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  1. Fiesta St News

    I'm not allowed to sell on this site and as I don't meet the requirements. -iNath
  2. Has anyone had found a good colour match to the standard silver 5 spoke "spanner" alloys that came with the new Fiesta street pack I've a few nicks (front nearside of course) and it would be good to seal them without going to the expense of a complete wheel refurb Don't think Ford in their wisdom do one (great if proven wrong) but wondered if anyone by trial and error had found a touch-up stick from any manufacturer/colour code turned out to be a good match Thanks for any answers ps = Happy New Year motoring by the way
  3. New Fiesta Fuses

    Morning - very quick question Not had the time to look inside the fuse box yet, but are the fuses in the glove box (for 12v power outlet) the newer spade/blade type or the cylindrical type (similar to domestic plug) Intend to pop into the auto accessory shop on the way home for a 20 amper Cheers
  4. Windscreen Washers - Help

    Thanks KeithC for your help - just the job The washer pipe takes a rather tortious route from emerging from under the bonnet lining towards the back of the car, round "aft" of the hinge then back forwards through the side of the engine bay and front wing panel to the reservoir bottle. Somehow must have been restricted or nipped in some way, shuggling it a bit and smoothing it out did the business - much appreciated Pedro
  5. Windscreen Washers - Help

    Thanks for your suggestions, but should have stated on my original posting the problem started weeks ago went we were basking (compared to now) in temps of +5 > +10 degrees Cheers
  6. All, Wonder if anyone can help My front washers have seem to lost their power, in so much they are now firing very weakly about an inch above the bottom of the windscreen. Just enough and no more for the wiper swipe to pick up the clean water and spread over the rest of the screen. Before anybody asks - yes there is sufficient water in the reservoir and the jets are not frozen. Don't know if it's worthy of note - but the rear washer is working fine. They did come back to rude health a few weeks ago but have reverted back to a weak dribble. Wonder if anyone has had similar experiences with the mk7 and if so - was it a DIY fix or a trip to the Ford Garage. Also if anyone has any ideas of what to check please let me know Thanks in advance for your responses Cheers
  7. All, Quick question - with all the recent snow and ice around recently I bought the Street pack with my Zetec S which according to the blurb has ESP and EBA. Without going into the complexity of the relative worth of these electronic aids including the standard ABS in the current snowy and slippy condition Vs normal drivers skill and control I was wondering if Traction Control was supposed to be in the Street pack bundle as present as my experiences in the past couple of days tell me the negative - certainly no engine speed management when pulling away at junctions. Before someone asks I has not switched off the ESP at the dash. Thoughts..... ps - Everyone have a great (and drive safe) New Year and 2010
  8. Side Skirt Flaps

    All, Those wee flaps in the Zetec S side skirts for accessing the jacking points front and back. I've tugged down, tugged horizontally with about as much force as a dare not to break anything. I had a look underneath which gave no clue's What the secret ??..... any help much appreciated Cheers
  9. space saver wheel

    I got my Zetec S (Mk7) 3 weeks ago and call me old fashioned but preferred the tried and trusted technology of a spare wheel to the inflation kit. Since I specified at time of order I'm 100% sure it was a no cost option