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  1. Can any one help i have looked every where and my autodata dont even have it 😕i need the aircon wireing dirgram on a 1993 seirra 2.0i dohc efi engine thankss people
  2. Hello all i have a problem if any one could help i have a 1993 sierra 2.0 ghia and i hqvend got a live to the ac compresser i was woundering if there was a fuse or rely any where ,and if so where i have been under the bonet and checked all the fuses but im not sure if theres a rely among them lot thank gary
  3. Could any one help i have a 1993 seirra 2.0 ghia and i havent got a live to the ac compressur and i was woundering where the fuse / rely is i have checked all the fuses under the bonet but i cant fined if theres a rely or fuse for it thanks gary
  4. Hi all my names garyim 22 years old from essex and i drive a seirra 2.0 ghia