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  1. From the first information I got there was a few things could be done to bring it to the 82 bhp rather inexpensivly compared to spending more money on a new car? I.e £400 on a remap and throttle compared to £10000 roughly on a new car? Thanks for the advice given
  2. The best advice anyone seems to have is sell the car though not really helpful? The advice started great then went down hill from there
  3. I came here to look for advice and suggestions I've already explained I can't sell the car and was looking for any suggestions on how to make it a little faster.
  4. It's a lot of money to add weight etc to the car! And where I stay there is so many sitting that all look the same now! It's extremely painful would It not be worth while bringing it up to the 82 Bhp by doing the changes that was said previously the throttles about £70 and a remap costs about the same as a nice set of alloys really! do you know anyways of getting your car swapped early in a finance agreement?
  5. I'm 21 so I am fairly young I had a 1.4 golf and a 1.4 Clio before I got this car both costing under £1000 that's what I meant about decent this car is actually in good condition and reliable! I have a white edge tho so interior isn't to the highest standard and then alloy wheels cost just as much as a remap and then doing all this body modding it would most likely be black to contrast the white then I will have a car similar to most and still painfully slow! Is there anything you would recommend like changing the throttle body etc to give it less delay! I've found as well that when the car is taken a bit of a bashing in the revs it's like it lags power out and then loses it rather than delivers it?
  6. What mods would take it to say the 90-100 mark? If what mikeyd1 said was true the remap could take it to 90 then the throttle change would also help a little I'm guessing? Better exhaust system? I'm not looking for super speed here just something that can pull me and 2 passengers up a steep hill without being battered! I've found I slightly abuse the car because of its lack of power which will probably be just as bad for the engine?
  7. I see so it could be detrimental to the car life? Is there ways to counteract these effects such as better radiator? Or better exhaust system? In theory if I was to remap the car and change the throttle valves would it I get 90 bhp?
  8. So a bluefin remap will give my car 50% more power than before? I didn't think remaps had that a big impact on a non turbo car?
  9. Is it expensive for the throttle valves? I'm guessing trying to change the gear ratio will be extremely expensive and will the car benefit from a remap then? Or would I have to ask for the car to be mapped to the specs of the "bigger" engine for best results?
  10. Thats starting to look like my only option just now! I'm guessing it's a bit of a mystery between the two different bhp in the 1.25 duretec engine? Ok I didn't know that, every day is a learning day though I suppose.
  11. I would sell the car but it's currently on finance and I'm only 7 months in to my agreement! Do you know what the difference between the difference between the 60 and 82 bhp engines are? I understand that it's expensive but thought it might have been less expensive to put the 1.0 turbo on than say the turbo for the 1.6 St? Thanks again
  12. Hi all, First time I've ever posted on here! Was hoping for some advice😆 I will bring you up to speed! I recently bought a 1.25 Ford Fiesta edge 2012 plate so it's a mk 7 I think, I have bought this car on finance and as it was my first decent car I got excited and didn't research properly I then found out there was two of these cars made one that had 49 bhp and other with 70 bhp I think this is the numbers! I bought the slower of the two! I was wondering if anyone knows what the difference between the cars are? Is it the ecu? Is it the air intake? If this information is even true? I was also wondering if I could put a 1.0 ecoboost turbo on this car to give it a little more pull? Or is it going to be very expensive to do so? Just thought the 1.25 engine would be able to handle the turbo for a 1.0! I might be mistaken though! Thanks for any help or advice in advanced
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