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  1. Same thing here, not had a look for a work around yet as I plan to upgrade the whole unit to a double din
  2. Ryan_Tango

    Black Edition Ecoboost

    For a Fiesta you can buy a complete rear axle from a ST which will come with all the parts necessary, you can't put the front brakes on the back as they'd likely not fit and even if they did would likely cause a bad brake imbalance. Anything you get stuck on you could YouTube it as that's what I did, the hardest part for me was the handbrake cable and bleeding the brakes
  3. Ryan_Tango

    Black Edition Ecoboost

    Nicely done up to now, get yourself a rear disc conversion done then spray the calipers red, will look the nuts and braking performance will be improved slightly too, I did this on my Focus when I had it and the car felt much more stable under braking. Better yet my car insurance wasn't even bothered they just said thanks for letting us know
  4. Ryan_Tango

    Mk7 1.6 TDCI 95ps lack of power

    Generally on a dyno they will choose a gear for the power run starting at a low RPM then going until a max figure has shown then let off, I reckon if you had mapped it will output around 115hp unless it was a useless map of just a guy increasing boost pressures and not adjusting all the maps
  5. Ryan_Tango

    Mk7 1.6 TDCI 95ps lack of power

    What gear did you use to get a read out on the HP? I'd say try 4th gear and floor it
  6. Ryan_Tango

    Headlight bulb keeps blowing

    Are you handling the bulb without touching the glass? Could be it but if not check all your wiring from your headlight could be something exposed causing it to blow
  7. Ryan_Tango

    Autobeam led headlights.

    Some of the Focus's have projector headlights looking at your profile picture you don't, so you shouldn't be using them anyway because on the Autobeam website they state they are for projector lenses only. Best option for you would be nightbreaker lasers had the in my Focus and when aligned properly they were great
  8. Ryan_Tango

    MK3 (Pre-facelift) Armrest

    I bought a proper one from a higher spec car, it's easy to do the handbrake can be tricky, i'd do it on a flat surface, failing that I did mine on my sloped drive put it in gear and chocked the wheels. Definitely worth it in the end.
  9. Ryan_Tango

    Broadband Deals

    I do a unhealthy amount of downloading for my xbox and media, I download for my dad at work due to having no internet and for my self to take upstairs to bed with me after work so I need things fast and with Sky that wasn't. I download anywhere from 20gb to 50gb every day of the week apart from Sat and Sun (My day off today haha) Yes I stream Netflix a lot too, Sky was fine in that matter no issues at all even on the 14mb I was getting, and being honest Sky had a more reliable wifi signal
  10. Ryan_Tango

    Broadband Deals

    I was with Sky but it was too slow and there fibre can only go up to 50mb in my area so I thought sod it and got virgin 350mb £35 a month including line rental
  11. Ryan_Tango

    Fiesta MK6 Diesel Remap

    I had mine done at West Yorkshire Tuning in Bradford, I think for your car it's £200, I travelled 150 mile round trip just to go
  12. Ryan_Tango

    Fiesta MK6 Diesel Remap

    I wouldn't sounds like a off the shelf map
  13. Ryan_Tango

    Fiesta MK6 Diesel Remap

    I would stay clear, £149.99 seems cheap but gains should be stated as a approximation you could do with getting a custom remap, I did being told I would get around 140bhp but when I picked it up he managed to tune it to 151bhp with 350nm torque. I paid £250 but it was in for quite a number of hours while he was constantly tuning it on the dyno and having to unplug the ecu to start bench mapping again until he got the final figures.
  14. Ryan_Tango

    Footwell heating

    If it's a MK3 Focus ST you're not going to get great footwell heat from that either, I find it perfect in my Fiesta
  15. Ryan_Tango

    New purchase: MK3 2013 1.6 TDCI Zetec

    6. Yup I owned a MK3 same as yours for 2.5 years and it was a brilliant car, never had any issues with my DPF I did 40k miles in mine in the time I owned it, 42mpg seems about right if you're giving it the boot quite often, regens are a bit of a mystery I think I clocked mine doing it every 400-500 miles. I would say don't use supermarket diesel but don't pay out for premium just go to another garage like BP or shell, chances are you'll only pay a extra 2p per litre which in your tank is only a extra £1.10 per tank. I don't think with your driving you'll have any issues with the DPF but if you ever do just get it cleaned rather than replaced as with these DPF's the cleaning process seems to be adequate enough. As far as the car as a whole it's brilliant with being able to do so much to it in the ways of modifications, I had mine remapped to 150bhp, 350NM, full Zetec S bodykit, rear disc conversion, centre console armrest from the Titanium X, converted rear manual wind up windows to electric converting all front and rear to one touch up and down, retrofitted cruise control with ASL and finally replaced the audio system with a double din pioneer nav system.