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  1. Hi, A high idle and a sulphur smell usually means it's running lean. A vacuum leak could be your issue.
  2. If its building pressure still sounds like you need the cylinder head skimming. Overheating can cause the head to warp and it will never seal again. A skim will rectify the pressure build up.
  3. Looks like oil emulsion to me. Never seem this on any ford. However my old Citroen had a head gasket issue and the header tank looked similar in the early stages.
  4. Will be washer pump. Not a hard job to replace. The Haynes manual is your friend.
  5. Sounds like an instrument cluster fault
  6. I have tried it with magnetic altho it does look like alloy swarf rather than steel.
  7. Hi, I changed the oil and filter on my 1.8 duratec he 2 weeks ago. Previous to this at the last service and mot by the garage around 8000 miles ago my sump plug stripped it had felt odd for a while. The garage retapped it for the next size up. I have dissected my old oil filter and found quite a few metal flakes in the filter medium. Pictures attached. The engines runs fine no knocks or rattles. I am hoping it's swarf from sump plug repair. Thoughts
  8. With it being a 54 plate I am assuming it's a mk1.5. My old mk1.5 had this issue when it got older but only on a cold morning it was fine when the engine warmed up. I would try changing the power steering fluid first as this might help. Failing that you will need to change the rack. Personally I would live it unless it fails the mot. But try a fluid change first.
  9. Ive got a 1.8 duratec thats an odd noise it seems to kick in underload. I am thinking you have a failed drivers side engine mount. When mine failed the car made many strange and alarming noises.
  10. Hi, My 2010 focus 1.8 is exactly the same always been a pain to get in reverse. Its been like it since 18000 miles now on 80000. The clutch bite is also high. To check for slip try and pull away in 2nd with the handbrake on if it stalls all good. Also flooring the throttle in 3rd while driving if the revs fly up quickly its slipping. You usually get a nasty burning smell when clutch slips.
  11. Hi Turbo's whine when they are failing. Does the car use oil? turbo's start letting oil into the inlet when they are worn. Warning when it lets go it may send bits of metal into the engine which will damage it beyond repair.
  12. Hi, Failed drivers side top engine mount is a common issue. Mine went on my 2010 focus there was a heavy vibration throughout the rev range and scary noises. I thought the engine was screwed. Swapped the mount the car is now smooth and quiet again. Defo worth 100 quid for the mount. Go to ford for the mount as aftermarket ones aren't as good.