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  1. Bg244 - Fuel System Cleaner

    I too suffered with a lumpy idle on my 2004 TDCi 115 Mistral and found using Millers Oils Diesel Power Ecomax made a big difference. Even during this cold weather she now idles both cold and warm at about 760rpm. The stuff is also only about £12 a bottle and will treat 10 tanks. I use it on every 3rd fill and have just finished my first bottle. It stinks tho so don't keep the bottle in the car. I have other issues with my mondeo :-(
  2. Tow Bars

    Hi John, No worries mate - good luck if you do go down the DIY route. Cheers Simon
  3. Tow Bars

    Hi John, What focus do you have is it the Mark 1? If so the wiring is very easy. Check this thread out I started which will give you all the wiring connections (assuming you have mark 1) http://www.fordownersclub.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=10772 The mark one does not need a bypass relay so you can just splice into the wiring harness but if you have a mark 2 I understand that one is required. I too was a bit worried about the electrics but it only took me 30 mins to do that. The whole job was just over 3 hrs but I was taking my time. I have the wiring diagrams I could scan and send to you. Cheers Simon
  4. Tow Bars

    I just fitted my own, very easy job. Complete kit delivered for £88 from a company on ebay.
  5. Focus Estate Reverse Wiring Diagram Help

    Hi, I have just fitted a towbar to my hatch so have studied the wiring diagrams for the rear lights at length. The wires for the reverse light seem to be different on the estate as the reverse light is a separate unit on the hatch in the bumper where on the estate it is a part of the L/H rear light cluster (I think). I have just checked and according to my Haynes book the wire leading to the rear L/H light cluster for the reverse light is Green/Black. Please double check this by checking the wire which leads to the bulb holder for the reverse light to confirm. Also my Haynes book only covers up to 54 plate. I hope this helps. Simon
  6. How Do I Do It ???

    Thanks guys for those tips they work a treat.
  7. Fitting A Tow Bar This Weekend

    The paper fix seems to be working very well thus far cheers mate.
  8. Good Price

    I had mine done last month and would say based on the prices I got £180 is more than reasonable.
  9. Fitting A Tow Bar This Weekend

    Thanks for the tip - I have inseted a folded piece of paper into the fob so will let you know how it goes. I couldn't see how these heat shield clips could be removed and as you say it is only two of them. It is not going anywhere.
  10. Fitting A Tow Bar This Weekend

    Not just me then. other than that a very easy job.
  11. Fitting A Tow Bar This Weekend

    its an odd one, it will work fine for days on end then suddenly just stop working. if I open it open and put it back together it is fine again for a few days. its all or nothing.
  12. Fitting A Tow Bar This Weekend

    The electrical side was much easier that I expected. The only area I had trouble with was the heat shield. Couldn't see how you removed the fixings so ended up pulling it off them in the end and just bending it back to its original position. Accessing the bolts on that side were a pain as well but other than that all good. I hooked our folding camper up to it to test the lights and they all worked first time which was a result. The buzzer is very loud as well. Now to attack my next challenge with my key fob............................
  13. Fitting A Tow Bar This Weekend

    Yes it is and it doesn't happen that often for me lol!
  14. Fitting A Tow Bar This Weekend

    Job done. Thanks stef123 for all your advice all went to plan - next is to give her a good wash and then off to the fridge B)
  15. Fitting A Tow Bar This Weekend

    Physical towbar fitted to the car and cable run into the boot. Now for the electrics...........................