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  1. Have you done the top up yourself? Better have a garage do it so it can be completely drained and refreshed
  2. I got quoted £4200 by them last year so didn't bother and that was with discount, compared and got a quote for £600 so took that, I'm with AXA
  3. They do fit seen it done a few times, never heard of any codes being thrown up either, well worth it too mate, get it done 😎 Don't forget to tell your insurance company 🙂
  4. Top speed does not change regardless of what map, you're limited by your gearbox, the difference is night and day much more power in the midrange, think they're is roughly a 30bhp increase in the midrange compared to stock
  5. 155bhp you're most likely to get out of stage 1, 2 lasses I muck about with get 150 and 155bhp, 170bhp from my mates stage 2
  6. Sadly this happens a lot, I purchased a DiskLok before I got the car and some key pouches
  7. Take a look at the SD Performance Sico Boost V2 nothing but great reviews on that one as well as it being very capable of handling big power if you wish to further down the line, as for sites to look at for performance parts and packages Laird Performance (They are still developing the MK8 ST so not much available although some things are interchangeable) Message them before buying to see if it will fit.
  8. Airtec, mountune used to be good but now many much better products and options available elsewhere
  9. Engine will handle it fine, a proper remap you won't know the figures until it has been done, I've seen a stage 1 remap take a 1.0 EcoBoost to 165bhp, I know the gearbox is a rather limiting factor on the 1.0
  10. I wouldn't bother just go standard, those back boxes look hideous and cheap something tells me they will be poor quality too.
  11. Just took a look and it's not Ford approved so get more bang elsewhere, never been a fan of Mountune to be honest (I like the badges though) when you can make more power with the same level of reliability from elsewhere and not to mention cheaper
  12. A few of my mates have decided against it because the figures are poor compared to other companies, lad I know is running 235bhp from a stage 1 remap tested on 2 dynos. Mountune you can keep your warranty afaik.