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  1. Wouldn't bother with this modification you will ruin the car. Change it for an st.
  2. This was what mine was doing. Check it's not doing this at the heater. You can remove the lower panels in the passenger footwell to get to the heater box. You can check the operation of the heater box manually. Failing that could be a blocked heater matrix. Might be worth flushing it before chucking the car. Remember these cars are due a coolant change at 10 years after who know what happens inside the coolant passages.
  3. Might just be a cable issue at the heater box. The cable at the heater knob end is working fine from looking at the video. Mine was pushing up and curling up rather than pushing and pulling the cable.
  4. I had this on my focus its the heater cable. When you turn the heater knob it pulls a cable which it turn opens the heater flap to let air through the heater matrix. I would pull the radio out and watch the cable as you turn the knob. I bodged mine with a cable tie. Worst case is a new cable which is £30 from Ford.
  5. I bet it's a cluster fault. Next time bash the top of the dash and see if it rights itself. I paid £200 to repair mine.
  6. Why does it need a new engine? Do you have photos of the damage. Just be aware the garage may make it sound worse than it is. I suspect it needs a new engine mount, driveshaft and hoses. I'd fix that myself cant see the threads in the chassis leg being damaged.
  7. Sounds fine too me. You always get a little shake from a diesel engine.
  8. You need to reject this car they have had a chance to repair it and failed. I suspect this engine has overheated in the past and has been damaged.
  9. Short term shows its adding lots of fuel. Shouldnt be at -20. It got a vacuum leak.
  10. This is normal for a duratec my 1.8 pinks occasionally. Big ends would make a very loud knock and mains tend to rumble. They are good engines if looked after. Oil consumption can be an issue on some engines. Mine so far doesn't use any and it's coming up for 90,000 miles. The throttle body could do with cleaning sometimes as well. Also worth disconnecting the battery over night and reconnect in the morning. Let it run for 20 mins without touching the throttle. This resets the cars dBm.
  11. What's the long term fuel trim value?
  12. Hi, A high idle and a sulphur smell usually means it's running lean. A vacuum leak could be your issue.
  13. If its building pressure still sounds like you need the cylinder head skimming. Overheating can cause the head to warp and it will never seal again. A skim will rectify the pressure build up.
  14. Looks like oil emulsion to me. Never seem this on any ford. However my old Citroen had a head gasket issue and the header tank looked similar in the early stages.
  15. Will be washer pump. Not a hard job to replace. The Haynes manual is your friend.