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  1. Ormet

    Active city stop - anyone tested?

    Same here but at a shop. It stopped the car well over a meter from the wall. So now I have less speed when parking there.
  2. Ormet

    Leather steering wheel refurb

    I´m using this: https://www.furnitureclinic.co.uk/Leather_Care_Kit to maintain my leather seats and steering wheel. Seems to do a good job.
  3. Ormet

    Dirty Rear End

    This is the number 1 thing I don´t like with this car. On a wet road the rear is clogged after 2-300 meters. Imagine how it looks after driving on a wet dirt road.... I have mudflaps all around. Always have mudflaps on my cars, at front it is a must because of the winter climate and to protect the sills from stone chip My former Fiesta was clean in comparison.
  4. My shutters is behaving a little strange in winter. In temperatures down to approx +4C it closes to 25 % in speeds above 60 km/h and opens to 45 % in town traffic (50 km/h). In the summer and on ac it can be from 85 to 95 % open in town and 35 % urban driving. BUT! In the winter when it needs to keep as much heat as possible it is backwards. In temperatures below +4C the shutter is constant on 40 % open at any speed. It has always been like that so it seems to be normal or what? In the winter the coolant temp is between 78 to 90 C and about 4-5 C higher in the summer.
  5. Ormet

    Keyless entry sets off alarm

    It has happend to me too a few times. Don´t grab the handle and pull it out quick. Now I let the lock and mirrors opens more before pulling the handle. I managed to silence the alarm by press unlock on the remote inside the car. Btw, more fun is I have managed to set off other car alarms parked near me when passing them or opens my car. All Volvos 5-10 years old. :-D
  6. Ormet

    1.0 petrol versus 1.5 petrol

    I have driven an 2016 fiesta with the 1.0 100 hp engine. It felt like an engine without a turbo. When I ordered my focus they only had the 1.0 engine and it is ok if you just go from a to b. The same feeling as my old 2008 fieste with 80 hp. So I went for the 1.5 180 hp. I like that engine and the fuel economy is nearly the same as my old fiesta had. The focus is a litte worse in the winter but it is mostly because of the parkingheater. My average in my focus is 7.2 l/100 km and the fiesta was 6.9. So I like the 1.5 better but thats how we are.
  7. Ormet

    EcoBoost 1.5 knocking sound

    Have you seen this thread? Does it sound like that?
  8. Ormet

    Possible Mk3 Boot Leak?

    Is this problem solved on the facelift focus?
  9. Ormet

    ETIS - Ford Corporate Badge

    Listed on my focus too. Must be the ford badge on the front and tailgate.
  10. Ormet

    Focus Mk 3.5 front speakers.

    Ok, thats good, Just what I found out too, A little more from the rear, Could have been a little more but better than with 3,08
  11. Ormet

    How many Fords have you had?

    This is my 5th Ford. Always had Ford exept for my first car (VW Golf -1977) First Ford: A used Fiesta mk2 (1984) Factory new: Fiesta mk3 (1990) Fiesta mk4 (2001) Fiesta mk6.5 (2008) Focus mk.3.5 (2106)
  12. Ormet

    Newer map than F5 sync 2 ??

    Yepp, no way for that price! You can get 1 -2 GPS navigators for that price.
  13. Ah, ok. But can I flash it again?
  14. Not sure what happend if I removed something so I just add an item11
  15. Item11 = EA5T-14F497-EF_64706Open11 = SyncMyRide\EA5T-14F497-EF_64706.zip in the The following are the 3.10.16180 image files part (my language pack)