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  1. Hello,

    My name is Justina,i saw your profile today at this site (www.fordownersclub.com) and i love it also became intrested in you,i will also like to know you more,and i want you to send an email directely to my email address so that i can reply your mail and also give you my picture for you to know whom i am.Here is my email address(justinadavids23@yahoo.com) i believe we can mo...

  2. new key

    Hi Mike You would need to programme the new ford key if you were to go down the route of getting another key and to do that you would need 2 working ford keys already. If you only have one you would need a locksmith or ford to reprogramme the car with new keys so you could add more keys if that makes sense.Is the chip on the ford key a blue chip or red chip?if its a red chip and the key is also red then that being the master key you could use that to programme another.however i dont think ford do the red master keys anymore so you probably have a blue chip.no easy answer im afraid ford will charge you silly money to reprogramme might pay to check out some mobile locksmiths.there is one in plymouth that charges approx £70 with 3 new keys.hope this helps. Alan
  3. Dashboard clocks

    I have recently had this problem with the clocks on my 03 tdci guages going mad engine management light coming on milage dissapearing.i took it apart cleaned it out as mentioned on internet and it came back to life although the speedo occasionaly sticks at 60/70 mph though all other guages work now with no warning lights so its almost fixed.ford customer services told me "the deal is off to get them fixed for £99 now and would have to pay full price to have them sorted now"I rang my local dealer in plymouth explained about watchdog programme and having this problem she replied thats no problem and booked it in for a replacement in just over a week doesnt need a £75 check to see if its the clocks just turn up leave car they fit new clocks i pay £99 only its gotta be worth it to buy new and you get a warranty on the clocks and stamp in book explaing the change in milage.get a new set save on the stresses of other peoples problems m8
  4. Looking to buy a Focus

    Hi I dont have a focus for sale but you say not considering a 1.8 or 2.0 due to economy i have a2003 1.8 TDCI facelift 3 door around town im getting approx 48mpg and thats with 18" wheels on on a run approx 56-58 which i think is awsome.the blacked out front lights were from the ST range i believe although for £140ish you can get yourself the blacked out halo lights which can look awsome.Things to look out for though are the DMF dual mass flywheel these can cost loads of cash to put right also some suffer speedo problems but that was the mk1 and facelift up to 04.in general they are all great cars i have had both of said problems with mine but still love the focus.car tax is £120 a year and to insure it costs me £196 full comp NCB protected hth.
  5. dash clock problem

    Hi i have recently started having problems with my clocks in my car ie the revs, speedo, and temp stop working and the milage and trip miles turn in to dashes car doesnt cut out and also starts fine just seems to be the dash playing up its only like it for couple of minutes then seems fine for a few days or weeks even.the fuel needle doesnt drop though.the car is a tdci 03 reg.Anyone know whats the deal is with the watchdog program i heard on hear somewhere £99 replacement?would i still be covered to have a new clock set if this is the problem even though its an 03 reg.thanks in advance. forgot to mention the engine management light comes on whilst gauges are playing up then goes back out when they are working again.have done 20 miles since played up last and no management light has come back on and everything seems fine.
  6. Scrapping/rubbing Noise at Low Speed

    this noise sounds very similar to a noise i had on mine when i first purchased it.it took me months to find it i asked a couple of people to look at it with no joy.i was told to wait till it gets worse so its more obvious which i wasnt willing to do.In the end i got the car up on ramps and did a good checkover underneath the car mainly at the steering as it seemed to be coming from this.I dont know why but all the time i had the noise i wondered if it was a pulley bearing on its way out untill it got worse then could tell it wasnt.It seemed to be coming from drivers side so thats where i started and would you believe it the bracket that holds the drivers side drive shaft was loose (8 complete turns of a spanner loose)to do it up and the other nut on it was also loose.took it for a test drive and noise was gone. i consider myself lucky i didnt leave it any longer or i could have caused damage to the driveshaft bearing.the bracket is located between the drivers side driveshaft and the main piece that goes into gearbox looks like a u clamp.also read on here someone else had this problem except his bracket was actually missing.its worth a check 2 people looked at mine and missed it.hope this helps
  7. Installing genuine Ford dog guard

    I have a genuine focus dog guard for a mk1 facelift (hatchback) the top part fits into the roof as you have done it meets the top of the back seat there should be 2 poles which are attached to top part that have to attach to the brackets which keep the seat locked in place.this makes it a perfect fit.hope this makes sense and helps
  8. locking nuts

    Hi I have just fitted a set of 18" BK alloy wheels to my focus tdci 2003,they came with new nuts etc but not locking.the wheels have tapered holes not flat and the new nuts are also 19mm(same as original size)would the locking nuts from my original ford wheels fit my new wheels or would the tapered holes be different degree if that makes sense many thanks in advance for the help in advance.
  9. Northwest area and prices on tints!

    i paid £165 for my 3 door focus tailgate and back quarter panel windows they come with a 7 year warranty fitted exellently by ADS WINDOW FILMS in plymouth they are all over the country google it you should find it somewhere
  10. ford focus reversing sensors

    I took the plunge and got the drill out all fitted now and even if i do say so myself it looks like a factory fit it did help that the car is panther black and sensors were black.I was naughty and left bumper on but all was good in the end thanks for the advice.
  11. loss of power 2.0 tdci

    My father and I took car back to the garage where he brought it from today and lucky for him he had a 3 month warranty on it they had no quibble on booking it in to get sorted. i mentioned the veins and pipes they checked it all and all seemed fine.looks like its having a new turbo end of this week the mechanic recons this code p132b mostly pops up on tdci mondeos other tdci dont seem to have a problem which is good as i got a tdci focus however i did have the dual mass flywheel problem instead.The garage has even lent him a curtesy car till his is fixed.
  12. you guys are stars got out my tesco club card slid it in they started to budge snapped the club card opps but hey the card trick worked.just need to explain to the wife i broke the clubcard.car looks nice with new side repeaters on hated the amber ones nice set of smoked ones now looks much better thanks again alan
  13. Hi could someone give me a bit of advice on how to remove the side indicators from the wings as i have tried to day and cant figure out how it comes off.Im not sure if it is that im trying to remove it gently without breaking it or its just really stuck.do i need to remove inner wheel housing or should it just pop out?.they are original factory ones so not stuck with tape or are they? any help on this would be very much appreciated. Regards alan
  14. Hi My father has recently brought a 54 plate mondeo tdci and over past week it keeps losing power almost to a crawl. If he pulls over turns off engine and restarts it's ok again for a few more days. He said there is a orange light that he describes a a weird pair if glasses(not sure if it's the glow plug light)that comes on but goes out once engine restarted. A friend of mine put on a snap on computer and it came up with a code p132b which no one seems to recognize. Could anyone shed any light on this if possible as he is getting so annoyed. Many thanks alan
  15. Rumbling Clutch

    Hi being a owner of a ford focus 03 tdci who has recently had a dual mass flywheel and clutch (believe me it aint cheap)I had a noise which sounded like you were dragging a cardboard box under the car i took mine to local garage who checked it out and told me it was dual mass flywheel.on taking it apart he was rite however ford recomends replacing both.so if flywheel is gone they recomend clutch to and vice verca.cost me over £900 and if that wernt enough i had to have a starter motor too as apparently it was that that knackered my flywheel.starts smoother though like new.The noise used to come and go but you could feel the knocking on the clutch pedal if you leave your foot resting on it. Alan