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  1. If your only going for them 2 then i'd say Revo, other than that Laird Performance
  2. Most likely you will get another 30+ miles but do you really want to play that lottery?
  3. Mountune or miltek, power flow are very hit and miss from what I've seen and heard, check out outlaw exhausts too, they are amazing
  4. Hello, if you want me I am currently away for work until 2nd August PM me and I can get back to you.

  5. Have a look at Davanti tyres pretty cheap and decent
  6. Lovely car you have mate, I'd say stay with the stick on vents as that's far too beautiful to cut out for real ones. At least you can take them off if you ever decide to sell your lovely motor
  7. You need a decat first and unless it's a track car only it's illegal, get a sports cat and get a cat safe crackle map, you'll get the occasional small flame
  8. Booked I entered the wrong CVV 🙄 Look forward to seeing you all 😎
  9. Definitely booking this week but my new bank card just got declined so sent bank a message as I have the money to pay 😂
  10. Welcome! I'll be hopefully attending again this year, hope I can make it!
  11. Check the spark plug gap I'm fairly sure on the 1.6 Ecoboost it should be 0.8mm a lot of NGK spark plugs are appalling for the gap
  12. If I didn't have a driveway I definitely would not have got one, luckily it is also a sloped drive as they're easier to load onto a flatbed on a level drive, for security I use my dog who will bark like crazy if he hears any noise surrounding my house and a disklok to deter thieves, already put 2 would be thieves away, neighbour cctv has captured it twice where they have walked up my driveway and seen the disklok and walked away.
  13. I'll give you £18.5k
  14. Start training for my new job next week so should be able to find out if I can attend this year, most likely can but will see what the boss says