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  1. Welcome! I'll be hopefully attending again this year, hope I can make it!
  2. Check the spark plug gap I'm fairly sure on the 1.6 Ecoboost it should be 0.8mm a lot of NGK spark plugs are appalling for the gap
  3. If I didn't have a driveway I definitely would not have got one, luckily it is also a sloped drive as they're easier to load onto a flatbed on a level drive, for security I use my dog who will bark like crazy if he hears any noise surrounding my house and a disklok to deter thieves, already put 2 would be thieves away, neighbour cctv has captured it twice where they have walked up my driveway and seen the disklok and walked away.
  4. I'll give you £18.5k
  5. Start training for my new job next week so should be able to find out if I can attend this year, most likely can but will see what the boss says
  6. I had the same problem on my Focus when I owned it, regassed several times as it only lasted a few months, had leak tests done each time and never found a leak, gave up in the end and it became one of the reasons I got rid. Maybe your problem will be something much easier and cheaper good luck.
  7. Fair enough, I recommend Revo for you then, not used them my self but have heard good things on ST facebook pages
  8. Laird Performance matey! For that kind of money you'll get about 260
  9. With the mods you have I'd say your're likely getting around 160-170bhp
  10. I believe it does, most cars do to protect the gearbox and clutch
  11. West Yorkshire Tuning mate he should be able to sort you out custom in house mapping too, did my Focus when I had it and it was ace! Send him a PM on facebook
  12. Can I ask why you want the 1.25? You know it's gutless right?
  13. A new induction kit would be a good idea, some places will do you a custom one for a cost, remap is a great option, if you want to go past stage 1 you'll need a new intercooler, possibly exhaust and a induction kit, you would then be able to hit stage 2 any further you're looking at a new turbo
  14. Nice one! Saved me a lot of messing about! Much appreciated 😄
  15. Do my size just not the colour cheers for the help though! Going to a place near Blackburn that say they can make me a minimum of 10 pairs as a custom job, £500 😮 this new job is costing me a fortune my HGV (CAT C, class 2) just cost me £1700 and having to also pay for IVR training 😂