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  1. catalytic converter 1.4

    Hi guys, This has just started happening over the last week, when i fire my car up i can hear a rattle from underneath the car (just under the front seats). My car has been smelling of egg for the past few months, i know its something to do with the catalytic converter, i was wondering how much it is likely to cost me to fix. Also i have noticed a small loss of power & when i accelerate it makes a loud blowing noise. Any help would be appreciated, thanks
  2. rattle

    I had the same problem, everytime i started the car/going over bumps the heat shield would rattle, so i got under my car & found that the heat shield came loose so i just cable tied it back. No rattleing what so ever, sorted :P
  3. Economy

    Remove Unnecessary Weight From Your Car: This doesn’t mean you have to rid your car of panels, seats and wheels; but simply take out unnecessary objects that add more weight to your car and make the engine burn more fuel. Do you really need to keep that canoe in the boot all week long when you only use it on Sunday morning? Or what about that roof box or bicycle rack that you haven’t used in a while? Although removing such items from your car may seem insignificant, it is very important. For every 50kg of weight you remove from your car, you can reduce the engines fuel consumption by an average of 2 percent. Out you go kids… Maintain your speed: Maintaining your speed on motorways is an excellent way to lower your car’s thirst for fuel. Driving at high speeds means more fuel is used to combat increased air resistance, but driving at very low speeds can be dangerous to fellow road users. If you drive at 120 km/h rather than keeping a steady 100 km/h, fuel consumption can increase by over 20%! Pump Up Your Tyres: A single tyre that is under-inflated by two pounds of pressure can increase your car’s fuel consumption by 1 percent. There are four tyres on your car, so you do the maths. An under-inflated tyre not only adds an unnecessary strain on your engine, but will also increase thread wear on your tyres. Check the recommended PSI for your car in your owner’s manual, drive down to your local garage and get pumping! Listen to Traffic Reports: Pay close attention to traffic reports on the radio before you leave your home or office, as you may be able to choose a less congested route. Radio stations such as 2FM, 98FM and RTE often provide nationwide traffic reports alongside their hourly news bulletins. In Dublin city, 1.03.2FM offers exclusive rush hour *traffic reports and has proved very useful to the CBG team. Turn Your Engine Off When Stationary; Do not let your car’s engine idle needlessly. If an engine is left idling (ticking over) for more than 10 seconds, it actually wastes more fuel than restarting the engine. Idling can consume up to four litres of fuel per hour, which is the equivalent of €5 worth of petrol. If you do have to stop and start, minimise the amount of time you sit with the engine in idle. If you know you are going to be sitting at a traffic light for a minute or two, turn off your engine and save fuel in the process. Clean Your Car’s Air Filter: The air filter is an extremely important part of your car that prevents dirt from entering the engine. It also happens to be an extremely easy component to maintain, even for those who are non-mechanically minded. Over time it can become clogged with dirt and will need to be replaced. Driving your car around with a dirty filter can reduce your car’s fuel economy by over 10 percent, which is the equivalent of adding around 4 cents to each litre of fuel you buy. A new air filter only costs around €30 to purchase. Go Easy On The Accelerator: Constantly pressing your brakes and accelerating towards stop signs and traffic lights needlessly wastes fuel. By pressing the brakes on and off you are wasting the fuel it took to get up to speed, and then you’ll need to burn more fuel to get back up to speed after slowing down! By accelerating up to stoplights and stop signs, again, you’re using energy that you know you really don’t need. Give yourself enough room behind the cars in front of you to see what the conditions are like ahead. This will help you avoid tapping the brakes and constantly using the accelerator and constantly using the accelerator. Adhere to Service Intervals: Be sure to follow your vehicle’s recommended service intervals and fluid requirements – it's a simple step that could save you time and money. A car which has had its engine oil changed will run more efficiently than a poorly maintained car, which will save you petrol. Consider Independent Specialists: Sourcing car parts and getting your car serviced with independent specialists such as www.team.ie and kwickfit can save you heaps of cash in the long run. Be fully aware of the services they provide and the prices they charge to ensure you are getting a good deal. Always benchmark these against the outlets you would typically get your car serviced and repaired with before spending. Don’t be afraid to ask for a better price, the worst they can say is no. Get Fit: If your destination is near enough to walk or cycle to, leave your car at home. Not only will you save money on petrol and lower your carbon footprint, but you’ll also get some exercise too! Should help
  4. How to change the pollen filter

    When i ripped my panel off, i could see no other panel covering the pollen filter, it literally sits straight underneath, maybe thats why they are so prone to leaking. Hope this helps mate
  5. How to change the pollen filter

    Couple of months ago, i started getting puddles of water in my footwell everytime it rained hard, that was due to a pollen filter being replaced at some point before i owned the car & the filter not being re sealed properly. I tried to replace the filter, but to get to it i had to literally rip off the scuttle panel, which was stupid. In the end i just ended up taking it to the ford dealer, as i was going away on holiday two days after & didnt want to come back to a swimming pool Cost me £70 !!
  6. Focus looking so dirty

    Thanks alot mate, i'll try it soon :)
  7. Focus looking so dirty

    It's more noticable when the suns shining on my car, but my focus looks so dirty, when the suns out, i can see fingerprints, marks from where i last cleaned the car was wondering if theres anything i can do about it? like getting wax or something ?
  8. Fitting st170 alloys onto a 2003 focus lx

    The alloys fit perfectly, used the same wheel nuts on my focus, just thought i'd post incase anyone else was thinking of doing this
  9. Fitting st170 alloys onto a 2003 focus lx

    no mate i havn't, why do i need to get a new set for the alloys?
  10. I have recently been given a set of these st170 alloys from a friend, who owns an st170, i have been told they fit my car, but looking at the wheels the bolt holes look massive, would i need to buy seperate bolts? Also if i put the wheels on my car, im hoping the car wont look as if its on stilts, as i really dont wont to go through the hassle to lowering my car over a set of alloys Has anyone else had experience with these?
  11. Im looking to purchase a set, but before i buy, i was wondering if they would fit my car?
  12. ST 170 alloys

    Has anyone got any for sale?? that they are looking to sell, as i can't afford to buy them brand new, in the leicester area, cheers dudes
  13. Tips for Using Touch Up Kit

    2 weeks ago i found some small chips on my car, so i went down the local ford dealer, told them my registration number and they were able to get the exact colour for my focus, magna grey, worked a treat once i applied it & used t-cut
  14. Used Focus from Ford dealer - missing spare key

    When i picked my car up from the garage, i got 2 keys, 1 had buttons and 1 was just a key, so i just kept the key in a safe place. Your ignition and your key will have the same code on them, therefore just getting the key cut from a random keycutter, will not work when trying to start your car.
  15. 1.8 TDCi '55' trouble with consumables

    Any problems i have had with my focus, i just take it down my local ford dealer, and they will get you any part you want, maybe a little more expensive but aleast its compatible