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  1. Geared Wheel Info Display

    Hi, Is it not the icon when you go into the menu to change the vehicle settings ?
  2. Options !

    Hi, it all seems to depend on the value they will give on your car, how much Ford credit contribution is on offer at the time, and how much squeeze on their profit margins they are prepared to go to. I have the car over 36 months but trade in at month 12. It is always in September and normally towards the end of that month, so perhaps they havn't met their sales targets. Maybe you should try another dealer. !!
  3. Options !

    Same deal again !! Just picked up my new B-max Oct 2014. Changed colour to black this time, with free convenience pack, and had the free 16" 5 spoke wheel upgrade.
  4. Options !

    The previous Ford Option is completely settled by the dealer. A new Options scheme is started, with an equivalent deposit of one months payment. Doesn't cost, as you do not have to make a payment for a month ! The months payments are £10 per month more. A very good deal for me!
  5. Options !

    Thanks. The joys of the Option scheme ! It does seem odd ! But this is the second time I have been offered a new car for less than the 1st service and road tax. They must be keen for new car sales.
  6. Options !

    Have just picked up my new B-MAX Titanium today ! After just 10 months the dealer did a brilliant deal for my B-MAX Zetec model. So pleased to get all the Titanium extras back, that I was used to in the Fiesta. Looks like I will trading in every 10-12 months. So far it works out cheaper than a service and road tax on the 'old car'.
  7. Hi, I have noticed that when you lock the car, if the back doors are not closed, the car will still lock.!! This is different to the front ones as it won't. I returned to the dealer but was told that this normal. It does mean that I would need to check all round before leaving the car. Surely this can't be right ?
  8. Hi, I have a B-Max with Sync. It works really well, apart from one small problem. When playing albums from the USB stick the system plays the tracks in alphabetical order, rather than the proper track order. Of course how 'important' this is depends on the album !! However, I would like it to play them how they were originally produced. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  9. Door Problem Fixed

    Hopefully that's it for problems! Always a worry when buying a new model. Any chance of a B-max picture on the forum list. Hopefully more people will post something soon !
  10. Door Problem Fixed

    At last !! The driver door warning light would come on when cornering. Been back to dealer a few times. This time they had a print out from Fords, it is now a known fault. A few adjustments made and it seems to be ok. They blame the robots in Romania !! No comment!
  11. Hi, have had the B-Max a week now, after trading up from the Fiesta. I really do love it as it is very nice to drive and I love the convenience of the doors. But it did have a problem with the boot switch which had to be replaced, and now when going round a corner it thinks the driver door has opened !! Getting this sorted out next week. Hopefully thats the end of the problems.
  12. Trading In The Fiesta

    Thanks for your comments, pick up the B-max next Wednesday,and will post some photos. Will still read the Fiesta forum for a while as it is a bit lonely in the B-Max forum. I assume that no one else has got one yet ?1?!
  13. Trading In The Fiesta

    Hi have decided to trade in my Fiesta for the new B-max. A few weeks to wait. Lets hope its as good!
  14. Trading In The Fiesta

    Hi, going to trade in the Fiesta for a B-Max. The sliding doors will come in very useful. Lets hope its Ok . Bit nervous with a new model.
  15. Good Phone Holders For The Mk7?

    Hi, this might be worth a look.. SORRY ! I have just noticed your requirements!!!! Might be worth a look .....for someone else!! http://www.amazon.co.uk/Caraselle-Organiser-Innovation-Invention-Inventors/dp/B004VQQSYQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1331929831&sr=8-1