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  1. How low do you go before refuelling?

    none whatsoever lol.
  2. Petrol mileage display

    is that a challenge ? big iantt is throwing down the gauntlet in the drive till empty contest........ game on ! ;-D
  3. Does your 3.5 run on rails or a jelly

    Following from the dealerships poke around i think its safe to say there is no discernible fault with the vehicle and the OP may just be unsettled with the different handling characteristics of his current car. wide wheels will tramline to some degree regardless of what tyres are fitted , thats just life though i feel a persons driving style will adapt to a new car pretty quick if they get past the mental hang ups every car ive ever owned did this to some extent. maybe a mk3 focus just isnt suited to your prefered driving style , no shame in that , try something else.
  4. i'd wait until the end of march when you can be sure of no further road salt gritting then you can give the underside a good hose down and remove all the winter road grime prior to applying your chosen protective products. Jan / Feb is still too damp / cold / dirty for this sort of work tbh.
  5. Correct PS/BHP

    And for the love of God dont bring the missus to the dealership if she starts gushing about how lovely the car is she'll bust your cover and you'll be lucky to walk out with a complimentary air freshner :-D
  6. Correct PS/BHP

    "I wouldn't bother kicking up a fuss with the dealer." I would. they either knowingly mis-sold , or at the least very sloppily failed to confirm the vehicle spec. either way you were not sold the car that :- a. was advertised and b. had the engine power you thought you were getting. bring it to the attention of the sales manager with your proof ( etis data base or rolling road power graph ) and see how they want to resolve this "discrepancy" dont ask for anything , dont give any indication of whether you want to return or keep the car , let them sweat while they consider their position , which has legal ramifications under trade description & consumer protection laws. play it poker faced and they may offer more than you might have expected.......... ;-)
  7. it will look a bit poverty spec having bodykit with tiny castor 16" wheels lol. get bigger/ better alloy wheels before a bodykit , they will have a more positive visual impact on the vehicle than a ST kit with small alloys
  8. Petrol mileage display

    ha ha ! i suspected that ! i've been playing chicken with my miles till empty gauge and got as low as 2 miles before filling up. now i know it has more to give lol game on ! :-D
  9. fords hand was forced into a recall to stop the value of their flagship model plummet once the 3 year manufacturers warranty expires who'll want to risk buying a 4-5 year old RS on its original engine with no dealership support if the head gasket decides to eat itself ? no chance , forget that lol.
  10. Security with 'Passive Key Entry'

    all of this....... just to replace this.... its what the car industry marketing boys like to call "tech progress" :-D ridiculous lol.
  11. Snow, ice and snow socks

    like with all things in life , theres compromises to be made looking forward long term , a 4wd car with all season tyres is probably the best bet the down sides are more tyre wear , more road noise , and less fuel economy. however you'll have much better traction without having to mess about with chains / socks in the freezing cold. its worth the trade off if you intend living for years to come in a location that has ungritted roads and treacherous winter driving conditions cost vs convenience basically
  12. Keyless entry retrofit?

    you'd have to be certifiably mad to actually want to fit keyless entry to a car that doesnt have it more security risk , more to go wrong , less practical and reliable than a physical key bonkers idea really :-D
  13. Snow, ice and snow socks

    the only way of getting up a steep lane covered in actual ice is with a 4x4 with studded tyres to be perfectly frank for snow / compacted slush maybe you need better snow socks , ones that work like chains like this michelin set as the fabric ones dont look that effective to me http://www.mister-auto.co.uk/en/car-accessories/2-snow-socks-michelin-easy-grip-r12_bg90078_a921008118.html?gclid=Cj0KCQiAkZHTBRCBARIsAMbXLhG38J-K0yVmn3WzGho8zHD7RdCQe25rl0g7aDyRChcM-Nvx83CKpOEaAjT_EALw_wcB&gclsrc=aw.ds
  14. Engine service diy 😬

    add flush to engine first , run engine for 15mins , allow to cool for 10 mins , drain oil , remove old filter , fit new filter , refill oil. many would advise not bothering with the flush on older cars , good quality fully synth oil will suffice on its own.
  15. Dials stuck briefly at startup

    yup , and nothing kills off an already old / weak battery faster than sustained cold weather , like were getting now :-D as a general note , i wouldnt rely entirely on the onboard volt test reading , better to check at the batt terminals with a decent multimeter. a strong batt will read around 12.5 - 12.7v & a healthy alternator should kick out at least 13.5v with engine running.