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  1. Can anybody tell me where I can purchase led door mirror puddle lamps have seen them on eBay with the Ford logo projected on to the floor at ridiculous prices, just want a upgraded lamp at a reasonable cost.
  2. yes DTL and main beam in the one led bulb.
  3. Found the h15 bulbs on eBay they are Cree 80watt approx price £35 a pair.
  4. Thanks Beethoven and Jonro thought that they were compatible,just was not 100 percent sure have just ordered a pair on eBay.Once again thanks to both of you for your help.
  5. Can anybody help me out I am struggling to find a led number plate light listed as compatible with a mk5 mondeo.Have looked at the lights that are compatible with the mk4 mondeo and those look similar to the mk5 just wondering if they are the same don't want to take out existing light as I have broken clip on one side and don't want break clip on other side till I get a replacement.
  6. Have just had my headlamps changed to zenons also changed the high beam and daytime running light (h15) to led also changed sidelights to leds. Car looks great at the front now,don't know why Ford are penny pinching putting cheap tungsten bulbs in. Why not just charge a bit extra on the price not the £900 quoted for leds as I have just had mine supplied and fitted for under £200.
  7. See what you mean about the double filament bulb looks like no go.
  8. Hi jonro2009. I will keep you posted as to how my man gets on fitting the HID kit and will ask him to fit the ballast units somewhere accessible so they can be got at without disturbing the bumper and then prey the lamps last a long time.
  9. Thanks Jonro2009 realised it was bumper off job as my man said he could fit zenons .The dtrls were a after thought before he fits the zenons next week.
  10. Have just purchased a mondeo mk5 titanium first registered Feb 2016 and the daytime running lights are cheap nasty low wattage tungsten lamps where as other new mondeos of Titan spec have LEDs just wondering if there is a way of improving them without to much expense
  11. The problem on my 2013 model is similar Jon ro 20 09 when I switch rear windscreen heater on I get a lot of distortion on the dab radio stations making it Unlistenable , it works fine again when I switch it off also rear view camera won't work in wet/damp codicils this is after the car has been back to ford dealer several times .I'm just p---ed off with now probably buy another make of car next time.
  12. Switched radio on yesterday morning and to my surprise the dab part of radio is working ok again.Im"n convinced its damp thats my problem as the camera does not work every time we have a shower of rain,and the last time we had heavy rain a couple of weeks ago like the weekend the radio would not work for an hour or so ill just keep my fingers crossed for now and see what happens but I dont have much faith in it lasting for long.
  13. Just got into my mondeo and found that the dab part of the radio was not working again exactly the same time as Swilt 17051.It has worked since the 7th October without any problems.Just wondering if it is anything to do with the damp weather just like my reversing camera which does not work after shower of rain but works ok when it's dry.Going to book it in again tomorrow and see what bulls--- they give me again.
  14. Just got my car back from ford dealer dab now working ok they told me they reloaded software, just hope that it is a permanent fix to the problem.
  15. Just got my car back from ford dealer guess what still not working.Dealer says they will contact me when they have a further update.