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  1. Obnoxious

    Fiesta MK6 Bumper Wires

    I've taken the bumper off my mk6 Fiesta numerous times when I had it, so I should be able to help. I can't tell accurately from the pictures unfortunately, so I'm going to have to ask a few questions. Which side are the cables hanging off from? I'm thinking it could be your horn, try giving them a toot and see if it works. The horn is usually on the passenger side. All the best.
  2. My Ford dealer, who I usually send my vehicle to recommended using Black Circles for tyres as they're cheaper plus I can book the Ford dealer to fit all through their site. I went for Goodyear EfficientGrip 3 and I would recommend them, especially in the UK as we do get more rain than not. I've had them since February and they're still doing well, compared to budget tyres I've had previously. I would buy them again and definitely helps reducing aqua planing. That's my brief review on them. I had 195/50/15, so were cheap and wet grip A. Different tyre sizes may vary in specification and features.
  3. Obnoxious

    Back in Business with a Ford!

    I'm loving the license plate too! :D
  4. Obnoxious

    Fiesta MK6 Zetec S/ST Rear Bumper Grille

    Thank you Gerald. I purchased some over the weekend but unfortunately it didn't stick after leaving it for an hour. I've decided to put two screws in the rear lower grille, it seems solid now. I just need to paint the screws black now haha. Thank you again. :) Haha Jake, I completely agree with you; the guys at the bodyshop are a friendly bunch too. I thought I'd fix it myself to be honest, since I don't know what much they'd be able to do, plus I'd have to hand my car in for however long. Thank you for your reply. :) My looking great now thanks guys! :D
  5. Hi all, I've had a Zetec S rear bumper spray painted and fitted on my Mk6.5 Fiesta for a while now. The rear bumper grille is loose at the top, what's the best way to secure this? I've tried clipping it in, super glue and then Gorilla Heavy Duty Mounting tape. The latter works for holding the side in, so it doesn't fly off at 70mph. But what's the best way to have it completely secured? Just clipping it in doesn't seem to work - the bodyshop damaged some clips. Here's a picture after picking it up from the bodyshop (notice the rear grille sticks out the the top). Thank you.
  6. Obnoxious

    Will this rear MK7 bumper fit MK7.5

    I'm not entirely sure if it'll fit a facelift Mk7 Fiesta or not, however I would like to point out that the eBay listing is only for the diffuser - it does not include the rear bumper. The diffuser is pictured on the eBay listing in white (unpainted). That's all you're paying for. Just thought I'd highlight this fact before you committed to purchasing. All the best.
  7. Obnoxious

    Pollen Filter

    Fantastic! Yes, I can confirm the pollen filter will fit your model. :) Apologies, the mobile version didn't show me the details.
  8. Obnoxious

    Pollen Filter

    Hi, which year/mark Fiesta do you have? 😄
  9. Obnoxious

    Fiesta MK6.5 user reviews

    I have a 2006 Fiesta Mk6.5 1.4L Petrol. Currently at 105k mileage, purchased the vehicle at 85k 2 years ago. I drive more frequently now and I wouldn't recommend the vehicle due to reliability (approximately 50 miles per business day - half motorway and half country roads). I always take the vehicle to a main Ford dealer for repairs & service, I now know them all on a first name basis. You can expect age related faults to occur, such as coil springs and may need to have certain service jobs carried out such as fuel filter, timing belt and auxiliary drive belts. I have done all the aforementioned yet my head gasket, cylinder head and a few pistons warped few months ago. It was with the dealer for a month - I have no issues with the dealer, they're all great and would recommend them but as the Mk6 just ages, it's no longer a reliable car in my opinion. I have a folder full of invoices on repairs carried out; I can't remember them all from memory. I've had numerous faults over the years, then again it could be my specific Fiesta and I cannot generalise my experience to all Fiestas; regardless, from my opinion with my Fiesta I would recommend something more reliable, perhaps a Honda or Toyota - granted repair and parts costs more for these brands compared to Ford. If you're not looking to keep the car for more than 1 + half year, then I would recommend the vehicle. It's a great run around, but don't expect luxury though. Space is a little tight, bumps on the road can be hard and steering isn't as light as newer cars (e.g. 2010 or newer). Depending on how confident you are, manoeuvring is easy - never gave me any problems getting in and out of tight spots. The reverse gear often crunches. So far, touch wood clutch and gearbox have never give me problems. I'm looking only to keep my car for another year and then get something more reliable; only kept it due to cheap insurance. I could detail this review in more depth, but I'll leave it up to you to test drive and form your own opinions. Honestly though, it's not a bad car; just reliability is getting poorer as the vehicle ages, and the age is definitely showing on a standard Fiesta. You could consider financing or getting a bank loan on a vehicle which costs a little more. I didn't want to go down this route 2 years ago, since I wanted to own my vehicle out. However one of my family members bought a car on finance; their vehicle costs more than mine and is newer, yet I've paid more for my vehicle in terms of buying it out and repairs; therefore over 2 years I would have been better on a finance. Just food for thought if you're considering keeping the car for numerous years. If there is anything you need to know, I'll be happy to reply. All the best. :) P.S. Numerous Fiesta owners (including myself) hear rattles in the car. I tend to get them from the rear belt buckle hitting the plastic surround as I drive and from the boot lid. If you hear any of these, it's harmless but something you have to live with; not an issue for me as I have a good stereo system. :)
  10. Obnoxious

    Identifying my car

    The Fiesta facelift for the mk7 came in 2013, so yours would be a pre-facelift. If you search on Google for a Fiesta mk7 and then a Fiesta mk7 facelift, if you compare the front-end design you'll notice the differences. As isetta states, in the UK the mk6/7 numbering got confused as in the UK when the Mk4 facelift was released, we referred to it as the mk5; so on some sites you might see the mk7 being referred to as the mk6. If you run into this, try to match your vehicle based on the year.
  11. Obnoxious

    Wiper blades

    I would also recommend Bosch; I have them on my front windshield and they work great, even during winter/snow. I've replaced my rear blade with a genuine Ford one and it doesn't seem to wipe the entire area, it did at first but now it misses certain areas; so I'd stick to Bosch.
  12. Obnoxious

    3 Door Fiesta Mk6 St Seats In 5 Door

    Haha hey Ginger! Yeah an independent garage would probably be cheaper. I've had a few bad experiences with some local ones, so I've always taken it to Ford for everything since then and I'm happy with the service; I've always tried to look after my car by taking it to the dealer and getting it serviced by them regularly, so the head gasket going is a surprise. Yeah I could replace the engine, I have been looking at some 2L ST engines on eBay; make a 5-door ST out of it. ;) Haha but I think I'd rather save money now, spent quite a bit this year.
  13. Obnoxious

    3 Door Fiesta Mk6 St Seats In 5 Door

    Hello, I've unfortunately not gone round to doing this either, contrary to my initial plans. I had to spend around £410 from Ford dealer on MOT, service and some mechanical jobs; so held off on this. Currently I have a courtesy car, as my Fiesta has had a head gasket blown recently; Ford have sent off the engine-block (I think that's what they said) for testing to ensure there is no further damage. So I think I'll have to hold off further on the seats. If the repair cost for the head gasket is fair, I'll get the job done and then might get a new car after a year. Sorry I couldn't be of any help. All the best. :)
  14. Obnoxious

    3 Door Fiesta Mk6 St Seats In 5 Door

    Thank you very much for your answer GingerFlame (I couldn't recognise you initially with your new avatar, I still remember your blue Mk6 Fiesta). :) I got an M.O.T., service and a few mechanical jobs coming up this week; if all that goes smoothly, I'll look at upgrading my seats to Zetec S or ST ones (I found some heated seats). I'll keep everyone posted if 3 door seats fit in a 5 door. 2017 has only begun and I've already spent a lot of money on my car this year; got a Zetec S/ST front-end with a Triple R Splitter, got the rear which needs spray painting and fitting. (Fitting done by myself.) :) Thank you again.
  15. Obnoxious

    3 Door Fiesta Mk6 St Seats In 5 Door

    Hey GingerFlame, I know this is an old thread, but you're still quite active on this board; therefore may I ask did you ever get an answer or were you able to experiment with this? I am considering upgrading my 5 door seats with Zetec S ones on the Mk6 Fiesta.