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  1. Erratic Handling In Windy Conditions?

    I find the handling in the wind to be quite bad but even more surprising was the handling on motorways without wind; the steering just feels too light and vague for me. The tyres on the Titanium do not suit the poor quality UK road surfaces.
  2. Shell Diesel Super dooper V power - any good?

    Personally I don't think so, it made about 2 mpg difference in my car when I resisted the temptation not to use the slight increase in response.
  3. Shell Diesel Super dooper V power - any good?

    Have tried V Power Diesel and found absolutely no improvement in power or mpg at all. Not surprising really when the cetane rating is actually less than Shell Diesel Extra which is the same price as "standard" diesel. Shell Diesel Extra is now my fuel of choice, the cetane level is higher than most supermarket fuels and the price is fairly equivalent if you look around. However, the most noticeable improvement I have seen in performance was when I used BP Ultimate Diesel, but at a price premium of course!
  4. Anyone had any problems with the rear parking sensors? Mine have suddenly decided to give a permanent tone when reverse is selected despite there being nothing behind. I suspect water ingress. Any ideas?
  5. Mk7 passenger door rattle?!

    I thought originally that my passenger door was rattling but the garage found nothing. Later I realised it was actually the trim surrounding that very small window to the left of the dashboard. A differnt Ford garage replaced the clips and it has been fine since.
  6. Powered Steering Malfunction

    Mine also goes out after the engine has started. I expect it is so there is not an unnecessary current demand on the battery when the engine is not running.
  7. Stone chips - anyone had problems?

    http://i854.photobucket.com/albums/ab108/T...0909_095101.jpg http://i854.photobucket.com/albums/ab108/T...170909_0951.jpg Thanks for your help, managed it! You can just about make out the strip between the wax residue.
  8. Stone chips - anyone had problems?

    I have the photos, can anyone tell me how to upload them?
  9. Stone chips - anyone had problems?

    Will take some photos at lunchtime.
  10. Stone chips - anyone had problems?

    Collected my new Fiesta last week and noticed clear plastic strips glued to this area. Was told they were to protect against scuffing as the the rear passengers entered the car (exactly why the path of their feet would take this route I don't know!). Evidently these plastic strips must be Ford's solution.
  11. Ambient Lighting Pics

    Having just driven my new Fiesta for the first time at night this evening, I have found the instrument cluster to be too bright. Anyone know of any way of dimming this area?
  12. Just collected my Titanium today. Only problem is the factory neglected to put in the lumbar support seat on the driver's side. Dealer said he would refund the cost of the option, I said they can get me a new seat!
  13. What's yours called?

    Mine will be called Claudia since it's incredibly sexy and made in Germany. I once had an XR3i which I called Sharon after a friends wife (it was short, fat, moody and always wore black).
  14. O/T Tailgaters

    5 door Fiesta Titanium 1.6 TDCi, Colorado red, rear parking sensors, lumbar support, towbar. Sorry it's not as exciting as some of the examples you guys have, my XR3i days were over 20 years ago! I gather from one of the polls that red isn't that popular but I believe no-one can ever use the excuse that they didn't see me, that theory has worked for the last 15 years with my Cav.
  15. O/T Tailgaters

    This is one of several reasons why I'm going to be a bag of nerves next week when I pick up my new Fiesta! Currently I take no crap from anyone whilst driving my 15 year old Cavalier but things will have to change!