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  1. meant on an uphill gradient it wont move over 2000 revs
  2. hi yeah it was the dash code i got it from. the car has been down on acceleration , thought it was turbo related . if i drive out the gears the turbo does kick in at 2200+ revs (late) , but especially crusing at 55-60 in 5th gear NO lift with even the slightest gradient. it wont move over 2000rpm. then when it levels out and turbo kicks in i have some reponse, but it does seem the engine is not getting fuel/turbo boost. really bad for overtaking so any ideas would be great cheers
  3. thanks tom if this is just an electric problem , is it a big(expensive) job or does it signal a problem with the actual injectors
  4. hi does any1 know what fault code er 0206 is.
  5. hi all, how do i display the fault codes on the dash? thanks
  6. hi yall i did the unspeakable while filling up and put in petrol instead of diesel. i put about 10L petrol into a 60L tank so i just topped it up with diesel. can any1 tell me what damage this will do to any pumps/engine. its a 2.0tddi with around 150k on the clock
  7. hi i switch on my heater to warm the car up and all is fine till i switch the button to off. however heat still comes out through the footwell vents at the selected temp , either hot or cool. this is relly annoying on long drives where everything is cosy apart from your feet which are roasting/freezing. can anyone tell me is this a switch problem or a stuck vent flap. ? cheers for all answers
  8. cheers for the quick reply. local garage thinks they are ok and said the test centre would probably do any tinkering if need be . cheers
  9. hi there, my 02 mondeo ghia is going for a nct (mot)tomorrow. can anyone tell me how to set headlamps to the correct position.
  10. cheers chris. was thinking something similar. just wanted to check before i bring it in. learnt a lesson tho, get it done 1st time with a pro
  11. hi everyone. i had a new alternator put in 18mths ago but it fried some wires in the loom. so, the same garage put in my new one but i notice that the lights fade noticibily???? when i clutch between gear changes. i have never noticed this on any other car so could this be a case of a poor installation job and should i get a wiring specialist to check it over.could water from floods cause the short.cheers
  12. thanks .think i'll get fords just for the price. tho do they supply the copper grease? post back any probs
  13. hey, back end bushes gone so have a choice between powerflex bushes at 20 each or fords at 12.50. any reason to go for the dearer option? heard the powerflex were great but is there a reason i shouldnt just get fords? thanks for any help
  14. cheers again mintalkin couldnt see why ghia should be any different. do you have any links re wiring and fitting?
  15. hey reading sooty post reminded me. im thinking of a tow bar but shopping online several sites say {blah blah} except ghia . why? and will a 'normal' mondeo towbar fit a ghia. my local dealer dosent see any reason why not.if you have any ideas? cheers