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  1. Epilogue ! Hi I did buy and fit a new accelerator pedal last week and the kangerooing/jerking has now gone !!! :) Many thanks to those of you who shared your experiences. :) I hope 'our' experience is now helpful to somebody else. Regards, Mike
  2. ford focus tdci cuts out

    I spoke to a diesel specialist earlier this year about my own tddi and they described what happens when the fuel pump fails, and apart from the fact that the RAC guy got it started again, it sounds like that may be the problem. I'm not sure if my reply is helpful or too late but I would get it checked out at a diesel specialists first as the pumps are very expensive.
  3. Many thanks guys. My local garage steered me away from this solution but seeing as a few of you know about it and one of you has actually fixed it, I will probably do the same. Many thanks once again. Sorry for the long reply. Regards, Sgt
  4. I'm in agreement that nothing should be unfixable on a Ford, even on a 10 year old. The garage is Thomas Autos in Ashford-they seemed pretty professional, and to be fair to them, the kangerooing seemed to have tamed itself quite a lot that day. However, it is back to a full on Skippy now and I do want to get it fixed as it spoils my driving enjoyment. As far as I'm aware it seems to have a decent service history and was last serviced in November last year. I can't answer about red diesel. Do you know of a Ford/Diesel specialist who is likely to get to the problem quickly please ? Thanks, Sgt.
  5. Hi, I've recently bought my TDDI Focus and I love it in nearly every way but it is an awful tendancy to jerk/kangeroo at small accelerator openings in 1st and 2nd gear, espcially if I'm driving over small(but steepish) sleeping Policeman. I've been to my local garage who say that this is a known 'fault' on an older Focus but couldn't offer a remedy other than to say that the rocking motion set up by a bump ends up creating a small enough rocking motion in my foot to create the kangeroo-like jerk I'm experiencing. i.e. as my foot rocks from the first jolt the small movement in my foot then causes the next jolt and so on. However it is not only on bumps that it happens- I can just as easily experience the same thing in normal driving away from a junction. I've been to a diesel specialst who tested everything they knew how to but couldn't pin the problem down as their tests showed everything to be ok. Has anybody else experienced this problem please ? and if so, did you manage to diagnose and resolve it in the end ? Many thanks, Sgt.
  6. Hi to you all, I've just bought myself a TDDI Focus which I love and so decided to joing the forum. Regards, Sgt.