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  1. Ford SYNC/Bluetooth

    Thanks both, that did the trick! Did i recommend you both? Think i have...
  2. Ford SYNC/Bluetooth

    Hi (potentially) helpful people, For the past few days the Bluetooth on my iPhone 6S will refuse to connect/not play music with the Ford Sync bluetooth ('65 plate titanium - in case that makes a difference). I have attempted all the various 'fixes' I could think of but to no avail - reset default, uninstalling phone, phone on/off, both bluetooth on/off. Originally the phone would connect but no music would play but i could skip songs on the display and i tried this on various different phone apps/itunes. Now after attempting to fix it, the bluetooth error message keeps appearing and wont connect. Nothing stresses me out quite like technology that wont work! Any suggestions would be greatly received. thanks, Visa
  3. New Privilege Offer

    As predicted there was some backtracking once i was there in person. They did it for £170 desposit and £165 p/m for a Titanium 5dr 1.0 ecoboost 100PS with metallic paint, they also added in the convenience pack as it is on offer at the moment for Titaniums. Although it went up slightly I'm happy with the deal i got. Should be arriving in 2/3 weeks :D
  4. New Privilege Offer

    Yeah, it seems that it can't be beaten! I'm going over Saturday to sign for it however the dealer hasn't put the offer down in writing which is making me somewhat concerned that'll try and back track...
  5. New Privilege Offer

    Yeah i thought this would be the best way to go. It's difficult for me to judge whether it's a good deal or not as i have nothing to compare with apart from online quotes. Best deal i've had quoted for a new Titanium 1.0 ecoboost 5dr is £160 x 36 months and 170 deposit. It sounds good to me but i would like it knock it down a bit further.
  6. New Privilege Offer

    Ah right. I've had two quotes come through from carwow already and asked them to do it with Ford Privi too, they seem happy to do that. However, they're not as good as what i've already managed to get locally.... Either i'm a good negotiator or i've just been unlucky with my quotes so far...
  7. New Privilege Offer

    Cheers Nath! Well i'll see what the dealer themselves say when i've got some wquotes in. I was going to take it to my local dealers however i've already had several different quotes from the 3 local ones and they know i have a privilege voucher. I thought this might make them unwilling to give me a good discount... Ta, Ryan
  8. New Privilege Offer

    Hi all, Sorry for bumping an old thread! From reading this it seems possible to go to a broker (carwow, dtd) get the best quote and then use the Ford Privilege discount on top. Is this correct? However, dtd small print states this Please note that Privilege and Ambassador Vouchers cannot be used in conjunction with the quoted discounted prices. Thanks, Ryan