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  1. I am guessing you already took out the led bar. In that case, you just need to align the light module with the led bar. There is a notch on the led bar which corresponds to the notch on the module. Once it is aligned, put a little pressure to make sure they are coupled properly. You need to do this once you insert the led bar into the original position and make sure all the tabs click into position. It is not very difficult, but is quite a challenge trying to get the notches to align properly while avoiding too much pressure in case you break the ends of the led bar. Best to open up the whole glovebox (not just open it as per usual position but press the sides so that you can slide the glovebox all the way down) so you can use a flashlight to see it. Good luck and sorry about the misunderstanding on the dome light ambient leds.
  2. Plentiful at aliexpress. I bought some that is ice blue for about 3-5 seconds and then turns to white and stays white until it goes off and the cycle continues like that.
  3. I'm sorry, I was referring to the question on the hardwire kit. I did not mention anything about the cameras.
  4. Unfortunately, even if you could wire it up (it is possible to do it yourself), you still need to activate the module. So basically, you need someone who can program the activation too.
  5. If yours is the MK7 and you are referring to the ambient light which is the two spots on the dome lights, then you bought the wrong one. The leds are not seperate and you must buy the whole console if you want to replace it.
  6. There's quite a whole bunch to choose from at aliexpress or ebay. They pretty much work the same, so i don't believe there's that much of a difference even if you pay a lot more.
  7. Use very thin wires. Otherwise find a way to get the wires through the system. I actually took some LAN (data cable) and strip down the cover to get the thin wires from there. Anyway, I will take some photos later for you. No drilling. Please do not do any drilling. Dangerous if you accidentally scraped some of the factory wires.
  8. Very nice. My rear lights were like those but i decided to retire it and use the original ford 2016 type with the led stripes. I like the wheels! Good luck working on it and update me when you're done!
  9. This is how it eventually looks like. Pardon the image quality.
  10. If you don't have puddle lights then have to know how you want the lights to be on to tap the power from. From what i can think of, you do not have footwell lights either. If you do then connecting it to the footwell lights is a good idea. Otherwise, the next best option is to tap the power from the dome light on the roof. This way it will only come on and off when you lock and unlock the doors. Unless you want it on all the time at night, then it is easier to tap into the window switch power. Basically the main point is that you need to somehow power the led diode so depending where you tap the electricity from, it will function according to where it is tapped. Let me know if you still have any questions. Led diodes can be bought here if you can't find it near your area.,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
  11. Putting on the led bulbs are very easy. The real pain in the butt is with the wiring if you want it to look clean and factory look. BE CAREFUL WHEN WORKING WITH ELECTRICAL ACTIVITIES, MAKE SURE YOU DO NOT SHORT ANYTHING!!!!!!! TAKE THE NECESSARY STEPS TO ENSURE THAT ANY EXPOSED WIRING OR TERMINAL ARE COVERED WHEN NOT BEING WORKED ON! 1st step is to acquire the 3mm pre-wired led diodes (should also be waterproof) with 12v rating for your colour choice (common ones are white, red, blue, purple, green, ice blue, etc) 2nd step is to understand how to open the door panels 3rd step is to understand how to open the door handles 4th step is to be able to correctly identify wiring or wire colours Once you know how to do these, the struggle begins..... Go ahead and open the door panels and remove the panel from the car completely or you will have difficulty accessing the area you need to work on (repeat for all remianing doors when you're done) Then identify which wire actually is used for the puddle lamp which is the one that lights up at the bottom of your side view mirror (in case you don't have this feature, you need to think of where you want the power to be tapped from). No need to cut the wire, simply splice and tap into it. Do not worry about the ground or negative. I am sorry I don't remember the wire colours and I don't have any photos to show you. Even if I did, and your car has a different wire colour code, it might compromise the work for you, so for better or worse, this is probably better without specifics. Run the wire through the rubber covering for the rear doors via the floor of the car (need to remove more panels here, specifially the sill) and make sure you can get the wire through for the rear door. This activity took me like a good 4 hours or more. However if you took the time to do this, the car will look clean and free from wires. You can skip this step and just run wires through the body if you want to, but i don't suggest it. Next step is to solder or connect your led diode to the wire you just pulled. You actually only need the + or positive or most commonly used colour is red. The negative or black ones you can just fasten it to any metal body part in your door frame. Once that is done, carefully look at the door handle you just removed, there should be a rubber part that cushions the door handles from the door body. This is where you would want to put the led diode (put them at the long handle and not the short part that is used to fasten the door handles. It may be that you need to sand off the 3mm led diode so that it is flat on 2 sides to reduce any bulging and make the fit much better. Be careful not to destroy the diodes when sanding it down. Having done all those, you're basically good to go. Test it and if it works, put everything back and you should be good to go. If you wired everything properly, the light will go and and off and is dimmed with exact timing as the puddle lights. No drilling, no customisation and if you decide to get rid of it, just take out the diodes and make sure you cover every exposed wire very very properly. There is no need to pull any wire that you ran through the rubber coverings so it should be much easier if you don't want this anymore. Some friends have asked me to do this for them and I did tell them, not in a million years simply because it is just a lot of hell i had to go through to get the wiring done. Installing the diodes themselves were actually super easy. Good luck and let me know if you have any questions. Will try and guide as much as possible.
  12. It's not a change. More like an add on. You just need to paste it on top of the headlamp and wire it properly. They're not expensive too. Here's the link:,searchweb201602_,searchweb201603_
  13. It is probably how the MK8 has been configured by the factory. However if it was genuine ford lights, I think they lifespan should be good.
  14. This is the first time i saw those kind of LED replacement bulbs. For what it is worth, best get the short T10 type of bulb. If it cannot be affixed onto the socket, please don't use them as they might "melt" your map light housing lens.