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  1. Location for cylinder head buckets

    Could someone please confirm I have this right? I've currently finished doing the intake, I have them all set to 0.18mm this is when the lobe on the camshaft is facing upwards and not touching the bucket. Is this right? 0.18mm was the distance for the ones already in, so the ones that dropped out I have set to 0.18mm
  2. Location for cylinder head buckets

    Thanks for that! "(thickness of the currently installed tappet + the measured valve clearance - the required valve clearance)." Will that still work even with the tappet out? as I am missing 7 tappets (I've got them just need to work where they go). if I put the camshaft on (unscrewed) I get two different readings from the same tappet 0.18mm and 0.20mm (intake) - am I best ***** them down and doing the missing ones that way?
  3. Location for cylinder head buckets

    Okay, I have done some searching and think I can ask in a better manner now. I am after the tolerance for the gap between the camshaft and valve tapets. found this, but unsure if it's correct and if they are wrong. Anyone know where I can find out? Tolerance is 0.17MM to 0.23MM (Intake) and 0.31MM 0.37MM (Exhaust) It's for a 2011 Ford Fiesta Zetec S.
  4. Location for cylinder head buckets

    I thought it wasn't going to be so straight forward haha. I've bought a measure tool and it's the wrong thing. I've read that I put the camshaft on (no point ***** down) and then measure with a feeler gauge to the correct one? That right? Shim is right - I'm not good when it comes to this stuff.
  5. Hi, I'm not sure if this is the right name, but after the location of the buckets. I've managed to drop 7 out because I was an idiot. I've bought a gauge but can't fit it for the main tips. The buckets all have the measurements inside them but not sure which valves? They go onto. Any help would be great. I have attached a photo of what I mean
  6. Putting timing belt on

    Thanks guys, I'll hopefully get this done over weekend. So when I put the cam belt around the cam pulleys, should I keep the crankshaft pin in but allow it to move slightly so when the tensioner is released it'll touch the pin? Allowing the crank and camshaft pulleys in the correct place?
  7. Putting timing belt on

    With the camshaft pulleys loose, how would i set them to be timed as they're gonna move slightly or would I turn both very slightly and have them locked but not directly facing upwards?
  8. Putting timing belt on

    Sorry 1.6 zetec s 2011. I can get it to go on nicely it move away from the crank pin SLIGHTLY but obviously going to knock it out of time then isn't it?
  9. Putting timing belt on

    Im having trouble getting the timing belt on. I've locked the camshafts, cam pulleys and crankshaft. But when I go to put the belt on, the teeth on the belt is lining up with the inlet camshaft pulley. Any one have any suggestions to get this tooth up slightly? If I put the tooth on the belt 1 down the belt is really loose.
  10. Error code P0016

    I'm getting an error code P0016 – Crankshaft position/camshaft position, bank 1 sensor A -correlation We think it's camshaft sensor as it's new, yet never been driven with it as car gives an engine light. So we've taken it out, can someone please confirm this is the sensor that's in the rocker cover? I've got to wait until Monday for the part to come in, but can also be told where i can find the crankshaft sensor on a 2011 ford fiesta zetec s please Thanks
  11. Timing

    Could someone tell me if this tool is required... the - flat edge type tool. on a mk7 Fiesta Zetec S thanks
  12. Help urgently please

    Won't let me edit. Been told could be lambda sensor. And needs wiping of ECU?
  13. Help urgently please

    Update is: got the car running. However engine bounces the car to the moon, engine management is on and it's rough as on idle.
  14. Personally going on my experience if it's with BSM (Bristol Street Motors) I'll be very surprised if they offer a refund. I thought my car was going though a rough time, been in a major crash once, 2 hits to front side fender...
  15. My mum had a ford plan and she took it in for a service and they still wanted some payment off her (wasn't full amount) which obviously my mum had a major argument over and won. Anyway she was paying it still and recently about 3 months ago traded her car in and got another one, they never transferred over the payment plan to the new one nor give any money back. She had the car for 2 and a half years, only ever had 1 service on it and paid about £20 a month for the period she had that car. This maybe different for others, but this is Bristol Street Motors (Vertu Motors).