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  1. What are the dimensions for the front speakers in a MK2 KA?
  2. Guys, the farm shop has come back and said as its their quiet period then this should be okay, I just need to know numbers, so if you would like to attend on the 20th of Feb from 7:45pm onwards, then please vote on this poll *** http://strawpoll.me/6582688 *** I need to know ASAP, even if you are a maybe just vote yes so I can give them the maximum numbers coming The post code is CV23 0PE
  3. I've E-Mailed the farm shop and asked for use of the car park on the 20th of Feb from about half 7pm how does this sound?
  4. I spoke to the owner of the Malt Kiln Farmshop in Rugby last year, now they have a large carpark and field and he was more than happy for us to hold a car meet there, I can get back in touch and see if this is okay, how does everyone feel about that, the post code is CV23 0PE
  5. I live near to brum so wouldnt mind travelling that way
  6. I created a quick poll so we can get a rough idea - http://strawpoll.me/5836813
  7. Guys, I am still up for organising this, if we can find a place that is good for everyone and a convenient time then hopefully we can sort this one out.
  8. Well I'm open to suggestions of locations if it suits other people
  9. Great, anyone else? It would probably be either the beginning or end of the month
  10. Guys, I want to get a monthly ford meet organised, I have a location in Rugby that is willing to let us use the car park to hold these meets, I just need people who are willing to attend. So if you would be interested in a monthly Midlands ford meet make sure you let me know down below because without numbers this thing cant be organised. Cheers guys ****EDIT**** Vote on this poll http://strawpoll.me/5836813 so we can determine the best time for everyone, EARLY is something like mid afternoon until early evening and LATE is roughly 7ish onwards
  11. Unfortunately I never got numbers for people who would want to attend so the owner was reluctant to let us use the car park without a rough number of people. If I can arrange another one who would be interested, I need numbers
  12. I have got permission to use a car park in Rugby on the 16th August 2015 for a car meet. I need to know how many people would want to come along, if you think you could make it please let me know ASAP so I can confirm with the owners of the carpark Cheers
  13. I've E-Mailed one location so lets see what they say :)
  14. I've found a nice location, I'll just be getting a public ticket so thats 3 of us