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  1. Hi all, I keep getting this warning light pop up on my dash. Has happened 4 times in the past 2 weeks, usually first thing in the morning. As soon as it appears it either resets straight away, or resets once the engine is restarted (rebooted) but the gears lurch around every time which makes me nervous about the pending icey roads we'll soon have. It's a Ford Kuga Titanium X 2011 - so I don't think it should suffer such a fault being relatively new as it's only done 60k miles. I spoke to the Ford garage the other day and they did the well worn 'ooooh...never heard of that problem before.....' line, but looking on here people seem to have experienced this with other models of Ford. Does any one have any experiences or help they can share with me please? Cheers all!
  2. Hi, In answer to your questions Ian. Welcome to my world ........which you may regret :-/ 2nd Feb - Diagnostic done because the warning came up with 'Transmission Limited Function' - carried out IDS checks. No fault codes found in memory. Tthis is where the saga stars <insert 3 more times for engine malfunction to happen, always resetting itself by the time checked with no fault codes> 12th June - further warning lights. (no EPS warning but engine light came on) carried out IDS diagnositcs, found code for fuel and engine torque and some from remote frequency A. Cleared codes and retested. All ok. Recommended could be fuel issue. 16th June - same issues as 12th. Replaced DPF sensor (F1786775 sensor assembly) - they thought this was the solution to the problem. <insert 3 more warning light 3 more times, 2 with EPS light coming on - all of which reset 30 mins / 1 hour later> 7th August - Engine malfunction light AGAIN with EPS, Engine light and Oil Light 'I' symbol red engine malfunction. Engine also completely cuts out / stalls in a busy street. Unable to restart for 10 mins. Again resets self and no error codes. 13th August - same again as above and engine light stayed on for entire journey. 17th Aug - Completely cuts out, no lights or warnings. Again resets after 10 mins 17/18th Aug - (in Ford garage for 5th time) - complete PCM update to main control module. Fully reset. Bought car home no issues 19th Aug - Drove 30 miles to work, no issues. Went to start car to come up - again...Engine Malfunction light in red with oil light, battery, information light and ESP - no engine light. RAC recovered back to Ford garage. <losing will to live at this point> Error code P1169 - Ford Fuel Rail Sensor In Range High Failure. 20th Aug (today) Ford advise an air cleaner replacement, fuel vaporiser and fuel filter replacement - however can offer no guarantee this will resolve - cost £420 inc vat. Feel totally and utterly unsure what to do for the better :(
  3. So the problem still goes on, despite Ford having it for 2 days and re-setting the computer :( Video attached of what happens. So that's a DPF replaced, a full re-install of the PCM and a number of 'no fault' diagnostics when there clearly is a fault. Anyone? Video (1).MOV
  4. Thank you. Wasn't aware of that. I bought the car on Dec 20th '14. Having been in touch with them (12th June '15) when the fault started, they told me it was out of the 3 months warrant they gave me so I'd have to take it to Ford to sort out and told me it wasn't for them to deal with. They also told me it was probably something to do with the gear box. Grateful for the help! Neil
  5. Thanks - came with a 3 month warranty from this trader.
  6. Hi all, Curious to know if anyone can offer any advice/support. I've had my Kuga Titanium X 2.0 Diesel for 6 months and i'm having so much trouble with constant 'Engine Malfunction' red triangle warnings. Has been in and out of the local Ford garage 5 times now, plus 2 RAC call outs. Every time, by the time they have come to look at it, the fault clears so nothing shows up on the diagnostic. However clearly there is a problem as it keeps doing it and have been been told about the same problem on a friends. So far have have paid out for 3 diagnostic reads, cleared fault codes 3 times, and replaced DPF sensor - none of which seem to have helped so I can't even tell if that was money well spent. Despite having read some forums and had some advice from an RAC friend about faults, Ford keep telling me there's nothing wrong with the model, and I seem to be banging my head against a brick wall. Typically it's out of warranty. The final straw the other day was when it juddered to a halt in when I was on a main road on my way to work, causing total chaos as I just couldn't do anything with it. As an automatic it doesn't take a car expert to acknowledge that, that isn't right. So, any advice welcome. At least if I can show the 'all denying' Ford garage there are some common faults it might make them do something a bit more helpful than just plug it in to a computer and tell me it's fine! :-/ Thanks for any help you can offer Neil