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  1. Hi, I've not had my car long its a S-Max 1.8 TDCI. The trip computer has been suggesrting that it is doing around 50mpg which I have been happy with. Went to put fuel in it and it looks like the acutual is 35mpg!!! Anyone else had similar problems ? Cheers Frank
  2. FrankP

    Sony Headunits

    Hi, my car has the sony headunit without Bluetooth and DAB I have seen a newer sony head unit with DAB and bluetooth on e bay Are these units interchangabale or does it require a more involved set up? Thanks Frank
  3. FrankP

    Glowplug Light

    Hi, Having just had my S-Max for a couple of days I dont seem to be able to find the glowplug warning light on the dash. On my old car I would expect to see an amber glowplug light for a few seconds when it went out the car would start. On the S-Max I dont see a glowplug light - I have the dash with the convers+ message centre in - I have checked the manual it shows a picture of what it should look like but not where on the dash it is. Am I missing something here? Thanks Frank