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  1. Was going to attend this year but sold my Fiesta ST PE, was going to use my mums Focus to go on the stand but now shes moved from Ford too 😂 little bit gutted
  2. Will be booking in due course, hotel has been booked since they announced the show dates 😂 EDIT: Not going now
  3. AA and RAC are very much similar to each other, from my experience it depends what area of the country you've broken down in. When I worked on the M1 J13-J16 on the roadworks customers I was picking up was being picked up by the AA and RAC within an hour of being dropped off by me unless it was an RTC. However, greenflag took ages to pick people up. I'm on the M6 roadworks now and the AA and RAC are slower up here and greenflag is incredibly quick most of the time already waiting for me at services. All services have the ups and downs so just pick one 🙂
  4. Cheers mate makes me smile every time I drive it, Think it was just before Christmas I saw you on the M62 then again at Meadow Hall, told my mum to give it a revs 😂. Housing markets seems a bit all over at the moment
  5. Do you need a hug? You sound like you need a hug. Had a 1.0 as a courtesy car and it was pleasure to drive, the mk7 ST I used to have was bad build quality and felt rattly, got a MK8 ST and its lovely, yours sounds like a lemon.
  6. Didn't like the MK8 at first but got rid of my MK7 last month, best thing I did, I think the MK8 looks miles better, nicer drive and just all round a better place to be
  7. Airtec stage 3 intercooler, mountune sports cat, braided brake lines, lowering springs, replacement air filter for my induction kit and a splitter kit 😐 my boot strut did however pop out and almost took my eye out, luckily Nathan was stood away at the time 😂
  8. Arranging meeting could be difficult unless we all met up at a McDonald's 🤣 which it's always rammed with cars on the day, I'm staying in a hotel the night before to save on the stress of driving all the way. Hope the weather improves soon, I really need to wash my car before I go
  9. I'm needing to change my subframe as it seems I have a incredible amount of rust on my subframe, the rest of the car has zero rust but the subframe is starting to fall apart, so before I buy another subframe are all of them the same? Can't find a part number because the rust has eaten it 😕. Cheers.
  10. Tickets booked for 3 of us, was on the fence due to getting a new car September, guess ill have to buy parts for my Focus ST 😆
  11. As a regular driver going about an ordinary commute I dislike smart motorways, but as a recovery operator I much prefer them as it's a lot safer when recovering a stranded vehicle, the lanes need monitoring more as when people break down it takes too long to get that particular lane closed, but I would rather recover a vehicle from lane 1 than the hard shoulder, nobody can drive in a straight line every now and then we all get a bit close to the lines in the road, I've lost count how many times I've been almost killed by someone drifting over into the hard shoulder, whereas with a lane closure it funnels the traffic slowing it down and speed limits being in place. I do think they need to be reworked and more thought needs to be put into them though. So I am neither for or against smart motorways.
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