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  1. I love that exhaust! Tempted to put it on my ZS! Everyone upgrading to the ST rear diffuser but I prefer the ZS one... That can't just be me right?[emoji38] Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  2. Read the manual and it will tell you exactly how the easy-fuel system works, you have to use odd angles to operate it but tbh it gives me peace of mind that noone can take my fuel
  3. I've had a look and they do a 165MR upgrade but that might invalidate warranty, and I want to turn all my interior lights to Blue to match the car 😍 cup holder leds are first for changing when I realise how to do it😂 Sent from my SM-G920F using Tapatalk
  4. I would have got mine in that colour if it wasn't deep impact blue! Excellent choice and he will love it!
  5. I've read somewhere that the sensors in the car can adjust to either super unleaded or normal 95ron, so it wouldnt hurt to put either in but for more quality fuels you might get more MPG, bhp etc but try it for yourself!
  6. Hey guys! Last time I posted in here it was regarding purchasing a Fiesta vs polo blue gt. I decided that Polo's are !Removed! and so I now have a 65 plate ZS and love her! I'll post some pictures soon! (get them off my phone first ) I love everything about the car, the speakers, the power, the colour... EVERYTHING! Anyway I had a question about what I could do to her without ruining my warranty (the guys at the garage know me well but dont want to take the p*** ;) ) I want a new exhaust ideally, more power and definitely better brakes and lots of interior mods but again dont want to do anything to invalidate my finance, but probably going to keep the car at the end! Any help would be highly appreciated and I'll work on pics in the meantime ;)
  7. Hey guys... Long time since we replied to this but I have a decision😃 I'm getting a zetec s 140 in deep impact blue. Passed finance and credit without a guarantor and it'll be here by the end of the month😃
  8. Yeah but the firm rides put me off, it needs to be a daily car and I would rather have the higher MPG but still a fun car! :)
  9. Oh I'm not trying to impress anyone but ST's look so common, the black edition is 10x more rare atleast
  10. Not buying yet, getting in January when my 1year NCB *touch wood* kicks in :) Yeah but I'd be happier with a more unique looking car and when I tell them 140ps from a 1 litre I'm 18 and a new fiesta ST would cost me £800PA without black box :D
  11. I have a 2002 MK5 and I have an aftermarket locking system (one fob for locking and unlocking then key for ignition) and it's made by toad so I duno if that helps
  12. I agree! Plus the price difference just wouldnt warrant it tbh, Everyone has been most helpful! Thanks to all, and I like the look of those quality speakers, must be better than paper! :D
  13. I just meant Id rather have the higher quality speakers but yeah that would help But yeah DAB is the better system
  14. Oh ok! Well then I'm not too fussed about the sony dab thing then, as long as I can have the blue speakers or aftermarket ones if the warranty permits? Being a youth a do like my music to be slightly louder than an elderly gentleman would have his ;)
  15. I didnt even know the black and red can come wiht the sony, on the website it just says about ford dab and satnav but not with the sony unit :/ Sounds like I'll ask for two more speakers then! I'd probably opt for the sat nav and sony if they exist then, hate using my phone and google maps :/