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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I missed the notification. Is this a user job or does it need to go back to a dealer?
  2. Hi All When I have the car on accessory, with the engine NOT running, within a minute or two the Batter Low warning comes on. It's always done it (since we got in in April) , and I planned to replace the battery before winter, as it didn't seem to impact the starting. However, taking it to a battery place today, the chap says the battery is fine, holding a charge and the alternator is also ok. Any ideas what's making the warning come on? Cheers Mike
  3. We have a 2012 Galaxy. The electrics have gone funny on the rear drivers side door. It wont electronically lock or unlock, and the windows won't move. It wont lock either by the remote or the button in the car, but will lock manually. The dashboard says that there's a "child lock" fault. It seems to me that the whole door is dead electronically, and that the warning is confusing, but who knows! Is there anything I can look at or it it a garage job?
  4. Thanks, having had a quick look, we can't recall getting a radio code, do they all have one or only some versions?
  5. Is there an easy way of identifying which fuse is the bluetooth? I don't fancy puling the radio fuse and having to dig out the code, that might take a while ;-)
  6. We have a S-Max with a 6000CD, it has bluetooth which up until recently worked fine, the phone pairs and calls can be made etc. The sound has stopped working and the microphone doesn't pick up any sounds, but the phone is still showing as paired both on the unit and on the phone itself. I understand that the bluetooth was an optional extra, so could it be that the 'audio' side of the fit has blown a fuse? The radio and CD player works fine. Help! (please!) Mike