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  1. Transmission Malfunction

    Oh dear, Not what I wanted to hear lol Would this sensor/fault stop the gearbox from engaging gears? Cheers Jason
  2. Transmission Malfunction

    Hi guys, Am new here and hoping for some advice on my newly purchased Focus Cmax 2005 1.6 TDCI Auto. I picked up this car as faulty hoping to get it on the road for the misses to drive. The fault is that when I turn the key, the dash immediately lights up with 'Transmission Malfunction'. The car start great at the turn of the key no problems, but when put into any gear whether its D or R or M, the car does nothing, will not move at all. I've got 'Torque' on my phone and a bluetooth ELM which shows up some fault codes, to which I cleared and rescanned and the P0715 fault immediately returned. A quick google told me that P0715 was a speed sensor circuit malfunction, so doing a bit of googling looking for the location of this sensor said it was down the back of the bell housing near the right driveshaft. But all the looking I can do, and 2 other pairs of eyes can't find this sensor. I've even got the airbox and battery tray out to look down from above, but all I can fine is a plug that seems to go nowhere and can't find nowhere to attach it to. Can anyone please tell me if i'm looking in the right place and if this sounds about right to you please? I've since taken another ELM reading and now there are 4 codes showing up, not sure if this will help anyone put a finger on the problem here. I'm hoping this is more a sensor problem as opposed to anything major. The gear box otherwise is responding how it should, ie will not let me take the key out of not in P, will not start car if not in P etc etc. Cheers guys in advance.