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  1. biff55

    Towbar or not towbar ;-)

    Tow bar wiring really should be plug & play for estates as customers that buy them clearly need to use their vehicles for load lugging. However due to fords lack of clear thinking they obviously left the design of this feature to the bloke who decided that the washer bottle should be inside the inner wing...... 😉
  2. biff55

    Battery dying quickly, is it done?

    thats pretty bad for a vehical barely 3 years old , and with a standing charge of less than 12 volts it will be the source of all your electrical woes. bit of a fire hazard too tbh. i'd be giving the salesman some stick at the garage as batteries dont just leak overnight either. although i've a feeling that the strain of a stop / start system has prematurely cooked it.
  3. biff55

    Can a Focus open/close in 'dark state'

    reprogram your car just for an evening staring at the sky ? the worlds gone mad lol why dont you arrive just before it gets dark or is this too radical thinking ?
  4. biff55

    Opinions please

    10 spoke new wheels look much nicer just paint the drums.
  5. biff55

    FORD 1.6 TI-VCT 2011

    wind chill has absolutely no bearing on the time it takes for a engine to warm up please stop talking a load of baloney.
  6. biff55

    spiked wheel nuts

    spiked wheel nuts ? is this a car or a roman chariot ? ;-D
  7. biff55

    FORD 1.6 TI-VCT 2011

    I think the established guidance is simply to not excessively rev the engine until it reaches normal operating temp. to suggest a specific max revs for a specific minimum time is a bit rigid and not very realistic under real world driving conditions. what happens if you want to hit the motorway 2 minutes after starting your car from cold ? drive around the block for another 8 mins ? lol
  8. biff55

    How low do you go before refuelling?

    none whatsoever lol.
  9. biff55

    Petrol mileage display

    is that a challenge ? big iantt is throwing down the gauntlet in the drive till empty contest........ game on ! ;-D
  10. biff55

    Does your 3.5 run on rails or a jelly

    Following from the dealerships poke around i think its safe to say there is no discernible fault with the vehicle and the OP may just be unsettled with the different handling characteristics of his current car. wide wheels will tramline to some degree regardless of what tyres are fitted , thats just life though i feel a persons driving style will adapt to a new car pretty quick if they get past the mental hang ups every car ive ever owned did this to some extent. maybe a mk3 focus just isnt suited to your prefered driving style , no shame in that , try something else.
  11. i'd wait until the end of march when you can be sure of no further road salt gritting then you can give the underside a good hose down and remove all the winter road grime prior to applying your chosen protective products. Jan / Feb is still too damp / cold / dirty for this sort of work tbh.
  12. biff55

    Correct PS/BHP

    And for the love of God dont bring the missus to the dealership if she starts gushing about how lovely the car is she'll bust your cover and you'll be lucky to walk out with a complimentary air freshner :-D
  13. biff55

    Correct PS/BHP

    "I wouldn't bother kicking up a fuss with the dealer." I would. they either knowingly mis-sold , or at the least very sloppily failed to confirm the vehicle spec. either way you were not sold the car that :- a. was advertised and b. had the engine power you thought you were getting. bring it to the attention of the sales manager with your proof ( etis data base or rolling road power graph ) and see how they want to resolve this "discrepancy" dont ask for anything , dont give any indication of whether you want to return or keep the car , let them sweat while they consider their position , which has legal ramifications under trade description & consumer protection laws. play it poker faced and they may offer more than you might have expected.......... ;-)
  14. it will look a bit poverty spec having bodykit with tiny castor 16" wheels lol. get bigger/ better alloy wheels before a bodykit , they will have a more positive visual impact on the vehicle than a ST kit with small alloys
  15. biff55

    Petrol mileage display

    ha ha ! i suspected that ! i've been playing chicken with my miles till empty gauge and got as low as 2 miles before filling up. now i know it has more to give lol game on ! :-D