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  1. 100K cars have squeaks and rattles. Metal and plastic will eventually expand/contract thus creating noises. It can't be avoided.
  2. Zetec S, just like the Red/Black editions, is a bit different to drive. The 15 HP is not the only difference, but the handling is better due to stiffer springs, a tuned steering response and the lowered chassis. This makes the car feel more sporty, which for some may feel as a harsh ride, especially on 17" wheels, but once you've tried both the regular Fiesta and the "improved" ones, you probably won't have a doubt in your mind. :)
  3. Having just put 16" alloys with winter tyres (195/45) and feeling, hearing, seeing the difference between them and the factory fitted 17"(205/40), I am now considering putting some other form of tyre on the stock 17" alloys. They are simply too noisy. On the other hand, the tyres are good, so it would be a shame to Maybe you should consider the same, if you feel the stock package to be too fim, noisy, etc. Does anybody know if it is ok to put 205/45 (17") rims on the Fiesta? The difference is only 5 mm, but could there be some rubbing/grinding issues?
  4. Onda sretno i tebi i bratu na novim autima. ;-)
  5. What phone are you using? I use iPhone 6 and it works great, as long as I use the original usb cable.
  6. Congrats on the new car! Must be expensive in insurance, petrol, tax?
  7. Fiestas in the US have the large touchscreen, the same kind you get in the Focus. I wonder why Ford hasn't updated Fiestas in Europe?
  8. ...and all that gizz, maybe?? (Editor won't let me write J to the IZZ.) Sorry, couldn't help myself, with the substance being white and sticky. :D
  9. Be aware of the extra cabin noise when switching to 17". It's quite noticeable.
  10. Kieran, how 'bout you tell us what does NOT rattle? :P :D
  11. Agreed! It's a great guide. Very informative. Thanks so much. :)
  12. Thanks a lot for that elaborate response, David! I really appreciate it. :) Do you just have the remaps sent to you and install the software yourself or do you visit their garage?
  13. Thanks for the replies! Keep 'em coming! :) Has anybody tried sound proofing/insulation/deadening of the chassis? I put some in the boot and it has helped and now I'll be doing something under the back seats as well, because it's all metal underneath. Fiesta has fairly good sound insulation, but running on 17" alloys is quite noisy.
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