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  1. Ok guys, update time: Phoend the dealer today, using my angry voice. He recons that they need to lean on someone from the office; apparently this is something ford really don't want people to do, so there is no documentation from them. The whiff of bullshit is becoming overpowering, but as the option to fit USB was a dealbreaker when I bought it, I recon it is possible. According to my dealer, I will need to take apart the centre console and remove the radio unit. The socket should fit straight into the back of the radio with no further modification, and the radio software should update itself to include it. If not, they can apparently update the software at a service. On an unrelated note, NEVER park your car in Wembly Stadium's multistory car park; I folded the wing mirrors, parked in the corner furthest from any exit, and some w***er still managed to scuff up my front bumper :( Time for T-Cut!
  2. Ok so an update: I picked up the car today (!Removed! hell I love it!), and talked to the dealer about fitting the usb. The parts have to be ordered from the bodyshop they're not on the spares systems. Hes getting the part numbers for me by friday - I managed to get them for free after I pointed out that they handn't bolted my drivers seat down! The wiring loom has to be replaced, and wired into the back of the unit. It appears that once this is done, the software autodetects that it is connected to USB and reconfigures itself (apparently it plugs into the same port on the radio as the AUX in). Steve, would it be possible to get a few pointers in how to remove the centre console? Cheers!
  3. Interesting stuff. I'm sure it must be possible; I doubt that the dealer would lie that blatantly to my face; he said directly to me that he had done it himself, by ordering the correct parts through their spares department. I think some people would be interested in it; for example, in my situation I couldn't afford to wait months for a factory order, and had to make do with what was in stock. If anybody is interested, I'll document the installation when I've taken delivery of the car, along with any part numbers etc.
  4. Hi guys, Sorry if this has been answered before, but I've been looking all over the forums and google, and havn't found an answer yet. I'm taking delivery of my new fiesta 1.25 zetec with bluetooth on tuesday (I hope!). However, as I didn't want to wait for a factory build I had to settle for a model without USB. My dealer has assured me that I can fit the usb option myself, by taking apart the radio and plugging a lead into the back of it, then running it down through the console. I've got quite a bit of experience with electronics, and have seen a post in how to remove the front fascia, but was wondering if anybody else has tried this yet, and could either point me in the direction of a tutorial, or just some part numbers. If not, I will try it myself anyway and post back telling people how I got on; if it's only an hours work (as my dealer claims) it is certianly worth not having to wait 4 months for a factory build!