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  1. Ford Focus Sync 2 Update

    Anyone know if they (Ford) are working any updates or have they dropped any development for it now ?
  2. New Ford Focus mk3 facelift

    Mine goes off quite a bit now with phantom readings, seems to be more sensitive since last service so might have to pop it back to the garage just to see if they updated anything
  3. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    You sure F6 is out ? Last time I looked it was still the F5 for GB
  4. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    One thing I have noticed with the sync is it still doesn't handle long song names will in the media player or group names. If other cars I have seen it scroll to show the full name but the sync it seems to be a manual process to move to next screen (this is when you have media player full screen)
  5. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    Not sure if its me or if its reset a setting but when the reversing camera comes on it doesn't mute the radio anymore, I am not sure if its meant to but I am sure the earlier versions did. Its not an issue but just something I noticed. Also you if you want to get the red cross off the phone setting you have to input or assign at least one emergency assistance number.
  6. Update Sync 2 The Easy Way

    Yeah mine upgraded as well Thanks It does lose any recent locations in the Sat Nav and you need to re-bond your phone and I also notice it also didn't save any wifi settings (but that's pretty pointless on a sync 2)
  7. 2015 ford focus stereo lights not working

    Think its to do with the sync software . There are instructions on the this site if you want to do it yourself you just need a USB stick and download the software
  8. New Ford Focus 2015 Sat Nav Fault

    Is that a Ford garage jobbie ?
  9. SYNC2 Touch / Updates

    The site uses your VIN number so will only allow updates for your specific version and the update process will check that it is a valid update. The only thing that I can see is that you might need to resave your favourites for the Sat Nav
  10. SYNC2 Touch / Updates

    For the brave as it seems the UK website is a little behind the rest of the word, you can register on the Ford India site with your VIN ( I used the ford etis site to get mine) and download an update for your SYNC 2 which apparently includes fixes for the IPHONE. You have to be using IE to download and the actual update takes about 25-30 minutes with the engine running but it successfully updated mine ok
  11. New Ford Focus 2015 Sat Nav Fault

    Same issue with my 2015 which I reported to Ford and then via the facebook page, they registered the complaint and spoke with them in person but still no reply !
  12. Cant upgrade Sync - Focus SE 2015

    I managed to register to the Ford india site and get the update for my SYNC 2 . Nothing major just updates to work with SIRI on the iPhone and fix some blue tooth issues. Seems strange that everywhere else in the world you can get these updates apart from the UK. It checks against your VIN so you know that its the correct update.
  13. 2015 Facelift Sat Nav

    I have found quite a few bugs in the software, maps not very upto date as my 3 year old mobile has more accurate maps and occasionally it tells you go left and points right !
  14. Ford Focus St 2015 Ambient Lighting

    I found this by mistake on my 2015 focus titanium x , its the button on the roof next to dimmer switch. Not sure if the ST has it but can take a picture and post later. You have to press the button to change the colour as I think there is 6 colours
  15. Ford Sync Update (Usb)

    Kev, Still waiting for my contact to come back to me but i agree its not a very good service. Try sending Ford Uk a private message over facebook if you have it as they seem to respond that way. My little niggles aint that bad as the car is only 3 months old i reckon i can press them under the 3 year warrenty otherwise i will be kicking up a stink and seeing what i can get done. Mine are just niggles like sync showing the wrong temperature some times ie saturday it was showing 12 degress until 17:00 at night and the navigation system has real old maps and says go one way and points the other !