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  1. Not been active for a while here as I have been pretty wrapped up with my other non Ford car the Hyundai Coupe. Well having just had some work on that done the place that did had just taken delivery of a TopGear HydraFlow carbon cleaning machine. The workshop owner wanted a car for training on with the HyroFlow guy so mine was used (I got a freebie...yahhh). Anyone who knows about Terraclean will understand the principal. The difference with HydroFlow is that it uses no chemicals to rot the pipes and seals that Terraclean has the potential to do, plus its cheaper, better and non harmful to the atmosphere. The guy, Ross Heath up at Tiburon Automotive in Birmingham, who was doing my work, tested before and after emissions and even we were amazed at the drop. It feels like a totally overhauled engine now and used less less fuel on the way home. So I will be taking the old Escort up there in the not to distant future for the same treatment. Have to say given my 40+ years of working on and off with road and race engines my skepticism has vanished. It's a damn good bit of kit and does what it says on the tin.
  2. Hi folks, I am thinking of selling my 1997 Escort 1.6 Si as an ongoing project. It was put off the road just over 2 years ago and needs more time than I have to bring it back to life fully. It had lots of new parts just before I SORN'd it. 2 new front tyres, cambelt & water pump, wishbones, drop links, sill welded up. It has just over 70k miles on it, runs well, has had a service of oil, filter and plugs, spoiler resprayed, recon starter motor. I have new rad hoses, battery and Brembo front discs and Ferodo pads to be fitted. It starts and runs well, belt ider needs sorting as it sticks at first on starting and screams for a few seconds til it gets going, just needs running some more with a drop of maintenance spray. Drivers side rear wheel arch needs attention as it's rusted but not excessively as does the passenger lower sill join in the door area, possibly a small welding job. It's in Radiant red with the usual Si fixtures and fittings. Have original cd/radio and a I have a Goodmans radio/cd single din that I had in it. Paint wise it needs tlc, few tiny stone chips and some paint fade on the bonnet, nowt drastic and a hand size lacquer peel on the roof, front bumper looks darker (age related) than the rest as does the mirrors that I had to replace a few time so they were only rattle can sprayed. Everything works fine and considering its age and standing as long as it has is ideal for a project. As stated I just don't have the time or resources/facilities to get it all done and back on the road. I am gauging what interest there could be and what sort of price to offer it for if I sold it as is, I will make a decision end of September as to what exactly I want to do. Thank you for reading and any replies. Sherri
  3. Women/lasses

    There does seem to be very few girls on this forum yes. The other forum I am active on, Hyundai Coupe Owners Club has quite few girls though and with modded cars they have done themselves or to their taste. Quite a few like myself attend meets and will be at the Mod Nats in May next year. I'm fairly ancient tech (wrong side of 55) now though but am young in heart and spirit..especially if the spirit is voddy
  4. Escort -98 Drains Battery

    Try unplugging the alternator overnight or when parked up for long periods. Could be a leaking diode pack in the alternator which would still work when the engine is running. If the tow socket is damaged you should get that sorted asap.
  5. Part Identification Help

    Just Google the part number, brings up pictures and places to get http://www.easyland-autoparts.com/Fiesta-10.html
  6. The middle order might not be quite right as I chopped and changed quite a bit in the 90's 1: Ford Consul Classic (oh how I wish I had kept this) 2: Ford Zodiac 2.5 The rounded shape one (My first engine rebulid at age 14 when my father owned it) 3: Mk3 Cortina (Very modded and quick) 4: Mk4 Cortina Estate (rust bucket) 5: 1963 Hillman Imp 6: Citreon Safari 2400 7: Ford Corsair 2000E (brother in law wrote it off) 8: Morris Ital (with blueprint engine, I destroyed the gearbox) 9: Transit camper van (more of a family vehicle) 10: Ford Granada 2.8 Ghia (short lived as dealer did not declare some issues) 11: Ford Granada 2.2l V6 Estate (managed 267,000 miles before it died totally) 12: Mini 1300 auto something 13: VW Beetle 1300 (had it 4 months and didn't like it) 14: Ford Escort Mk4 1.6 Ghia 15: Ford Escort Mk6 1.6Si (still have and am working on) 16: Hyundai Coupe 2.0SE (mildly modded) Current daily drive Might bring back some memories for some :)
  7. Ford Cortina – The Car Of Our Childhood

    Way back in 1977 my 2nd car at the age of 18 was a 1.6L Mk3 called Fred and I eventually had Fred for 11 years before it died. It went through a number of rebuilds the last one quite drastic for a 1.6L. It landed up with Mexico valves n springs, fully gas flowed head, road/race cam, Webber, lightened this and that engine internals, balanced crank, rods etc, electronic ignition then a 2000E diff and an early Sierra 5 speed box all on adjustable shocks and uprated suspension etc. Went like stink from a standstill, 140bhp at the wheels if I remember correctly and sounded pretty mean when you put your foot down. Pic is from early on in the last incarnation.
  8. Where Do You Work? To Afford This :p

    So it's just my colleagues and me that work our socks off then :P Your lucky you have a view out of a window and I can assure you that body armour is no fun and actually does not work that well in knife situations. I would not trust it one iota but has become my retirement fund when I sue the posteriors off them for RSI damage :D
  9. Where Do You Work? To Afford This :p

    Is that the bell ringing 12.30 I hear? B) I am one of over 300+ doing what I do and it's not that secret just we really have been told not to broadcast publically our jobs.
  10. Where Do You Work? To Afford This :p

    New here as well, so..... I am involved in security but I am not allowed to say where, how or who but I do help look after 4000 folk working on site daily and help deal with 4000+ visitors a day :) Shift work as well which is why I am now constantly knackered and overweight
  11. Hello Folks

    Straying slightly off topic I can say with some authority that the V6's are prone to self destruct the bottom end. Even a full service history can't remove that possiblity. I have the 2.0Se which at 140bhp is quick enough and it looks really nice in, yep you guessed red :) . It was never designed to be a quick car but more a GT and of course look different. I think it's a more a car for goading hot hatchback drivers into spinning away from the lights while I just cruise gently away smiling behind my Matalan designer sunglasses
  12. Hello Folks

    49 shades of red as I have just resprayed the spoiler :) Luckily it does not need a full nut & bolt job just a bit of tlc and tidying here and there. It's going to be my go kart car for town I think. It is a bit nippier than the Coupe in traffic although the Coupe driven right is a quick car.
  13. Hello Folks

    Thanks folks, it is very much a labour of love but I am determined to keep it as long as possible. For it's year it has only a genuine 77k on the clock, (my 03 Coupe has 79k), and mainly cosemetic rust the worst bit on the O/S wheel arch top. Have already had loads of new parts just before I put it off the road, it's got new wishbones, cam belt, water pump, hoses, tyres and lots of other bits already done. Hope to get the new brakes all round done this week along with starter motor and a full service.
  14. Hello Folks

    Hi, I'm Shel which is short for Sherri and I own a 1997 Escort 1.6Si which I am currently doing some rebuild work on. I am also an active member on the Hyundai Coupe Owners Club of which the Coupe is my current daily drive while I fix up the Escort. I will eventually have both cars on the road. I hail from SW London, I'm no spring chicken at a tad over 50 and have a stupid sense of humour which in my job helps :D