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  1. And it can’t be just a faulty reading the mileage displayed is actually what it gives me
  2. It’s only getting worse Someone tell me this can’t be normal I’ve reported it to ford and they will have a look but I don’t want to get fobbed off this can’t be normal my old fiesta half a tank would get me over 200 miles 80 miles on half a tank ??
  3. Thanks for the response people appreciated. I’ll see how it goes when I refuel it
  4. Confused as to my fuel consumption. i though a full tank would give me at least 400 miles or so . I just got the the car brand new. Topped up full tank and it reads I have 210miles surely something is wrong. I have a few screen shots of half tank. should I call ford customer service
  5. Since nobody replied I'll post the fix. never by a crosland filter for a tdci they are absolutely crap. i installed a Bosch filter and it solved the problem.
  6. hi you posted this issue ages ago

    ive changed my glow plugs and relay the light dont show up on dash also mechanic said no power to glow plugs? takes agaes to start any ideas??


    just noticed this thread, i have just bought a 04 fiesta van 1.4tdci with 138,000 on the clock now when i bought it, it started on the key but fast forward a week and i was pushing it into my garage by hand cause it would not start. now after a few hours of stripping down the engine and doing electrical tests i found that the glow plug relay (thanks to bad placement of it) was getting damaged by weather and it ended up shorting out blowing the glow plug bulb in the dash and every time the ignition was on the glow plugs stayed on so whilst the car was runnin the glow plugs where on and overheating causing them to melt under the high temperature.

    now if you are having problems where the glow plug light is not coming on and the car is taking a lot of cranks before it will start or not starting at all you may have the same problem and i am sorry to say that it's not just a simple case of new relay and new glow plugs. as has happened with mine the end of the glow plugs melts into a ball larger then the Dia of the glow plug hole and the only way i have found of gettin the glow plugs out is to remove the cylinder head and cut the end of the glow plug off in order to get them out however there is light at the end of the tunnel for some people because i have found that ford recalled the 1.6tdci and 2.0tdci engines due to glow plugs melting problems i think they were from 2002> but i'll try and find the sheet. if you are having problems and think it could be the glow plugs post up the problems you are having.

  7. did you manage to fix the starting issue

    if so what was the fix

  8. Please i really really need help asap. Ford fiesta tdci mk6 130k on the clock. when i start vehicle any time in the day it cranks for ages maybe 20 to 30 seconds before it starts sometimes it takes 11 tries. mechanic said my glow plugs are gone so i replaced them then changed glow plug relay and crank sensor. now he is telling me that there is now power getting to the glow plugs. the glow plug light does not come up when i start the vehicle either. when the vehicle does start i have to rev it for a few seconds or it will cut out. once the vehicle is warmed up its fine for a few hours , if i leave it longer in wont start again.
  9. Well it was a quick fix other mechanics said it was a thermostat or matrix
  10. Hi all thanks but I've managed to get it fixed it was the actual climate unit the heater bit was *stuck* on heat They had to open it up and just clip it back in place
  11. My ford fiesta is contabky blowing out hot air even if the fan or heater is off there is also no ac any ideas ?