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  1. climate control problem

    Today is the first time this has happened. My st3 no longer than 2 months old has encountered a problem with its climate control. I went over a speed bump, not fast or anything, and my climate control came on. I turned it off, went over another and the same thing happened again (the road to work has about 8 bumps by the way) so every time it kept coming on after me turning it off. And any bumps in the road would turn it on. Any idea's what it could be? Am I best just taking it into fords????
  2. Red edition eco boost oil

    I know the manual states to use 5w-20 but will I be fine using 5w-30???
  3. Mk 7.5 Rear Bumper Removal

    Someone bumped into me causing my rear bumper to pop out, hopefully it will go back in, is there any tutorials on how to remove it???
  4. Service

    Hi, recently got a red edition, when should the first service be? After how many miles? Also is the factory warranty on the car two years? As I've noticed a rattle when revs
  5. Curbed My Wheel

    Am I best putting my spare on until I get a new one then?
  6. Curbed My Wheel

    Is the tyre to damaged for it to be repaired?
  7. Curbed My Wheel

    http://s8.postimg.org/nk6a23gqt/image.jpg Here's a better oicture
  8. Curbed My Wheel

    Just a bit of advice needed. Just curbed my wheel, and I've noticed I've split the tyre. It hasn't gone deep and it hasn't gone down yet, is the tyre repairable or will I need a new one or will it be fine as it is? Also how much would it cost to get the alloy done
  9. Overlays.

    Hi I'm looking to buy some overlays for my red edition, just wonder where the best/cheapest place is? I was quoted £24 for 2?? Which looks better on the red edition? Black writing on red background or vice verser?
  10. Legal Reg Plate?

    Hi I'm just wondering is there away to make this plate legal to put on my car? CT03 HER, I wanted it to have a space after the c? Would it be illegal if it was C T03HER?