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  1. I have recently done an overhaul on all the interior bulbs, except the one on the roof, i changed 2 behind the heater controls and was going to change one in the dashboard because it seemed so dim, when inspecting the older bulb to remove the bulb lut tue base, it got dropped, so it doesnt light up anymore, plus i have now lost the old one, bulb and base, but i have 2 new ones, same shape and size, fit an all, but they also wont illuminate, i tried both, nothing, so i borrowed one of the houses mich larged bulbs just to test to see if contact was being made and if any power was running through the wires, nothing happened, so i have a feeling that its not the problem with the bulbs i purchased, but maybe more wiring or fuse based? I could REALLY do with some help, especially in winter since nights are much darker
  2. About a month ago, my front left dip light blew, simple fix, and after a few weeks, it blew again, and i changed it again. Today, (after a few more weeks) its blown again, same one, so i changed it. (since i bought a pack of 2 and used one from that pack) When it blew however after getting petrol, it blew, how i knew though was because all lights, (the dip on the right hand side, speedo illumination) went MUCH brighter, the wipers sped up quite a bit and the battery light came on, then after a while, about 10 or so seconds, it went back to normal and i noticed, one side of the road seemed a bit more dim, so I stopped for a bit to look, and it was the same dip bulb that had blown, so I got home and changed the bulb with the last one i had, then i had to go back into town to do a small amount of shopping, and as i left the shop, 10-20 mins after i arrived, i started the car up and it seemed ok, then i left the junction where the shop was and noticed the battery light on, wipers going fast again, and lights going brighter, so i pulled over in this small car park, where i had to look and see that it had blown again, minutes after i replaced it, and i continued to another shop, to get fish and chips, the entire journey, the battery light not going off this time, also the speedometer getting to 10mph, but then dropping to 0 suddenly, (also the fuel needle dropping to 0 the same time the speedometer needle drops) so i stopped, turned the car off and got my stuff from the fish and chip shop, started the car up and it, seemed ok (apart from the dip that blew earlier) but as i pulled off to go up a road to turn around and head back home, the battery light came on again, so i thought if i turn full beam on, put the fog light on and put all wipers on full would drain some of that charge, just to see if it would go off, it did for a while until i got up to speed, (speed limit, 30MPH) (by now i had put the full beam off and fog light off since i was in a town and there were more cars around) and it came on again, so i realised it didnt work and i put the wipers back to normal speed, and turn the fan back down, and continued back home, where the battery light was on for the entire journey. Im just wondering, as i think i know the signs but i just want to make sure, is it an alternator problem? Overcharging a bit too much? Or is it something else? Like a short circuit or something else?
  3. Heater Problems

    The garage said I needed a new temp switch since they said that could be why the fan doesn't turn on, it does now, but that was before I unblocked the cooling, like I mentioned it could just be a blockage in the heater matrixes
  4. Heater Problems

    I replaced the thermostat when I did the cooling, and temp switch too, I would say its a blockage too, just need to find time to give it a flush, and anyway, my Ka has no temperature gauge, just a speedometer and fuel gauge
  5. As we might know, Ford Ka heaters arent the best in the world, but mine, only has cold, its in full hot and the only time I feel warmth is if I close all the vents, and drive for a long time, where eventually they warm up and as soon as I open them and turn the fan up, you feel a brief warmth before it goes cold again, friends have said that it could be a blockage in the pipes, even though me and a friend unblocked the cooling which stopped my car from overheating, but I suppose the heater pipes are blocked, since its winter, would it be better to sort it out now or later? Since the garage said I need a new coolant tank soon too due to a few cracked around where the cap is
  6. Battery Problems

    Well, after I leave it running for about 30 mins or so, the battery has no problems afterwards, but if I revved it high again, of would probably do it again and go flat overnight then if I recharged it, it would start then after when I turn it straight off, it would probably be read again, so leaving it run for 30 mins stops it going flat when its turned off, I used this draper tester, which said the battery was fine, and when started, the other three lights came on, the top red one said 14V (High), so the regulator might have gone, I still done get how it could go flat with everything turned off (yes, lights, radio and everyone else off too)
  7. Battery Problems

    I had a problem with my battery again, on Wednesday (two days ago) I drove down and up the other side of my drive, turned around and came back behind my house, and everything was OK until I hopped out, where I accidentally stood on the accelerator until it hit the limiter once, then the fuel needle dropped to 0 and the speed and fuel gauge needles started vibrating and shaking then went back to normal, I have put a new battery on my car now, (Varta B18 whereas my old one was from Motorcraft) and at low revs or even idle, the battery light is on, and even slight revs, maybe about 1500 makes the needles vibrate again, is it a battery/wiring problem or could it be alternator related? If its a battery, I'll see if I can get another Motorcraft battery like the one removed, if its alternator problems, then I'll have to get the garage to sort something out
  8. Battery Dying When Cars Not Even In Use

    A few days ago, I charged it up again, the same day I posted this actually, and I got it Started and running, mum said leave it run for a while, gave it a few revs, about 3000rpm, which made the battery light go on, then I moved it out the way to the back of the house, and it started coming on at, maybe around 1500rpm, then I left it to run for a while, and when I came back, it did overheat which my dad said after he took it for a small spin after it cooled down and topped up again he said that the thermostat and waterpump has gone, but since then, the battery hasn't had any problems since
  9. My little Ka has encountered another problem. Besides the brake fluid which will be changed soon so the brakes respond better, my battery has problems, I drove it down the drive then back up, just to warm the engine up a bit, then I turned everything off, lights, radio, everything, took the keys out and went inside, this morning I thought, I'd listen to the radio, turned the key once, radio didn't turn on, so I thought I'd turn the ignition on, nope, no lights on the dashboard, tried to start, silence, nothing happening, so I charged the battery, and it works fine now, I'm just weirded out by the fact that its somehow died overnight, it wasn't like, the lights were dim and it makes that strange clicking sound when the battery's weak, it was literally as if it wasn't wired up, I checked to make sure, and it was, it works fine now but I'm worried that it might die again overnight, any help? Will a new battery help or is it wiring issues?
  10. Ford Ka Indicator Problem

    I just found out the problem, turns out it was a bulb :P must've got confused with each bulb as I switched them
  11. I recently got a 2004 Ford Ka 1.3 Duratec as my first car a month or two, bought it for £1000, just over 46000 on the clock, and for the first few weeks, it was pretty good, even though I haven't driven it on the road yet, and today I have noticed that the front left indicator suddenly doesn't want to work, I've checked the wiring, seems OK, bulb, good condition, give it a knock, it works fine again, when I put it back in again, it sometimes stops flashing again, like any sudden knocks stops it working, I took it off and used the one from the driver side on the passenger side, and it worked fine so no problems there, but when I tried the passenger unit on the driver side, it didn't work at all, i know the problem, but I'm not sure how to fix it, I swapped bulbs but its not them either, and does anyone know if that unit thing, basically, the bit where the cable plugs into, with the bulb on the other end, does it have a prober name? I search for "Ford Ka 2004 Indicator unit and it comes up with stalks, headlight units and anything but what I need