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  1. Build thread and modifiactions and ideas?? :)

    I was thinking of lowering but where I live the roads wouldn't be up to it as for the rear fog light might have to get that done do I just need to buy a European reversing light? The car is nearly how I want it so I'm soon to be saving for the next wagon which I hope will be another ford as you cannot beat the community!
  2. Build thread and modifiactions and ideas?? :)

    Haven't posted in a while but I have now gotten honeycomb grills all over gloss black and a full cutback Stainless Steel longlife exhaust (see attached photos) hoping to wrap under the front grill gloss black has anyone done this themself before? Bought all the stuff but hasn't attempted it yet
  3. Build thread and modifiactions and ideas?? :)

    The sound proofing cost be about 30 quid all together i did the boot, under the doors and under the bonnet its made a pretty big difference, my car had no sound proofing on the bonnet at all so in slow traffic that makes the biggest difference i mainly did the boot and doors so they could hold up to the new sound system, i love the sprayed bottom bumper, bought the wrap and have everything else to do it im just waiting for a good day to get it up the ramp and give it a try, cutting the eds to contour right will be the trickiest part! did you do that yourself? if i cant wrap it i was gonna try plasti dip as i think i have a little bit left over from another project i did.
  4. Build thread and modifiactions and ideas?? :)

    I ended up soaking it in bleach for a couple of days and then using an orbital sander on the rest learnt my lesson though, gpoing to leave that to harden for a month before i swap it on. Finally got some new GEL badges though if people could let me know what they think! (There where a tiny bit to small so i need to metallic silver sharpie around the edge when its dry again)
  5. Should I have a confirmation email after ordering other than the PayPal one?
  6. Hi I've been looking at a custom exhaust for my 2l petrol zetec s mk2.5 and came across Piper performance pre made exhausts on deamon tweaks had a couple of questions; Has anyone used these or fitted them before I assume they are a straight swap. How do they sound? And with my zetec s body kit will I need the standard and ms rear bumper designed one or the st designed one. Any help would be great :)
  7. Build thread and modifiactions and ideas?? :)

    Has anyone had a good method of de chromeing the bonnet lip as the chrome wouldn't sand and it looked great for a week but even leaving the clear coat to harden for 72 hours it's chipped off back to chrome in places already. Need to remove the plating to allow for the paint to stick if anyone knows how
  8. Build thread and modifiactions and ideas?? :)

    There is a small tear where it folds and I've tried forcing it in the right place and heating but it just flaps back in and b4zz I have already glossed the front grills black looks much better than grey
  9. Build thread and modifiactions and ideas?? :)

    Laquered up the grills removed s badge and colour coded the bonnet lip! New set of tyres also :)
  10. Build thread and modifiactions and ideas?? :)

    Debadged an new exhaust tip, also did a custom paint job on my S badge as the Blue went walkie's anyone know how i can sort out my folded window seal? couldnt seem to find that part of seal to buy anywhere
  11. Gel Overlays

    Would you be able to do me some for my focus? Moondust silver with black text and the pin stripe bit round the edge black? for front rear and steering wheel? if so do you need sizes and how much?? Regards
  12. If I wanted to come Sunday and camp would I need to purchase this and a Saturday pass? Would a weekend ticket give me a pass
  13. Will purchasing this be for Saturday as well or just Sunday?
  14. Build thread and modifiactions and ideas?? :)

    I painted the middle black but doenst look good ordered a new one :)
  15. Build thread and modifiactions and ideas?? :)

    Just noticed the blue on my S badge has gone? anyone had this before