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  1. That's priced quite low not a bad deal, you'll struggle getting the price down, I've had mine around 2 years now and still love it, sat on 57k not increasing since I'm out of work for the time being 😂
  2. 4 rabbits and 1 doggo, dog is 2 years old rabbits are between 6-7 year olds, love them all
  3. I'm currently getting 49mpg but my journeys only consist of motorway runs mainly, only tend to do around 700 miles per month since changing jobs due to it staying parked up for the 3 weeks I'm at work, so will likely only cost me an extra £30-£40 a month in fuel. Time to start looking at selling my car 😂
  4. Thanks for the input, I'm touching the bolsters on my mk7 but only just, on the topic of fuel economy I expect it's around 30mpg maybe a little more on a 200 mile motorway run. Going to have a serious look around should have one by time ford fair comes round hopefully 😀
  5. Working for BDV Recovery, currently on the M1 between J12 and J16 love it, the b road blasts are a main reason I love the fiesta but might be worth trying for a 24 hour test drive with each car Saw the Puma in Manchester had a sit inside it lovely inside, outside I hated it at first but its grown on me, like the idea of being able to fill the boot space with water to clean my dog's paws 😂, the price difference is quite substantial might see about trying to get a test drive for 24 hours with each one
  6. I sort of need the practicality now I'm working away from home, I take everything from my bedding to my tv and xbox, but i do manage to fit everything in, having the space would be nice though.
  7. I'm in a position to buy either of these cars now, I'm stuck between practicality and go kart fun, I currently have Fiesta ST mk7.5 and i love it but its lacking the tech. I know the focus has the extra power and larger engine but the fiesta has that feel that made me fall in love with it. Either one I get will be petrol with the performance pack and sunroof. Help 😭
  8. Shouldn't sound like it is struggling, only time you would really need to drive the car around them revs is if you need the power, e.g overtaking, cars are louder when cold once warmed up a bit they tend to be okay
  9. If your only going for them 2 then i'd say Revo, other than that Laird Performance
  10. Most likely you will get another 30+ miles but do you really want to play that lottery?
  11. Mountune or miltek, power flow are very hit and miss from what I've seen and heard, check out outlaw exhausts too, they are amazing
  12. Hello, if you want me I am currently away for work until 2nd August PM me and I can get back to you.

  13. Have a look at Davanti tyres pretty cheap and decent
  14. Lovely car you have mate, I'd say stay with the stick on vents as that's far too beautiful to cut out for real ones. At least you can take them off if you ever decide to sell your lovely motor