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  1. JONATHAN_11_80

    DPF Guidance on Mk3 1.6 TDCI request

    We run our 2014 cmax 1.6 tdci on shell v power which helps keep soot levels lower.
  2. JONATHAN_11_80

    Mk2 1.6TDCi tapping noise

    Your oil feed to the turbo looks ok. Have checked for end float on the turbo, ie do the turbo vanes move.
  3. JONATHAN_11_80

    Wheel nuts

    I was quoted 50 quid for a set of wheel bolts from ford. However the ford bolts are rubbish mine rattle over speed bumps.
  4. JONATHAN_11_80

    Mk2 1.6TDCi tapping noise

    Hi, Our cmax 1.6tdci occasionally makes a tapping noise on overrun. In our case it's the ecu calibrating the injectors. Not sure if this is your issue. To be honest all ford engines make some odd noises as they age. My focus 1.8 petrol currently has an odd rattle from the engine which Is driving me nuts and has done 5000 miles so far since it started.
  5. JONATHAN_11_80

    Rattling noise at warm engine

    I have this on my ford focus 1.8 duratec he its the inlet manifold flaps! I have tested this by disconnecting the vac pipes and bypassing the solenoids and driving the car. The rattle disappeared at 2500 rpm but performance and engine drive ability was poor. I have reconnected the solenoids and just ignore the noise.
  6. JONATHAN_11_80

    Mk.1 issue - what on earth is it?!

    This issue is usually caused by a gummed up or faulty idle control valve.
  7. JONATHAN_11_80

    Turbo oil feed pipe

    I would drop the sump and clean it all out before changing the turbo
  8. JONATHAN_11_80

    Mk3 1.6 ti vct issues

    I would change the spark plugs my focus was jerky at low speeds and ran a little roughly new plugs resolved the issue. Plugs are generally due for a change around the 37.5k mark.
  9. JONATHAN_11_80

    Is this normal?

    I would say defo strut top mounts mine has started to make some noise from these.
  10. Reconnecting the battery can cause a voltage spike which could have damaged the PCM. Or alternatively a spike could have occurred when the tuner was flashing it very difficult to prove. Think you need to pay for a new pcm and leave it alone.
  11. JONATHAN_11_80

    Is the clutch toast?

    I got quoted £450 for a clutch on mine
  12. JONATHAN_11_80

    Is the clutch toast?

    My clutch is the same in my 1.8 focus has little feel and bites at the top. To be honest I was worried out about it but I have decided to ignore it and drive it. If it doesn't slip when provoked and changes gear ok I would leave it be and keep an eye on it.
  13. JONATHAN_11_80

    Ford Focus 2001 Clutch Problems

    Might be that you clutch slave / release bearing are not compatible with your new clutch. Ideally you need to buy a kit which includes all the parts you need i.e. friction plate, pressure plate release bearing/slave.
  14. JONATHAN_11_80

    1.8 cdti instrument cluster behaviohr

    I would change the car battery this causes all kinds of weird issues when they die.
  15. JONATHAN_11_80

    Brake Fluid re-fill

    I would say that your brake pads are worn and possibly your discs. The brake fluid will drop as the friction material wears down. If these check out I would check for leaks.