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  1. Mk2.5 Petrol Engine Differences

    Ive silent coated the floor and sides in the boot in my focus and noticed a slight reduction in road noise. Next plan is to get some sound proofing underlay and put it under the boot carpet and see if I get more improvements. Also plan to apply some silent coat inside the rear doors and behind my upgraded speakers to try and stop the speakers buzzing at higher volumes lol
  2. 1.6 tdci. Rough idle

    If it runs well when its warm I wouldnt worry to much about it. Most diesels are a little rough on a cold start.
  3. Mk2.5 Petrol Engine Differences

    My MK2.5 is nosier on the motorway than my old 2004 mk 1.5 focus. However our 2014 Cmax is lovely and quiet on the motorway.
  4. Mk2.5 Petrol Engine Differences

    I have 2010 Focus Zetec S 1.8 petrol and have been impressed with its performance certainly has loads more go than my old 2004 Focus 1.6. It managed 45 mpg on 350 mile drive to cornwall last year. But around town it does 35ish mpg. Its been 100% reliable over the 6 years Ive had the car. My only issue is the road noise on the motorway which spoils the car in my opinion. I don't know what ford were thinking when they made the mk2.5 noisier than the old mk1.
  5. Whining

    Does it whine when the car is stationary or when driving? Whining when stationary indicates its an issue with the drive belts and tensionsers. If its while driving could be gearbox bearings, wheel bearing, drive shaft support bearing etc
  6. Ford Focus EcoBoost 1.0 63 plate new engine

    Has the mechanic physically checked the oil pressure on the engine? If they haven't then this is what I would do next? Has the car been serviced with regular oil changes?
  7. Compression query

    To be honest if you fitted the cambelt 7-8 years ago it was probably ready to be changed again. Its usually the cambelt tensioners that fail. Was this changed previously? What make of cambelt kit did you use? Either way the head needs to come off.
  8. Help...... misfire ?

    Personally I would go back to basics and check the engine compression before going any further.
  9. clutch slip

    A good test for clutch slip in my experience with the car stationary is to select 2nd gear hand brake on and try to pull away quickly if the clutch slips its done. I experienced clutch slip a few times in my focus over the summer but it hasn't slipped since. Question: Where does everyone's clutch bite mine is quite high up the clutch pedal travel also the heaviness of the pedal varies as well which is strange sometimes heavy sometimes not so heavy
  10. 1.6 ecoboost headgasket fault

    Think this engine is known to blow its head gasket its basically a 1.6 sigma engine which has been revised heavily with a turbo. I have pulled heads on a couple of sigmas none where cracked but its an alloy engine so anything is possible. Personally I would pull the head and get an engineering company to check it out.
  11. New Tyres Wanted - and you're help

    Hi, If the front tyres are down to 3mm at 8500 miles the car has probably been driven hard or there is a mileage discrepancy.
  12. Focus MK2 petrol - problem with temperature gauge

    Hi, Mine is a 1.8 and it sits just below the middle. I think your thermostat is stuck open.
  13. Gearbox problem MK2.5

    If the mechanic checked the linkage out properly it could be an internal fault with the gearbox. If yours is anything like mine then I would check the shift cables at the gear lever to make sure they are still connected they can come off as they wear.
  14. Buying advice

    Should have had a belt at 120,000 but would change this anyway for piece of mind.
  15. Buying advice

    Hi, If it drives nicely and the engine is smooth and rattle free I don't see why it wouldn't continue to be reliable. The issue with second hand cars in general is that you can never be 100% sure that its not a lemon until you use it everyday. However you can minimise the risk by checking the car out properly. The 1.6 engine is generally a strong but many tend use some oil so the oil level will needs to be checked regularly. Suspension bushes and ball joints may be wearing at this mileage aswell. I would check the cars mot history online and check for advisories or fails this will give you a good idea of the general condition of the car.