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  1. biff55

    Droning noise

    i once had a droning noise in my car too. it went away when i told her to get out and catch a bus...... boom boom tsk . i'll get my coat 😉 merry xmas
  2. biff55

    H7 adapters

    the white clips shown above were exactly the same as the ones i used to secure standard hid kit bulbs in place before i sold out to become a law abiding citizen. they are needed because of the wiring loom that comes out the back of hid / led bulbs which prevents you from using the spring clip that holds standard halogen bulbs in place. ive never seen the adaptors at the top of the page before though , cant work out how you'd use them tbh
  3. biff55

    Battery voltage

    how & where is the voltage being measured , and with what equipment ? you'd be surprised in the variation / accuracy in readings....... 😉
  4. biff55

    1.6 vvti mk2.5 misfire P0301-EO

    look on ebay for a volvo v50 1.6 rocker cover - it fits the focus petrol engines as they were developed by both companies., though ford in their wisdom , i mean penny pinching stupidity , decided not to fit one while volvo did it will seal the top of the engine and keep plugs dry even with a leaky washer nozzle pop the bonnet & look at your top cam cover - you should see 4 threaded inserts for where it bolts in place........
  5. biff55


    well injector / fuel system cleaner isnt going to remove gunk from an inlet manifold , thats not what its designed for so i dont see your point ?
  6. biff55


    If the car has been run on cheaper fuels for a few years then its inevitable that carbon deposits are going the build up in the fuel system. in this case a dose of injector cleaner will certainly help the engine run a bit more smoother & efficient - it certainly wont do any harm to try and it doesnt cost much - just be realistic about the modest improvments you can expect. i will say though that redex is quite a weak detergent , there are much more powerful & effective products available , i have used wynns gold formula a couple of times ( around £15 a bottle ) and have been very satisfied with the results :-) My experiences are for use with petrol engines , i couldnt comment on their effectiveness or potential problems when used with diesels
  7. biff55


    i cant believe the OP actually rang the police just for a scuffed bumper lol. obviously he was expecting crime scene investigation and a county wide manhunt ... 😉
  8. biff55

    Headlight tints

    hitch hikers guide ? 😉
  9. biff55

    Eco boost 1.6 2011 expansion tank

    Considering the number of problem threads regarding these issues i think Ford really needs to go back to the drawing board for the coolant system design of some of these ecoboost engines , they seem woefully unreliable and prone to failure in one way or another.
  10. biff55

    Interested in DIY timing belt change

    the best advice is simply find a decent local independent garage that has good feedback from customers - you can get that from a simple google search that comes with reviews - and put aside your apprehensions in using the services of a professional mechanic. i use a small mot garage a mile from home and hes as good as gold whereas the dealership right across the road are incompetent crooks i've also used halfords auto centre a few times and theyve been great also. just dont trash your engine attempting , by your own admission , something you may not have the skills for.
  11. biff55

    1.6 with 1.8 Air Filter assembly?

    the air box shown in the photo has a flat panel filter surely ? the drum filter has a completely different shaped air box meaning that cormskie bought the correct item
  12. biff55

    Mk7.5 bonnet stuck shut

    £700 to fix a broken bonnet catch ? lol , dont you just love ford dealerships.
  13. its not quite as simple as that. a bigger turbo may need , uprated intercooler , increased fuelling from engine management , replacement manifold etc etc..... none of it cheap
  14. biff55

    MK2.5 Alloy Wheel nuts and centre caps

    you need m12 solid head , wide taper captive washer bolts , just like these :-) ..........
  15. biff55

    Which grade oil - ford contradicts

    i'd just use the oil you already have. its not as if it will remain in the engine for all eternity, - 12 mths from now it will be getting poured into a waste tank. its of close enough spec and quality to be of minscule risk. some drama queens may predict armageddon and impending doom , but i call bull on that. crack on , decent fully synth oil is too expensive not to use up.