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  1. synaesthesia

    No acceleration again, whistling noises

    Argh. Topped up the eolys (only took half a bottle) but that certainly wasn't the issue. ***** turbo :( Gonna have to hope for the best and fit a cheap n cheerful :(
  2. synaesthesia

    No acceleration again, whistling noises

    Argh, eolys fluid; that I've yet to change, the bottles still in my shed. Thought that would have flagged up a light though! Will check the v clamp, I vaguely recall having difficulty with that.
  3. Nnngh, this lemon is driving me up the wall. Would love to change it out but unless I buy a £500 banger, no chance :( So, after having new glow plugs, injectors, HP pipes and clutch/flywheel, this weekend after considerable rainfall and driving through puddles it's decided to be a git. Just round town driving only for a few minutes, lost acceleration; rather like limp mode but felt far worse. No warning lights. No errors reported in forscan. Sat it still for a while, revved it, something popped then it behaved as normal. Drove it home, all OK, went shopping following day, all fine. Now this morning I go to work and same lack of acceleration again :( Checked hoses all intact, they certainly all seem to be fine. Turbo seems OK, no crap in it or play in the turbine (which looks to be intact). Bit of smoke coming from around the DPF area seems to be the only thing of concern. Considering it's barely 2 months old (during which time it's been running wonderfully) it feels as if it might have blocked but surely not? Forscan did say it only had 460km DIST_ASHFULL which was concerning. I'm guessing therefore it's DPF related, and probably not a sensor. Anything I should be looking at to start with?
  4. synaesthesia

    New aftermarket head unit - where to put the usb

    Treat them with caution, just like any chingrish electronics. With my experience I'm happier to meddle if needs be, but be aware that plugging these things into the canbus of a modernish car can be a little worrying for obvious reasons. Mine came from - plenty of other sellers out there but went for a UK based one for peace of mind. Found some slightly cheaper from Holland or China direct but didn't fancy the risk.
  5. synaesthesia

    New aftermarket head unit - where to put the usb

    My android unit was £120 refurbished, still working better than the last one. I have my USB sockets installed in 2 of the blind panels which I dremelled out myself; took my time doing it and it looks good & works well :D
  6. synaesthesia

    DPF replacement, argh!

    Cheers might look at that. He's arguing against the wrong description, said I'm free to return for a refund but at my cost for postage. Not having any of it, despite having documentation from ford proving the moron wrong!
  7. synaesthesia

    DPF replacement, argh!

    Indeed, but he was a specialist Focus breaker apparently. Will see what he says. If not I'll have to flog it on and get myself another. I thought for a brief moment about power washing the old one out to see if that improves it, but despite the success stories I couldn't help but imagine it would turn out a bit more like Ross (Friends) when he mixed oil and talc putting on leather trousers...
  8. synaesthesia

    DPF replacement, argh!

    Ah, gotcha. I assumed it would have been temperature related and not liking having the additive chucked in it. Put the old one back in for now so I've got a car for the time being. Just got to wait for the ebay seller to make up some excuses as to why he was selling a euro 5 DPF as fit for 2004-2010 Focus's. Shame about not being able to retrofit, I did spent an hour or so googling around with no luck, that might have made the whole thing a bit less painful!
  9. synaesthesia

    DPF replacement, argh!

    Is there a particular reason they're not interchangeable if you dont mind me asking? And yup, that's exactly what I ended up doing with the fan :D
  10. synaesthesia

    DPF replacement, argh!

    After spending most of the morning wrestling with the removal of the damn cooling fan, I've gotten my DPF out to replace it with a refurbed part. So far so good, until I notice a slight variation in the models :( The DPF that came out is moden 8M51-SH270-AA, the one I have been sent is 9M51-5H270-DA They appear identical with the exception of 2 extra ports in the top of the one I've been sent presumably for some sort of sensors. Have I been sent the wrong part? Can I fit the new one and block the holes with appropriate size bolts?
  11. synaesthesia

    Clutch/Gear shifting

    Hi all, Had a large vibration when idling for a while and recently it's been getting increasingly difficult to change gears. Booked it in with a garage and they've done preliminary tests; originally I was told it'd be the DMF, so I'd booked it in to have the dmf and clutch replaced. However they're saying because it's still vibrating at the same rate with the clutch pedal down, it's not likely to be the DMF; more likely "the shaft" requiring a recon gearbox. Very wary about having my pants pulled down on this one, and considering whether I should grin and bear it, or run and get rid. Any thoughts? It's a 2008 1.6 TDCI.
  12. synaesthesia

    Eonon Sat Nav Car Stereos

    As an owner of an Eonon and past owner of near-identical models from the likes of Xtrons I'd say they're best avoided unless you really haven't got the budget for something decent. Make sure it's android though and not WinCE.
  13. synaesthesia

    A series of worsening events

    Had exactly this issue earlier this year after changing injector seals.Camshaft sensor got slightly knocked in the process, stopping the car from starting whatsoever. Replacing that got it living again.
  14. synaesthesia

    Mk2.5 vibrating on idle

    My 1.6tdci is on around 110k miles and had extensive work done recently. The garage said about the vibration mine has and said it was quite severe but it's most likely the flywheel. He said if I was ok with it, it wouldn't cause any harm and best left until I need to replace the clutch to keep cost low.
  15. synaesthesia

    Fuel Economy!

    Those Ecoboost engines are utter *****. Whilst my car was in, I was given a brand spanking new 1.0 ecoboost Focus with way under 100 miles on the clock. The only way I could keep it above 40mpg was to drive like a granny - or very much how you would drive in snow/slippy conditions. Unless you nanny those things there's no way in hell they're even close to economical. I was glad to get my environment-killing tax-dodging dirty diesel back which sits at 45mpg with me not even thinking about it.