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  1. I must admit I had some reservations about fitting the wind deflectors due to reports of them scratching the windows and affecting the rubber. I may not keep them in for long, but for now I'll see how it goes;)
  2. So... I've just installed some ClimAir Wind Deflectors, dead easy to install, here's some pics... I'm hoping they will reduce the air turbulence a little when the windows are fully down, also should help with keeping drizzle and other such weather out of the cabin. I've also just had the tyres changed/upgraded from the stock Bridgestone Potenza, to the Continental ContiSportContact 5 (bought 'fully-fitted' at a local garage for a right bargain from blackcircles.com). Not had a proper chance to chuck it around yet, but you can't beat that new tyre feeling;) After almost 14,000 miles, my Potenza fronts were quite worn, also some tracking issues due to the stupid amount of potholes round here. Getting the new tyres fitted and having it balanced and tracked has made a big difference. The steering is nice and light again! I'm about to take the ST in for its first service, after which, (when everything is in stock) I will be paying a visit to Mountune HQ and getting the MR230 upgrade, along with the Sports Springs, Billet Quick Shift, Roll Restrictor, Coolant Hose Upgrade and a nice set of the White Turbomac alloys. (My first car was a MarkII Fiesta, orangey-red, with white wheel trims, so it's in homage;) Essentially I'm going 'all-in';) An expensive and very long trip for me, but well worth it, I hope... I will report back after having the work done and let you know how the ST feels with all the new mods.
  3. WXC79

    My ST MP215

    Just some quick snaps of my ST;)
  4. Currently averaging 37.5mpg after 13,500+ miles. That's with a few mountune upgrades added too. MP215 kit, Intercooler, exhaust, etc... In stock form, I imagine it would do more, depending on driving style of course. I do a mixture of country lane driving, town driving and motorways. It goes up significantly if you do a lot of motorway driving. I'm no slouch either, so I'm happy with that mpg. I also use the Tesco99 Premium Unleadead. My ST is actually more efficient than my old 1.8i mx-5, a hell of a lot faster too;)
  5. So, after having the Symposer Delete installed for about a month I have decided that I won't be reinstalling the Symposer. I love how the car sounds now, for the primary reason, I can hear the exhaust more... I would say, if you have the Mountune Cat Back Exhaust installed, then you should get the Symposer Delete. I expected that i would grow to like how the Delete makes the car sound. It was just the case of allowing my ears to forget about how the ST sounded with the Symposer. I have been noticing a lot more low-end burbles and even with the windows up there's still enough growl to keep you excited;)
  6. ^ You can just take the hose off, but I imagine you would still need to 'plug' the Symposer with something. Perhaps worth a try... Here's a conundrum regarding the Symposer Delete... I was able to get a 'dry run' today, well, almost dry, the roads were damp, but no rain. Therefore, I was able to have the windows down for an extended period. I now prefer the sound of the car with the Symposer Delete installed and driving with windows down, but, I prefer the sound with the Symposer when the windows are up! I'm going to leave the Delete installed till the new year, swap it back for a week and see how I feel about it;)
  7. (I have the ST MP215 with the Mountune Cat Back, Alloy Intercooler & Charge Pipe Upgrade + the High Flow Induction hose.) So, after a few hundred miles of driving with the Symposer Delete installed, on varying roads/conditions, these are my impressions... First off, it makes for a quieter cabin. You lose the clash and cabin boom of Symposer & exhaust sound sharing frequencies. With windows up it makes for a much more sedate drive. Cruising is less noisy and up until about 5th or 6th gear and around the 3000+ rpm level you don't get any real 'growl' or 'drone'. It lacks a little noise in the lower gears, the symposed growl has gone and been replaced with a much calmer, and some might say, natural sound. I can hear the exhaust note and the turbo a little more, but not really much more than with the Symposer installed. It's only when you have the windows down that you really get to hear the exhaust and turbo/induction sounds much more clearly, a more defined sound. With the Symposer and the windows down, the sound feeding into the cabin would often over-ride the true exhaust note, this has gone, and what you get is a very pure and very nice sound. I can hear the 'brightness' of the exhaust when accelerating, and the lower burbles and growls when cruising and accelerating from a high gear. In and around town it sounds really great, but then it did before with the Symposer! A lot has been said about the Symposer, it's really down to personal preference. I disagree with the idea that it is a 'fake' sound, essentially it's just an amplification of what's already there. All in all, I think I miss it. It gives the ST a little more sense of fun and excitement, especially in the lower gears. If you can take the 'clash' of sounds and cabin-boom with the Symposer installed then i would suggest keeping it. It's worth getting and installing just to see how you feel about it, as it's inexpensive & a simple install, and easy to put the Symposer back if you want. I haven't reinstalled it just yet. I want to give it a little more time, as my ears are very much still tuned-in to how it sounded with the Symposer. I'm expecting to hear sounds that are no longer there! I'm also waiting for a time when there's no extra noise thanks to the weather conditions. So far I haven't been able to have a proper dry run. Doesn't look like I will for a while!
  8. Im not sold on the delete just yet, although I haven't done enough miles to let the difference in sound settle in. I'm doing a long motorway based journey tomorrow, so will report back;)
  9. Well, the delete certainly reduces the sound when cruising, it's much more sedate with it installed. I can't say I'm 100% certain that I will keep it installed, time will tell.
  10. It's essentially a 'bung' which you use an Allen key to attach two threaded stoppers to. Having the charge pipe upgrade meant it was a slightly easier job. You have to remove the symposer hose (just pulls off), then undo the jubilee clip on the lower hose to remove the symposer itself. Once that clip is loose you can just pull the symposer out of its rubber mount. Then it's just a case of installing the delete 'bung' into the hose, helps if you lubricate it with some Vaseline, then tighten up the jubilee clip and it's done. I also cable-tied the symposer hose to a nearby hose to stop any unwanted movement. On first impressions regarding the sound, it's much 'cleaner' sounding in the cabin, and the cabin-boom is virtually non-existent. You can hear the exhaust note and induction/turbo sounds more clearly. I do think that you miss a bit of the additional growl the symposer adds, but you lose a lot of the drone. I'm going to keep it installed for a week and see how I feel about it. It's an easy swap back if need be, the only fiddly part is the jubilee hose clip.
  11. Symposer Delete installed... Was a little tricky when initially undoing the hose clip, but after that the job was a doddle.
  12. ^ same as... I just ordered the Mountune Symposer Delete. Got it for 'free' too, thanks to my Mountune points racking up;) Looks like a straight-forward install, I hope...
  13. It's certainly louder than standard, but it's not 'IN YOUR FACE' loud. It's got a deeper, bassier tone at low revs and idling. When you put your foot down there's a definite growl and some noticeable cabin-boom before you get over about 4000rpm, I think it's most likely the symposer and natural exhaust sound clashing a little. It's not at all intrusive though. I've done about 1,500 miles since having it fitted, long and short-haul drives, round towns, country roads, motorways, with or without passengers, no complaints;) It's a cleaner sound than stock, with a lovely note to it, especially under hard acceleration; then coming off the throttle. You get a sweet sound, a nice burble, it's very addictive. There's no rasp in comparison to the stock exhaust, and while it is noticeably louder, it's not too boy-racer. As Darren said, it can be loud if you want it to be, but also very sedate when cruising. It does promote windows-down motoring, and I have been driving it harder since the install, cos it just sounds so sweet. My fuel economy has taken a little hit, onIy 0.5mpg though. I have absolutely no regrets about having it installed, it gives the ST the presence it deserves.
  14. I think it's already been mentioned, but perhaps before you get the new mounts fitted, get them to check if the heat-shield needs adjusting, that could well be the cause. I know the garage that fitted my exhaust said they needed to adjust it a little, and I've not noticed any knocking. I really hope you get it sorted, as I imagine it ruins the enjoyment of the new exhaust a bit when you're constantly listening out for knocking sounds!
  15. Was the spare wheel the culprit after all? Hopefully it's all sorted now and you can start enjoying the exhaust a bit more;) I've done about 700 miles since the install and still loving it. The weather has been nightmarish here of late, so I've not been out much, but I still grab every opportunity I can get to go for a blast.
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