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  1. Having exactly the same problem with the same paint code. Cant get a straight answer or even an answer at all on any forum.
  2. Hi, im looking for a touch up pen but all the race red pens state PQ as the paint code, however in my door jam it states ZC. Car is a race red ST2 - Can anybody help me figure this out? Thanks.
  3. phone your local dealer and go from there..........
  4. Hi guys, thanks for the replys, much appreciated. Im going to repair it and see if it holds. Im having difficulty locating the valves, or even a cylinder head for that matter, for my exact model. There are plenty of 2002-2008 1.4 16v heads and valves around for sale, but my car is 2009, Also when searching the part number on my cylinder head ( 8A6G 6090 CA ) Alls that i find is romanian language websites for the cylinder head, its strange. What i want to know is: Will the valves (or the head for that matter) from a 2002-2008 1.4 16v fit? or does it have to be the exact part number, I am having trouble finding out what the differnces are. Theres not much info on them. Many thanks for the help. Nik.
  5. Can anyone tell me if the valves are the same size on all duratec engines, i have read the inlet are 35mm and exhaust 30mm, as im finding it difficult to source valves for a 1400 specifically. If they are i could probably get some cheap from a breakers yard, possibly even a complete head. Thanks.
  6. Hi Peter, thanks for the info, i agree, it looks saveable, i'll post an update once repaired. Cheers.
  7. Hi guys, just a quick one, ive bought a 2009 fiesta 1.4 petrol off a friend, its been in his garden for a few months, broke down and it wont start, so i got it for 200, engine would lock after 180 degrees turn on the crank either way, so i checked the timing and it had jumped a tooth, retimed it and it span well, tested the compression, zero on all four, could see light through the inlet port from spark plug hole, so i have whipped the head off and hes managed to hit all 8 intake valves on the pistons, the valves close but are about 1mm off from seating correctly, theres some light damage to the piston crowns, now what i want to know is it worth me buying 8 new valves and filing the piston damage down smooth, do you think i will get away with it? Also there is a slight bit of resistance from the crankshaft when all pistons are evenly halfway down the bores, if you spin it fairly quick its fine, is this normal? Thanks guys. Stay safe!
  8. I'd check all fuses and relays are seated properly before buying parts.
  9. Did you find the problem Ash, I have all the symptoms you had, bulbs work, bulbs work in holders at another 12v source, 10-11v going to reverse light connector when selecting reverse. Still no lit bulb, but i also have the issue of the parking sensors working when the bulb is removed but are dead with the bulb fitted. Have also spliced the ground wire going to the reverse light connector and grounded it to the chassis, still nothing. Can anybody shed any light on this? Thanks.
  10. Hi Alex, Only just seen your post with regards to the moontune guide as i was having a look at the collins guide for it, seems the dump valve just goes in place of the sound amplifier and the amplifier hose gets blanked, I can see the blank in that hose in the scuttle panel, im assuming my recirc valve is still bolted onto the turbo and hasnt been blanked so i suppose its just a case of checking the recirc valve is still there and deleting the BOV, Ive had a few T5's before so its not too bad. Thanks again mate.
  11. Righto, I will have a look for a dump valve fitting guide and read it backwards Thanks Alex.
  12. Hi there, I have recently bought an st3 225 with an atmospheric dump valve on it, im looking to remove it, is it just a simple case of removing it and blanking the outlet and vac line or do i have to reinstall a recirc valve of some sort, the dump valve is located on the intercooler to inlet manifold rubber pipe, thanks in advance.
  13. Just acquired this vehicle and i am trying to track down any previous threads relating to it. Was on a private plate up until earlier this year, - D13 ROB - Current plate, possibly original plate also, is LE06 DYY Anybody recognise this motor? Thanks in advance.
  14. Thanks guys for the welcomes, having thought about it for the past week or so, ive decided to get a roadgoing ST, dont fancy paying top money for a mk5/6 thats not rotting away, Possibly St170 for now until next year then an ST2, thats the plan. Cheers.