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  1. Diagnosing Smart Charge

    My multimeter measured 13.9V between the terminals with the engine idling. I've had a starting problem twice in the last week, especially when cold. The battery was fine, there was just no ignition. Not that it matters, the car was part-exchanged for a 2011 Titanium 1.6TDCi today....
  2. Diagnosing Smart Charge

    Okay, I think I understand. I'll investigate tomorrow and post my findings. Can I display battery voltage via the dashboard display then? Dave
  3. Diagnosing Smart Charge

    I have a 2008 1.8 TDCi C-Max and a multimeter. Can I help?
  4. Display

    It's your idle fuel burn, in gallons per hour. When the engine is idling, it'll most likely read 0.1 g/h.
  5. Parking Sensors

    I added the Xvision sensors to my new Fiesta. Ford wanted £350 for them, but you can get them fitted and colour coded for £209.99 for the rear sensors. http://www.fordretailonline.co.uk/ford-owner/accessories/ford-fiesta_08on.aspx
  6. Canadian Fiesta Vs Uk Fiesta

    Escape Taxi's are awful - really basic and nasty. My mate in Toronto drives a brand new Escape LTD - it's really nice inside. Lovely soft tan leather interior, heated seats, Awesome sat-nav and integrated hi-fi, lovely piano-black finish on the centre console and it's also pretty spacious inside. Having said that, I prefer the Edge, but it's quite a big price difference between the two vehicles. The Escape is also the Mazda Tribute, the Edge is a new model for Ford and wasn't previously anything else. The Flex isn't based on the Range Rover - it's more a link to the historic 'woody' wagons of the 50's and 60's. See one in the metal and they're actually pretty cool. Here are a couple more pictures from LA - 2011 Ford Mustang Convertible - 2011 Ford Escape XLT -
  7. Canadian Fiesta Vs Uk Fiesta

    Sirius is Satellite radio, not DAB. Cars have a mini satellite receiver on the roof and it works best with direct line-of-sight to the satellite. Here's some extra pics, taken today in Los Angeles, as promised - 2011 Ford Fusion (much better looking than the UK Fusion!) - 2011 Ford Flex - 2011 Ford Fiesta Sedan (1) - 2011 Ford Fiesta Sedan (2) - 2011 Ford Edge - 2011 Ford Taurus -
  8. Fiesta Titanium 1.6

    I just went through this same decision. I was going for either a VW Polo SE 1.6 TDi, Skoda Fabia SE 1.6 TDi or Fiesta Zetec 1.6 TDCi. Having driven all three, the Zetec ticked all the boxes for me. The spec was just better for a start - standard-fit fogs and quickclear windscreen were important to me, as I often drive to work at Heathrow at 4am. I don't fancy scraping windscreens at that time of night. Standard ESP was also a plus on the Fiesta. The Ford just felt nicer to drive and definitely livlier. The Polo delivers a very 'mature' drive, but the Fiesta is just more fun. I'm 'only' 37, so I still like a bit of fun in my ride! Finally, Ford were much more willing to offer sizeable discounts. They initially said "we only have £600 profit in a Fiesta to play with", which became a £2500 discount. VW didn't want to play ball and the dealers attitude sucked too. Whichever you go for, I think both vehicles have their merits - the VW is all about quality and maturity but is a bit bland, IMHO. The 1.2 TSI engine is a cracker though. 105PS from a 1.2 litre is pretty decent. For me, the Fiesta is all about fun, value for money, great spec and low running costs. Best of luck with your choice.
  9. Canadian Fiesta Vs Uk Fiesta

    Yes, I'm still here. I did the entire post on my iPhone, including the pictures. My car is in a certain long-term car park - thanks for checking on it for me! As you've seen it - did you fly Delta or Continental?
  10. Canadian Fiesta Vs Uk Fiesta

    Hi Paul, I'm in Los Angeles now, so I'll stop by a Ford dealer and take some more pictures. I'd love to be an auto driver back in the UK, but, in my opinion, the 4-speed torque converter auto on the Fiesta just doesn't cut it anymore in the UK. As a result, my new Fiesta is a 1.6 TDCi with 5-speed manual gearbox. As soon as Ford UK launch the 6-speed powershift, I'll be all over it. I do like the slightly different headlights on the US model, but I'm not too sold on the upper and lower grilles. The lower grille is bigger on the UK model, but US crash protection laws dictate the changes in styling and bodywork. The Edge is a great car - I rented one for a week last summer in Texas. I'll see what else I can find! David
  11. I was in Toronto this week, so I took the opportunity to visit a Ford dealer and try out the Canadian version of the mk7 Fiesta. I drove a 1.6Ti-VCT, with 6-speed powershift gearbox. Firstly, it feels like it rides a little softly compared to the UK Market model. This is generally the case with North American market cars anyway. The powershift 6-speed box is a revelation in the Fiesta. The sooner the 4 speed auto makes way for the 6-speed powershift, the better. The interior is a little different - the model I drove, a SES hatchback, featured Sirius Satellite radio and Microsoft SYNC too. I've used both of these systems in a 2011 Ford Escape and frankly, they're excellent. The frontal styling is an acquired taste, I much prefer the UK version, but the DRL's are pretty cool-looking. Here are some pictures of my findings.... My new Fiesta - The Canadian Fiesta - A gaggle of Canadian Fiesta's - Front end detailing - Back end of a Fiesta Sedan - Centre stack with Sirius Radio - Microsoft SYNC - Options and Spec - Pricing - $22,459 Canadian for a Fiesta - that £14,584 at today's exchange rate of 1.57.
  12. My new Fiesta Zetec had 19 miles on the clock...
  13. Car Hire

    Surely 'like for like' would be a Corsa and not an Astra? I had a brand new (50 miles on the odometer) Astra 1.4 Exclusiv as a rental car last year. Beautifully built, great interior design, really uncomfortable seats, poor handling compared to my Focus, Mondeo and Fiesta and the 87PS engine felt totally overwhelmed by the mass of the vehicle it had to haul up the M4. Still, it looked nice.
  14. New Fiesta Ordered!

    Thanks for the support adzmcp :)
  15. New Fiesta Ordered!

    Unless you have intimate knowledge of my personal financial situation, which you don't, it's pure conjecture on your part. I know that I stand to save at least £1500 per year, over the next 3 years. I'm smart enough to have worked out my finances and what I'm saving by making this change. You're right though - the Zetec on 15" rims is a much smoother ride than a Fiesta (or Mondeo) on 17"'s....