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  1. What v8 engine can I put in it with minimal modifications for a novice?
  2. Hi guys, i have recently bought a 1992 mustang as a project! The other day I tried getting it started and it was so close to starting it was chugging away to start but just couldn't turn over! But now everytime I turn the key it just clicks and nothing happens! Something is clicking when I'm turning the key and I have enclosed a couple of pictures. Was thinking it's probably something pure simple and someone has had similar problems. Cheers for any help guys. Just a newbie to this you know lol
  3. That's brilliant man thanks! Yeah it's the 2.3 litre lx
  4. Hi, wondering if anyone can assist. I have a 1992 Ford Mustang and I need an alternator is there any other alternators I can use? Or does it have to be a 1992 mustang? Thanks, Phil
  5. No worries. Gear box still seems okay
  6. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me here. I have recently bought a 1990 mustang but the engine is totally ruined was a barn find at a ridiculously good price with bodywork being in such good condition. Is there any other mustang model engines I can put in it or is it only 1990s models I can use? Thanks, phil