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  1. Hi all, Just wanted to say thanks for this thread. I've yet to see if it's fixed but I've been having issues with my Sync 1.1 (B-Max) being unable to connect with my deviceds every three weeks or so. I have to resort to removing and reinstalling the Sync fuse to get it going again. Went to my local dealer (my car is still under warranty) and they said they could check if I needed an update to the software and then they could installl it for me - for a cost of £115.00 !! So, did some searching here, downloaded the software package, made the adjustments to the install.lst file mentioned earlier and went and sat in my car with the engine running for 20 minutes while it updated - Success! Now to wait to see if it fixes the issues. While I'm waiting I'll count up my £115.00 in used notes... Gaz
  2. Hi all, Quite excited as I pick up my new B-Max Zetec 1.4PS Petrol Manual (Panther Black) with spare wheel(!) tomorrow. Any tips and stuff greatly appreciated! Regards Gary
  3. Picking up new car Wednesday evening. This means my wife can have her ancient Nissan Micra back! Woo Hoo!
  4. Hi, I've ordered my first ever Ford and first ever new car (apart from company cars in a previous life. I'm awaiting delivery of a B-Max Zetec 1.4 Panther black soon. Regards Gaz