at so I can find replacements? (in particular the small white connector with 3 pipes plugged into it)
  6. Hi Guys, Last couple days the engine has been noticeably louder than usual, sounds a bit like there is a tear somewhere in a hose, can't notice a difference in performance / economy. Had a look around the engine with it off after driving and heard a hissing noise coming from the small white connection with 3 hoses attached. (in picture) It continues to leak air for a minute or 2 after the engine is shut off. To fix the leak can I just use some gasket sealer or should I be looking to replace the white thing / any hoses? could this be responsible for extra noise when driving? thanks edit: 2005 2.0 TDCI, 146,000 miles
  7. Hi, For a couple weeks there has been a squeaking when the front right suspension travels, at first barely noticeable and now fairly loud and occurs also when steering is moved from full lock to normal. Jacked up the car, took wheel off and had a look, It looks like the drop link bush is no good (I'm new to car mechanics so I could be wrong!) please see attached images; SO my questions are; could this shot bush be the cause of my noise? Can I replace just the bush or does the whole drop link need replacing? (I can only find spares for the drop link, if the whole thing needs replaced is this the correct part http://www.eurocarparts.com/ecp/c/Ford_Mondeo_2.0_2005/p/car-parts/suspension/suspension-and-steering/anti-roll-bar-components/?632590135&1&ca7d994fcf3739f5f04fffeba6be6cc21aa62de2&000016) Many thanks!!
  8. sweet! cheap and easy fix :D :D while waiting for delivery Is it ok to use the car? obviously taking it easy, just want ot make sure I wouldn't be causing it any harm. revs/temp all seem fine
  9. Hi! Recently purchased an 05 mondeo 2.0 tdci, 127k on the clock with clutch/flywheel recently replaced. I have done about 500 miles and everything seems ok, however doing a motorway drive yesterday I noticed the mpg drop (from 54 to around 38 at worst, 6th gear 70mph), the exhaust was a bit smoky (not a deep black, but not exactly white), the power delivery at this speed also did not feel smooth compared to accelerating at lower speeds. Reading around here I decided to clean out the EGR valve, there was some soot build up which cleaned out easily. When doing this job however I did notice a tear on the hose which connects to the bottom of the egr valve, its a substantial tear and I think I made it worse poking around and now there is a drop in power...! either way it looks like it will cost me 20 quid for a replacement off ebay, just wondering if this could be the sole cause of my issues?? Thanks, Jack tl;dr tear in EGR hose, can this be causing smoke + power loss?