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  1. have a Transit Van 110T300 I need a small freezer in my van. Have been looking for some solutions, but I do not know if they will work. All content who I put in the freezer is frozen before. And I will use the "normal" grid to freeze the freezer. Its just for maintain the temperature. Would like to install one who is 100 liters. Energy consumption on the freezer I looked at is 161W/year Alternator is 150A Battery is 80A Will this work with the standard battery and alternator? What kind of convertor from 12-220v would I need? Anyone who have tried it an can come with tips? Tryed to make som calculations, but I am doing something wrong.
  2. When I put the gear in reverse I have to hold the gearstick in reverse or the gearstick jump out of position. Do I have to change the gearbox or can it be fixed? Could that indicate other problems with the gearbox? How much will it cost to fix it?