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  1. Broken plastic, clutch pedal

    £200 is not a bad price, my clutch did the same thing and I replaced mine myself but it's a ***** to get to and the master cylinder itself is about £70. The new ones are better though as they are metal and plastic not just plastic.
  2. Change rear speaker ??

    On the Focus they are normally held in with rivets, so they need drilling out in order to replace speaker, if you use an aftermarket speaker you will need adapter ring to house speaker and different connectors.
  3. Hi The Air con drain pipe fell to the floor when I was checking something, I know where the drain pipe clips to but I can not see where it attaches to. Any ideas much appreciated Thanks
  4. Does Clutch Pedal Switch Do Anything

    Cheers I will put the new one on when it arrives so its back to normal, I was just expecting the car to run rough or not start with out it, but as I say it seems to run fine.
  5. Does Clutch Pedal Switch Do Anything

    So being as I dont have cruise control can I leave it off?
  6. Hi I changed the Clutch master cylinder and in the process the clutch sensor switch on the pedal snapped, I have ordered a new one but it drives perfect without it on, I just wondered what is it supposed to do and do some cars have them and not need them. Its a 2006 1.6. Thanks
  7. Clutch Master System

    Hi If I press my clutch hard the pedal travels a bit further than normal then sticks down, I have to pull it back up. I thought it was catching on something but its not, the stopper on the master cylinder piston sticks inside the part that should stop it ( I think) Is this a fault with the master cylinder. Cheers
  8. Clutch Issue

    Hi all, My clutch pedal works fine, but I have noticed after doing an emergency stop that if I put extra pressure on the pedal the clutch will go down an extra inch or so and then gets stuck, I then have to get out the car and pull the pedal up by hand, it will then work fine till I put that extra bit of pressure on it maybe once or twice a week. It is not getting caught on the carpet or anything else, and the spring must be working for the pedal to work at other times. So wondered if anyone had any ideas what maybe causing it as its a pain in the a**e when it happens. Cheers
  9. steering wheel change

    Hi, I did this a few weeks ago and it was a straight forward enough job which took about 15 to 20 mins, I had never changed one before and certainly looks a lot better.
  10. Water Pump Runs Off Which Belt

    Cheers guys
  11. Hi all I'm having timing belt kit done Wed, when I booked it in I asked for the water pump to be done as well but they told me my pump doesn't run off the timing belt, my car is a 2006, 1.6 is the garage correct. Cheers guys
  12. Airbag Contact Unit

    Thanks a lot
  13. Airbag Contact Unit

    Hi, I changed my steering wheel today (from a 4 spoke to a 3 spoke), the manual says to tape the airbag contact unit so it doesn't move however while I was removing the steering wheel it moved slightly (about 10mm) before I had chance to tape it, I put it back exactly where it was, but is this movement going to damage anything. Everything works ok (airbag light goes on when turned on then off as it should do). Thanks for any Info
  14. Changing Steering Wheel

    Cheers guys :)
  15. Changing Steering Wheel

    Hi all, can you change a 4 spoke steering wheel to a 3 spoke wheel, or are the fitting different. Thanks for any help