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  1. If you bought the correct one it should have menu that can access the functions. Even then i suggest you set it up on the original factory unit prior to installling the aftermarket unit.
  2. Just pull through and tuck the wires in the headliner.
  3. You need to pull wires from the dome lights or some other source such as the acc from the fuse and wire up the visor lights there. If you want to change the led light colour from yellow to white then you need to get the 3mm white 12v led so that it will fit and then wire up to the visor electrical channel. The item should be like this one from aliexpress. However feel free to browse for more competitive priced ones. Let me know if you have more questions or if you buy the necessary parts and then want to install it, Whatsapp me and I will try my best to guide you. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/32903969555.html?spm=a2g0o.productlist.0.0.5c9d3a1fmEY6u1&algo_pvid=76a2fae3-34ad-4fe7-bb08-93eac7f1ad9c&algo_exp_id=76a2fae3-34ad-4fe7-bb08-93eac7f1ad9c-10&pdp_ext_f={"sku_id"%3A"65923600011"}&pdp_npi=2%40dis!USD!!30.8!!!!!%402101d8b516570419892984603e7e57!65923600011!sea
  4. Absolutely. I got the visors from aliexpress and changed the led bulb colour to white instead of yellow and just took of the ends and installed it onto the fiesta. Let me know if you need the link.
  5. Or you can have the garage check the air vents. Sometimes it may just pop off inside or behind the dashboard.
  6. Sorry for the late reply. You need to open the door panel to check the connection.
  7. i have since revised it and it is totally factory look but blue colour now.
  8. lilbleh

    Android Multimedia

    You can buy them off aliexpress. I have since changed mine to android 11
  9. Added some additional lighting mods. Projector lights behind the grill, grill accent lighting, added additional turn signal / brake light on the rear diffuser.
  10. You probably used the wrong bulb type. By right it should be the type with the double contact points on the bulb. Seeing the photo, it also looks like there could be a few dead leds so that may be the cause of the bulbs being dim (meaning that there is something wrong with the bulbs). If your turn signal lights hyperblinks (blinking fast), the only solution is to buy led bulbs that are suitable and doesn't need any resistors. these bulbs are quite common now and relatively inexpensive and best of all you can install them as is without the hassle of using resistors.
  11. If you bough the switch and can't find the wire, then i suggest just wire the switch directly with the + going to the fusebox (might want to use a fusetap and select a fuse that is relevant to the glovebox light coming on) and fasten the - to a metal part of the body. It is easier than trying to figure out the wiring diagram and or causing some electrical damage if you did it wrong. You're lucky that you the factory has equipped the car with this feature. I had to improvise and do my own custom glovebox lighting.
  12. Tried to do something different. Took many days just to get the thinking and application right to ensure that it is a clean and non destructive modification. So far so good, but there's room for improvement and will try and do an "integrated" look so that it there the light comes out from what is presumed to be the horizontal chrome part of the grill. Right now, it is possible to get light from what is a "chrome strip", but the light output is pretty dim, and will try to get the best possible result soon.
  13. lilbleh


  14. Most likely a bad relay. When you shut the bonnet it could've shaken the relay contacts such that it worked again.
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