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  1. Pulling problem, please help?

    Yep, defo an issue, Obviously something steering related, I'd get someone to look at the tracking (about £40)
  2. Tyre recommendations

    2nd that for Uniroyals, I got them fitted via blackcircles for £54 a corner.
  3. Hi all, After a bit of help. So I was driving along this morning and the battery light decided to illuminate itself, so I left the car running whilst I went and did some jobs, came back and it had extinguished itself, great I thought. 2 minutes later it comes on again and now it stays on. 1st thought was the alternator had died, checked with a multimeter and charge is fine. Get the laptop & OBD out and get the following fault code:- C1900 Steering VAPS II circuit loop short to ground. I'm assuming there is a short circuit in the wiring somewhere. Can anyone point me in the direction of fixing it. Thanks
  4. fiesta 2013 gearbox judder

    So a problem has been identified that could require new parts. Take it to a decent garage and claim on the AA warranty, forget the ford warranty that will only apply to new vehicles. Given the low mileage and age of the vehicle, it suggests it has been underused and this can cause problems with gearboxes / clutches. I'd get it properly checked out and keep the AA informed of what was happening, that way they can't deny it.
  5. Fiesta 2007 electric window stuck down

    Get the window motor out (easy job) and check the plastic cog on the spindle hasn't broke. That's what happened to mind, I'd stripped the whole door down before I found out.
  6. clutch to be replaced 4th time help

    Sorry to hear you're on your 4th clutch at 85k miles. From my experience there is something definitely wrong, my Toyota avensis 2.2td is on 120k and hasn't been replaced once. Are you using unbranded parts ie. cheap. Depends on your driving style also, I known people who constantly keep their foot on the clutch so it's not fully engaged, even when driving, this will wear a clutch quicker. Is there anything wrong with the gearbox, I've had a clutch go bang on me in less than 200 miles due to a bent input shaft (the fitters damaged it).
  7. Car using petrol need help

    The use of petrol suggests to me it's something more than the exhaust. Any garage will look at it for you but getting one that will be able to fix it for a decent price and do a good job is another matter. I'd suggest asking around friends, neighbours, colleagues etc. A local garage would be best, there should be plenty in Walsall.
  8. Stiff Gear Change

    Check the gear linkage cables before you do anything. A few months ago mine started playing up and eventually I couldn't engage any gears without a fight, turned out it was the gear linkage cable, 1 of the had popped off in the engine bay, quite a relief when I put it back on and everything was nice & smooth once again.
  9. Anywhere cheaper than Mr Clutch

    That seems on the high side, I'd say maybe £200 for the clutch kit plus a few hours labour, if it where me I'd phone round a few local garages to make sure you are not being ripped off.
  10. Ongoing steering issue

    I've used blackcircles before for uniroyal rainsport, they're just like tyreshopper. I use them because of the price.
  11. Did you change the shocks as well?
  12. Juddering when flooring

    I would suggest that if he has run it with low coolant then possible damage to cylinder head & gasket. I had a Peugeot 206 that would judder when floored, found out it was down to a blown head gasket - Note head gasket and rocker gasket are 2 different things.
  13. Ongoing steering issue

    2 things:- 1> Have you checked the tyre pressures and how much tread they have? Are they directional tyres, if so make sure that they go in the right direction. 2> My power steering pump makes a low whine when I put it on full lock but this is normal.
  14. Replace locks on Mk7 Fiesta

    It seems an awful lot of messing around, I'd be tempted to get a 2nd key cut & programmed and buy a steering wheel lock.
  15. Labour costs & hire cars mate, parts aren't that expensive and would only be a couple of hundred quid. 20 years ago it would be unlikely you would get a hire car, now it seems everyone gets one.