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  1. Hi Everyone, Wife is thinking of moving from an Audi Q3 2.0 sline plus TD Quattro. Does the Kuga measure up to the Q3. Is the AWD any good, is there any issues? Is the 2.0TD a decent unit, does it lack power or again any issues. We are looking at the 2.0TD ST X-Line as it has a very nice spec. any feedback or reviews would be most appreciated.
  2. Give them both a clean today, not a bad little garage!
  3. Clive I've had it temporarily plugged into the lighter socket since I got it and had no problem, can't see the difference from been in the socket to having it tapped into the wire?
  4. Could one of you bright sparks let me know what the colour of the wire is that leaves F61 in the passenger footwell and goes to the lighter and on which multi plug it's located please? Fyi, 2016 focus ST-3
  5. As per Alexp999 suggestion I am now using the "add a fuse" in fuse 87 and it works fine switching on and off with the ignition. I would really prefer that it worked off fuse 61 as this is the cigar lighter and it comes on when I unlock and powers down a couple of minutes after I lock the doors. It also powers down if it's left unlocked with nothing happening after a couple of minutes. So seeing as how the add a fuse won't fit in F61, could one of you very clever people tell what colour wire it is that goes to the lighter so that I can find it at the fuse box and do a snap on tee joint instead?
  6. Hi Alex, yes I have a piggy back fuse nearly same as this, the shoulder at the back stops it going into fuse 61 due to the multi plug adjacent. It will go into 87, but isn't this a permanent 12v?
  7. I have the same piggy back fuse, but the shoulder at the back stops it going into fuse 61. I can follow the link to the guide, but I can't see anywhere to click to open the actual guide only the links to the card, cable etc ???
  8. I want to hard wire in my dashcam. It's currently plugged into the the cigar lighter, which works fine as it powers up when I open the door and stays on for a couple of minutes after I lock up. so I bought one of those "add a fuse" extra output thingies to use on fuse 61. Found out though that it doesn't fit as the "add a a fuse" has a small shoulder where the original fuse finishes. Couple this with the fact there's a plug socket adjacent fuse 61 it means I can't get it in. Anyone else wired in permanently, if so what did you use? Does anyone know what colour the wire is coming off fuse 61 going to the cigar lighter?
  9. Had a paint correction detail followed by a ceramic coating. Doesnt look too bad?
  10. Mr_Freeze

    New St

    Where did you get it fixed, £60 doesn't seem bad? Good to know in case I end up doing it!
  11. Does anyone use a specific additive regularly with their diesel fill ups? If so what and how often?
  12. Mr_Freeze

    New St

    Looks good, almost identical to mine! Heated wheel is great, can't wait for winter 😀
  13. Do you have any pics of the install? Im interested in how it looks next to the mirror pillar etc.
  14. Alex, how are you getting on with the street guardian, any issues? do you have a pic of it mounted?