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  1. Well I'm going in all gung-ho and say they look pretty good on the websites pics , its a subtle yet dsitinctive mod As for the legalities , well being realistic its probably of little interest to traffic police with all the other illegal vehicles and poor driving to already contend with. Its hardly any sort of annoyance to anyone else so crack on i say :-)
  2. Evening folks , unfortunately it appears my body control module / fuse tray in the passenger foot well has gone kerput as loads of the cars equipment is now on the blink ( not a single blown fuse to be found ). Anyone have a rough idea of what they cost and how much Ford charge for programming ? Trying to find a compatible second hand one at present to keep me motoring and dealer is last resort but probably unavoidable as time is of the essence Cheers guys.
  3. Sorry but buying a 8 year old diesel at auction with no warrantee or pre-inspection = madness , unless youre a mechanic with the skills & facilities to fix it for peanuts. unfortunately you were stitched up with a total lemon that the previous owner almost certainly knew needed a ton of work to keep on the road im looking hard for a silver lining here but come up with zilch unless you bought the car for only £2, so just chalk it up to experience and make sure your next car purchase comes with at least some consumer protection.
  4. beans or car lifes full of tough choices , its good preparation for the real world ...... lol.
  5. i'm gonna take a wild guess , based on your average students approach to vehical maintenance , and venture that the brake fluid was last changed..... er well never. - which will explain his squidgy brake feel the Op needs to pony up some off his student loan and pay for at least new pads and a brake fluid flush before he rear ends someone. the fact that your MOT warned you 6 months ago that your brakes are junk firmly puts all legal & moral olbligations squarely at your door so stop messing about. ;-D
  6. i once had a droning noise in my car too. it went away when i told her to get out and catch a bus...... boom boom tsk . i'll get my coat 😉 merry xmas
  7. the white clips shown above were exactly the same as the ones i used to secure standard hid kit bulbs in place before i sold out to become a law abiding citizen. they are needed because of the wiring loom that comes out the back of hid / led bulbs which prevents you from using the spring clip that holds standard halogen bulbs in place. ive never seen the adaptors at the top of the page before though , cant work out how you'd use them tbh
  8. how & where is the voltage being measured , and with what equipment ? you'd be surprised in the variation / accuracy in readings....... 😉
  9. look on ebay for a volvo v50 1.6 rocker cover - it fits the focus petrol engines as they were developed by both companies., though ford in their wisdom , i mean penny pinching stupidity , decided not to fit one while volvo did it will seal the top of the engine and keep plugs dry even with a leaky washer nozzle pop the bonnet & look at your top cam cover - you should see 4 threaded inserts for where it bolts in place........
  10. well injector / fuel system cleaner isnt going to remove gunk from an inlet manifold , thats not what its designed for so i dont see your point ?
  11. If the car has been run on cheaper fuels for a few years then its inevitable that carbon deposits are going the build up in the fuel system. in this case a dose of injector cleaner will certainly help the engine run a bit more smoother & efficient - it certainly wont do any harm to try and it doesnt cost much - just be realistic about the modest improvments you can expect. i will say though that redex is quite a weak detergent , there are much more powerful & effective products available , i have used wynns gold formula a couple of times ( around £15 a bottle ) and have been very satisfied with the results :-) My experiences are for use with petrol engines , i couldnt comment on their effectiveness or potential problems when used with diesels
  12. biff55


    i cant believe the OP actually rang the police just for a scuffed bumper lol. obviously he was expecting crime scene investigation and a county wide manhunt ... 😉
  13. hitch hikers guide ? 😉
  14. Considering the number of problem threads regarding these issues i think Ford really needs to go back to the drawing board for the coolant system design of some of these ecoboost engines , they seem woefully unreliable and prone to failure in one way or another.
  15. the best advice is simply find a decent local independent garage that has good feedback from customers - you can get that from a simple google search that comes with reviews - and put aside your apprehensions in using the services of a professional mechanic. i use a small mot garage a mile from home and hes as good as gold whereas the dealership right across the road are incompetent crooks i've also used halfords auto centre a few times and theyve been great also. just dont trash your engine attempting , by your own admission , something you may not have the skills for.
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