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  1. Ryan_Tango

    horrible pull away

    A remap yes, but don't mess with the EGR valve on the MK3 it doesn't cause problems and isn't the cause of your weak pulls, after a remap my car was perfect no EGR involved
  2. Ryan_Tango

    horrible pull away

    It was just a power map, as far as I know the EGR doesn't have issues on the MK3/.5 but the improvement was excellent and the extra power was a major plus point
  3. Ryan_Tango

    horrible pull away

    When I had the 1.6 TDCi after I had the car remapped it was absolutely perfect, no more scary pulls at roundabouts when you need to be quick.
  4. Ryan_Tango

    17S09 Recall For 1.6L GTDI Cooling system

    Had mine done a couple of week ago, they had the car 9 days as they took there time as it was the first one they had done, got a 1.0 ecoboost Fiesta as a courtesy car, being the 100 version it was awful very comfortable but didn't feel safe enough to do some of the faster overtakes.
  5. Ryan_Tango

    Car history

    2013 Ford Fiesta 1.4 Petrol 2015 Ford Focus 1.6 TDCi 2018 Ford Fiesta ST 1.6 Ecoboost Next car will likely be another Fiesta ST
  6. Ryan_Tango

    Aftermarket led bulbs

    Although you cannot have them at the moment you still have options to have them fitted, there is a place called headlightretrofits, they can turn your headlights into projector style and even set them up correctly with LED bulbs for a perfect beam pattern, it's expensive but they can do it. https://www.customheadlights.co.uk/services
  7. Ryan_Tango

    Aftermarket led bulbs

    Also get some proper LED bulbs from Autobeam or CEUK as the cheap ones are rubbish anyway
  8. Ryan_Tango

    Aftermarket led bulbs

    What kind of headlights do you have, reflector or projectors? If it's reflectors then it's a really bad idea causing really bad beam pattern and scattered light also illegal Reflectors Projector
  9. Ryan_Tango

    Slight issue with brakes

    Check to make sure your brake fluid is fully topped up, it might also be worth having the brake fluid replaced with new too, not that expensive to get done around £30 and it's something that needs doing every 2 years as a recommendation. Discs and pads should be checked for good measure.
  10. Ryan_Tango

    Focus 2011 MK3 1.6 TDCI 100k Servicing

    Yes over time the fluid will start getting dirty and reach boiling point a lot sooner (as far as I know), unless you're Fred Flintstone get your fluid changed
  11. Ryan_Tango

    MOT Failure - Estimae Costs

    Looking at around another £200 on top pal, if you can do the brakes and tighten your handbrake (plenty of tutorials on youtube) try having a look how to tighten the suspension ball joint yourself you'll save a fortune, you'd save about £150
  12. Ryan_Tango

    Ford recall - software update clutch slip 18S07

    I had to get in touch for my recall too, very annoying.
  13. Ryan_Tango

    Car crashed into me Sat 25th Aug

    Damn at least you wasn't inside it are you breaking it?
  14. Ryan_Tango

    Allergies..What are you allergic to....

    Old spice 🤣
  15. Ryan_Tango

    Installing a double din into Mk3 2013 Dashboard?

    It's worth noting that the universal patch lead is useless and a massive headache, get the patch lead for the specific stereo you're buying