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  1. SirGuy

    Parking Sensor Module Location

    Thanks for your reply Chris. Can't you sleep?? Will give it a try. The loose plug hanging down made me think the module might not even be there. I've fitted a reverse camera which is very good but having replaced all the sensors already, to no avail, I want to go the full hog. The camera replaced one of my no plate lights...perfect fit and has built in LED lights to replace the no plate light. Regards Rick
  2. SirGuy

    Parking Sensor Module Location

    Thanks Chris All the wiring seems ok but I don't seem to have a parking sensor module which is why I asked about an unattached green plug hanging loose where the module should be. Knowing the wire colours will confirm this. If so all I need is a new module but I am loathe to buy one until I'm sure having just shelled out for a new set of sensors. Regar5ds Rick
  3. SirGuy

    Parking Sensor Module Location

    Hi I changed all four rear sensors for brand new ones (S-Max Tit 2007) but it still wont work. Just the annoying beeps and flashing light. Any suggestions? I have looked for the control module (o/s boot behind panel) but can't find it. What colour in the connector to it? How many connectors should there be. I do have a single (Green) plug hanging inside the opening attached to nothing. it has 3 wires Blue/Brown Purple/Brown Purple/Red Could the module be missing? Any help would be appreciated Regards Rick
  4. SirGuy

    S-max 2007 6006cdc Radio

    Thanks for your reply. The honest answer is I don't know as I've just bought the car. How can I tell? Regards Rick
  5. SirGuy

    S-max 2007 6006cdc Radio

    Hi I have tried most things (I think) to enable Blue Tooth on this radio. Is it possible to do it? Thanks SirGuy
  6. Thanks Preee Luckily I opened it up and cutting a little off the opening clip stop, was able to get just enough to enable it to clip on. Thanks for your suggestion. SirGuy
  7. Hello I am trying to fit a clip on screen to my 2007 S-Max's rear view mirror. (Reversing camera) I have just bought one but unfortunately the sliding clips on the rear do not open wide enough for to accommodate the width of the mirror. It opens to 3" but needs to be 3.5". Any sugestions would be appreciated. I'm new to Ford ownership and the Ford owners club which I find most useful.